Amazing Aries Dates Personality And Relationships

Aries dates personality relationship

What are the Aries dates?

Aries dates fall from March 21 to April 19. If by any chance your birthday falls in this date range, you have an Aries Sun sign. Even though Aries horoscope birth dates can change upon the year, these are regularly the Aries schedule dates. 

Here are few facts about the Aries sign; 

  • It is the first sign of the Zodiac. 
  • Aries is the sign that starts the spring. 
  • It is ruled by Mars and Pluto.
  • It is a Masculine sign.
  • An Element of Fire.
  • It is a Cardinal sign
  • Aries’s favorite color is red. 
  • Lucky stone is red coral and the lucky day is Tuesday. 

The astrological symbol of Aries represents the head and horns of the stars that make up the constellation of Aries. The Sun occupies, in the Tropical Zodiac, the degrees of Aries, by approximation, from March 21 to April 19.

What is an Aries personality?

The characteristics of Aries are largely linked to the fact that it is the first of the Zodiac. It begins in spring and it starts the cycle of the twelve signs. Aries is categorized as an extremely courageous and fearless person. However, the courage of Aries has a purely physical, rather than mental, nature. It reacts to danger signals in an irrational, often exaggerated, way. 

Aries is, in fact, very impulsive and has almost irrational character traits, in his/her impulsiveness. He is unable to wait, and everything must begin under his control. He loves order, although the precision of the Virgin is foreign to him. 

Aries tends to answers with the head, not the brain.

 Ruled by the Red Planet Of Mars

He can be very irritable if something goes wrong as he expects. For this reason, a rather reactionary aspect is not alien to him. Aries also has a rather daring nature, a characteristic that does not affect his nature and which, on the contrary, gives him a lot of support in a world where courage is enhanced.

Those who have any planets in this sign could suffer, sooner or later in life, some blows to the head. One defect is that Aries wants to be the first to start any activity. He often doesn’t have time to finish the tasks he often sets himself. That is why he is filled with projects that he often does not complete. Similarly, he does many things quickly, because he sees time as an enemy to be defeated. And the sign that knows how to come to terms with old age and with the wisdom that this phase of life entails.

Not the best in a relationship

In general, however, Aries does not have a perfectly serene relationship with sensuality. His impetuousness leads him to not always be in tune with his partner, of whom he can break easily, always ready for new challenges.

Taurus, Cancer, Sagittarius, and Aquarius are the signs with which Aries can build a peaceful future as a couple. Relationships with Gemini, Capricorn, and, above all, with Virgo could be complicated.

What relationship with Taurus is like?

Some might worry that two signs, in some ways similar in defects, are not compatible. Instead, a perfect balance is created between Aries and Taurus, characterized by esteem and trust.

What relationship with Cancer is like?

With those born in July, they are not all roses. They are compatible but often the relationship has not very solid foundations. Aries tends to crush the narcissism and romanticism of Cancer, who does not feel comfortable with such a strong character.

What relationship with Sagittarius is like?

Fatal attraction and perfect chemistry are what Sagittarius can offer. Both are very passionate and very physical, they manage to say with facts (gestures for the sake of precision) what they are not able to say in words. They do not know what boredom means, because they are capable of fueling mutual interest even with little.

What relationship with Aquarius is like?

Aries and Aquarius can make a beautiful pair, very well balanced. Both signs have ethics and passion, which is very important for their ongoing relationship. When they meet, it is never a single meeting of bodies but of souls. But beware of Aries jealousies and Aquarius fantasies, as they can create silly misunderstandings.

What signs does he disagree with? There is no understanding with Gemini, Capricorn, and, above all, with Virgo.

The Aries never shies away from the competition. His aim is not always to want to demonstrate his skill. In reality, he often feels threatened and wants to demonstrate that he knows how to defend himself.

Who Should Aries Marry?

According to astrology experts, the compatibility of any zodiac sign with any other signs can be important in evaluating our relationships. It seems that this represents our deepest impulses and what we want from life. So, if you’re wondering if you and your partner are made for marriage, you’re not the only one? 

Some believe that the answer is written in the stars. 

Aries expresses self-affirmation. Indeed they are fiery. They confidently express their thoughts and feelings, but often become exhausted and need the nourishment a Libra can provide. The airy, ephemeral, romantic aspect of Libra makes Aries feel like a hero. The affinity between these zodiac signs is truly remarkable, even if it is often questioned by those outside the couple.

Too often, those born under the sign of Libra are anxious or even morbid. Aries lets Libra always be itself. For its part, Libra admires how well Aries knows themselves, their worth and their mind, and the ability to live healthy relationships. These two together are like a superhero and his trusty and dynamic assistant. They are the ideal couple because together they learn to rely on themselves and trust each other.

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