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Cancer Compatibility

Let’s discover the Cancer Compatibility from all angles

Before we delve deeper into the realm of Cancer compatibility with all the other zodiac signs it is better to try to get an idea of what Cancer really are. The sign of Cancer is at the height of the summer solstice, therefore, it is a sign full of vitality, joy, emotion, with a desire to bring life into the world. Lover of the family, it is no coincidence that he is ruled by the Moon, a female figure linked to motherhood.

Unconsciously those born under the sign of Cancer appear irrational and capricious, but in reality, they are very intuitive and perceive others giving them a lot of value, emphasizing both emotions and empathy.

Cancer is the first water sign of the zodiac. It represents and symbolizes spring and stream water: fresh, lively, and bubbly that collects and draws the emotions of those around it as well. It is no coincidence that it is a sign that attracts anyone around it to itself.

This makes a person born in the sign of Cancer an easy person to tears, both of sadness and of joy, a person who gets depressed easily and who is often unconsciously hurt by those less prone to delicacy and sensitivity.

Cancer Aries Compatibility

Love. Being one of the least presumable couples, astrologically speaking, the relationship between Aries and Cancer is indeed a difficult one: the latter is decidedly colder, more reserved, unlike a decidedly more extroverted and passionate Aries.

Friendship. An uphill friendship between the two signs: the first is active, dynamic, ready to face tomorrow; the second is reserved, getting intimate is impossible with Cancer, moreover it is a sign that focuses a lot on the past.

Family. The behavior of the Gemini child, certainly more reserved and shy, can cause many concerns in an Aries parent; while on the contrary, a Cancer parent will not be able to better manage the excesses of the Aries child.

Work. It will be difficult to establish a good relationship, but above all profitable in terms of work for these two signs. The poor communication, especially deriving from the shy Cancer, and the operating methods, dominated by the way of seeing the world of Aries, will be the main problems.

Cancer Taurus Compatibility

Love. The stability of Taurus, together with romance and passion, can go to fulfill the hidden desires of the shy Cancer. The Taurus will have to drag the Cancer into a bond that can, on paper, be very successful.

Friendship: Taurus and Cancer have in common the desire for stability and tranquility, therefore a friendship can certainly be born between them to be cultivated over time, which can give signs of its depth in the future.

Family. The Cancer child will be happy to have a Taurus parent, able to give him the tranquility and familiarity he seeks in the family. Otherwise, the Taurus will be pleasantly impressed by the countless displays of affection from the sweet Cancer parent.

Work. The working relationship between the two can work, in the case of a Taurus boss, the Cancer employee will be able to bring faithful and reliable collaboration, even if not too assiduous, given his moodiness. In reverse, however, Cancer will be a little too flexible for the more concrete Taurus.

Cancer Gemini Compatibility

Love. The innate curiosity of the Gemini may be able to bring out something more from the taciturn Cancer, but certainly, it is not a joy to continue like this forever, the Gemini can get tired. On the other hand, some behaviors of Cancer, much more sentimental, may be unrelated to Gemini who is certainly interested in something else.

Friendship. Cancer, certainly more shy and reserved, may not be the favorite playmate of a communicative Gemini, who after various speeches would like to hear the opinion of his friend, who instead breaks up little or nothing out of habit. Which greatly irritates the communicative Gemini.

Family. A Gemini parent might suffocate a little Cancer child, reluctant to take the stage he deserves; while on the contrary, a Cancer parent would be pleasantly struck by the sociability and ease of the Gemini child.

Work. The working collaboration between the two signs can be optimized if Gemini deals with issues that bring him into contact with people and that instead leads the Cancer to manage the background of the couple’s work. A fruitful collaboration with a fair division of labor.

Cancer Cancer Compatibility

Love. The only difficulty that can be in this beautiful and firm union is the clash of two black periods: Cancer is moody, and two Cancers together can have some disagreements due to the moodiness that comes at the same time. Otherwise, a solid understanding between the two, especially empathic.

Friendship. Lunatics always ranks against a friendship that can be the most solid, based on understanding each other even from a simple glance, given the high level of empathy and intellectual understanding between the two signs of Cancer.

Family. The situation between children and parents of the same sign is identical, there is a strong understanding and a strong trust, always given by the famous empathic that is born between the two equal signs, which is carried over time and makes it one of the most solid bonds of all zodiac signs.

Work. The work situation among the most signs of Cancer can be one of the most peaceful and productive of the whole zodiac, the important thing is that no misunderstandings or setbacks are created, since there may be little initiative on both sides to be able to arrive at a solution.

Cancer Leo Compatibility

Love. Leo, charismatic par excellence, could arouse some jealousy in a Cancer perhaps too taciturn for Leo tastes. Leo, however, will know how to be well forgiven by the demonstrations of affection.

Friendship. The charisma of Leo cannot fail to arouse the interest of a completely bewitched Cancer. Cancer sees in Leo a strong draw in any situation. Leo, on the other hand, sees in the Cancer friend the calm and stability that one’s character does not naturally provide.

Family. Cancer parents will always look favorably on the successes and the charisma of a Leo son, while on the contrary, a Leo parent will never stop inciting and encouraging the Cancer child, certainly more calm and shy.

Work. Cancer will always be happy to have as a collaborator or even as a leader, a strong Leo, full of charisma and vitality, who would feel satisfied by the scepter of command.

Cancer Virgo Compatibility

Love. A peaceful and quiet relationship, which Cancer likes and many, but that Virgo likes even more, who however risks passing for chill, in intimacy or in simple demonstrations of affection, in which Cancer gives the best of himself.

Friendship. A solid bond, based on calmness and respect between Virgo and Cancer, able to last a very long time. Attentive and peaceful acquaintances, characterizes the friendship between these two signs, perhaps among the calmest of the zodiac.

Family. In both cases, Cancer parent and Virgo child and vice versa, we can speak of a relationship based on calmness and trust, also on mutual respect: whoever the parent is, can rest assured, that the child will not give him particular thoughts or headaches.

Work. Cancer appreciates Virgo’s prudence and cautious ways, first in these matters. The collaboration is successful precisely because at the base there is this exchange of trust, calm, and tranquility, measured in the ways of both.

Cancer Libra Compatibility

Love. Cancer, jealous and in some situations too moody, can distort the behaviors of a Libra interested in maintaining a steady and peaceful love affective relationship with the Cancer partner.

Friendship. Libra, certainly a more expansive sign and with the need to have a thicker and more expansive circle of friends, can find some difficulties with the idea of ​​exclusive friendship that Cancer has in mind, perhaps a little more jealous and possessive.

Family. A Libra parent, who is generally more expansive and communicative than the Cancer child, will find many difficulties in dialogue with the offspring; Conversely, a Libra child may run dry on tips that the shy Cancer parent might keep to himself often.

Work. Teamwork is part of Libra’s DNA, which works well in a large team; this will annoy and not a little to a more reserved Cancer who, manifesting the problems, may feel misunderstood by the Libra.

Cancer Scorpio Compatibility

Love. The emotionality of the two allows the signs of Scorpio and Cancer to be particularly similar: moreover, the sensuality of Scorpio can particularly involve the shy and reserved Cancer, eager to let go.

Friendship. An intellectual and emotional understanding allows the two signs to bond very well, to create a solid, deep friendship, capable of giving the same degree of trust in the two signs, respectively speaking. The two know how to find themselves even in the most intimate confidences.

Family. An excellent understanding between the two characterizes the family relationships between Scorpio and Cancer, the latter as a parent would be able to give the right trust to a Scorpio who would feel quite free. On the contrary, the Scorpio parent could be a good parent given the ability to capture any bad mood or problem of the Cancer child.

Work. Cancer and Scorpio could give life to a solid working collaboration, based on the fascination resulting from the mastery of Scorpio towards Cancer, and a sort of unequivocal ability of the latter to be able to aspire to become the trusted confidant, and right arm, of collaborator Scorpio.

Cancer Sagittarius Compatibility

Love. Possible love between Sagittarius and Cancer, certainly fascinated by the sparkling and full of lifeways of the former; Sagittarius would know they can count on a quiet companion, but so fascinated that they can be followed to the end of the world. Nice couples, but true love must be triggered to make it last.

Friendship. A broken Sagittarius friendship, at times, however rich, stimulates the Cancer, who cannot help but admire the active and dynamic friend Sagittarius, who however cannot count on a deep and clear relationship in all respects. This is the reason for the discontinuity.

Family. Some contrasts can arise between a Cancer parent and a Sagittarius child, certainly in need of freedom, stimuli, the will to live, which certainly the shy and intimate Cancer will not allow him to reach easily. Conversely, a Cancer child will feel slightly frustrated by the Sagittarius parent’s lack of seriousness towards him, who will tend to snub him a little.

Work. Cancer is distrustful of Sagittarius, but this distrust is never clearly revealed. The other, certainly enterprising and dynamic, active, will put in difficulty the search for stability and certainties of the more sensible and serious Cancer.

Cancer Capricorn Compatibility

Love. Let’s say that the opposition between Cancer and Capricorn is quite clear: the austerity and seriousness of Capricorn clash with the romantic of Cancer who, at least in his eyes, sees his partner as too boring and too gloomy. He pairs very, very hard.

Friendship. A link between the two is rather unlikely because the ways of doing Capricorn, harder and more essential, can clash with the emotional sensitivity of a Cancer who will see the friend as insensitive and too severe.

Family. The Capricorn parent will always appear as severe and unwilling to show affection from the point of view of the Cancer child, while, on the contrary, a Capricorn child will be the target of the affection of a loving Cancer parent, who however is rarely the keeper of the child’s most intimate secrets.

Work. The Capricorn, basically square and upright in the objectives, will hardly find it appropriate to have to work with a more emotional Cancer, who according to the first could only bring him back.

Cancer Aquarius Compatibility

Love: The couple is very difficult, at least on paper. The Aquarius is looking for constant freedom, friends, people, and this can make an already jealous of his Cancer jealous, who can see the partner as unreliable under his own point of view. The Aquarius will suffer from this jealousy, like a neck tightening.

Friendship. The Aquarius, interested in friendship, the group, the outings, perhaps, and in the remotest of possibilities, can be the last hope to raise the morale of a Cancer on the ground. The latter, however, will not like the “giving himself to all” of the Aquarius.

Family. A Cancer parent will have too much to do with an Aquarius child‘s constant and petulant request for more freedom, this can be a source of friction; on the contrary, an Aquarius parent could be an important, if not fundamental, support in the raising of a Cancer child, who will know how to trust and to the parent to feel understood.

Work. Operating in two distinct sectors, this is the only possibility for collaboration between Aquarius and Cancer. Both are productive, but in a more active and sparkling way the Aquarius, and more thoughtful and calm the Cancer.

Cancer Pisces Compatibility

Love. A beautiful couple, one of those that can last a long time. Pisces are romantics, they find in Cancer a good companion of tenderness, which in itself has never wanted anything other than to have a love story based on affection, romance, small attentions.

Friendship. Long-lasting and the well-matched relationship between Cancer and Pisces, able to evolve and deepen over time. A good feeling between the two, able to unite more and more satisfying the jealousy of Cancer and the desire to feel special of Pisces.

Family. A serene and peaceful family, not to mention happy, the one that sees within it the components of these two zodiac signs. They both approach emotionally and deeply, both are good listeners to each other, regardless of the role.

Work. Excellent understanding between the two signs, perfect in teamwork. They know how to share problems and share victories, and this dialogue is the winning weapon of this perfect working couple.

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