12 Best Known Virgo Man Traits

virgo man traits

In the emotional field, he gives away little of his emotions

There are many pros and cons about the Virgo man traits. Yes, Virgo man is not perfect but he has a lot to offer and he is full of surprises. He has many positive and rare qualities too not found in other zodiacal signs, that is why we encourage you to read all the Virgo man traits and discover how he lives, works, loves and more.

The introverted and reserved Virgo man prevent him from opening up to others his feelings and his emotions. He is cautious and fearful of suffering, therefore Virgo man will rather protect himself by hiding behind indifference and reserve. He is not cold, but he needs affection even if it is very difficult to admit it. Virgo man prefers to plan his existence so as not to leave room for the unexpected because changes and novelties awaken their insecurities.

It’s All About Self Perspective

The Virgin sign symbolizes the domestic world and the intelligence that dominates sentiment. Those born under the sign of Virgo are careful and organized, sometimes a little too fussy and calculating. In fact, Virgo is the sign of the exaltation of reason. Efficiency, precision, planning, are all qualities found in the Virgin types. They always feel the need to keep everything under control. The weak point of Virgo is the difficulty in relaxing the mind and not being so strict.

The psychology of the Virgo Man

Virgo man is quite complex and full of confused feelings. Inside Virgo man coexist feelings that swing between well-being and discomfort. Moderation is a characteristic aspect of his character. Virgo man constantly needs gratification and approval as he suffers from a permanent sense of inferiority. He finds it difficult to indulge in naïve enthusiasm or pure passion and maintains a cautious attitude on every occasion. He hates all that is messy and inconsistent hence, placing everything in order is very important, so much so he often reveals it in front of others.

Money is important, so he spends it with caution

He values the hard earned money and does not like to spend it unless it is necessary. However, he knows that when circumstances require it, he will be very generous and will spend on what he needs the most. He knows the art of living very well, and even if he doesn’t spend it, he will save every cent for the rainy days.

The Virgo type is highly appreciated in the workplace

Thanks to his mental alertness, judgment, and moral sense, Virgo man is highly appreciated in the workplace. He takes his job seriously and does not allow any mistake to happen unless he is told to do whatever the task. His logical mind and his intelligence make the Virgo type suitable for the in-depth study of philosophical and scientific subjects.

Prefers to study rather than entertainment

Although he possesses few old-fashioned skills, still he is destined for success in activities related to the fields of fashion, medicine, or chemistry. His seriousness and ability to attract the esteem of others allows him to embrace political careers. He also knows how to be an excellent teacher.

Whatever his profession, which he is passionate about he also support many educational projects. Sharing knowledge is part of who he really is. Virgo man is a born intellectual who prefers to devote himself to study rather than entertainment.

He is extremely critical of himself but offers a genuine friendship

Virgo desperately needs trusted friends, with whom to overcome the difficulties of life and its existential crises. For a trusted friend, Virgo is capable of any sacrifice. Sentimentally the Virgo type, is not very sociable but rather a solitary character. This seems to be the problem as he hardly trusts anyone, and friends who value Virgo man don’t last too long.

Love can take many forms

In love, however, he expects a serious and intelligent partner who can share his knowledge and interests. He knows how to be a perfect companion for those who understand and accept his negative side. With the right partner, he knows how to be an affectionate and solid partner.

If you arm yourself with patience and don’t take his proud monologues too seriously, or his endless discussions about how important it is to always have a hand sanitizer around, then you can wait for him to realize how he feels about you. The wait is worth the reward, don’t worry.

How To Conquer Virgo?

To get his attention, give up the chase and assume a quiet and simple girl attitude. He loves intelligent conversation and above all; he wants someone who can be won over by his knowledge. With him you have to show yourself a bit severe and proud, ready to stand up to him, to respond to the criticisms he lavishes.

Try to wear an elegant but not gorgeous dress. He is not too passionate about extravagances, but simple things. Virgo man must be conquered with firmness and gentleness, circumvented with cunning and decision to avoid a frontal attack. He addresses people with grace and courtesy and wants the same treatment. Winning his heart can take a lot of time and energy, so don’t be put off by the eternal air of indifference he flaunts.

Virgin man in bed

If the character of the Virgin man may appear monotonous, too ordinary, and flat, you don’t know what awaits you under the sheets. The change will be drastic. In the daily routine, Virgin man is analytical, and a cleaning freak always with a duster in his hand but in bed, he is an actual player.

The Virgin man also loves having sex with precision. He has an edge over the others who let themselves be overwhelmed in a disordered way by passion. No matter if his partner is inexperienced or at his level, the Virgin man is a very erotic man who gets excited in any situation. If his partner is not to his level then he will teach her everything with pleasure.

The Virgin Man lifestyle

Often he behaves too traditional, provident, and does not know what waste is. Virgo man always dresses very rigorously and prefers dark clothes. Virgo man prefers to appear refined, even when wearing sportswear. He doesn’t like to show off in front of others. He has a strict conception of life and aims for solid results. At work, he often sacrifices other interests.

He is a perfectionist, so he is always dissatisfied and always surpasses himself. Virgo man does not aspire to situations of power and would never risk endangering his safety. He has few friends and is available when needed. He is not a conqueror and prefers quiet situations, which do not upset his habits. He is a patient and caring husband. An attentive father but struggles to get to know his children.

A proud and dedicated parent

One of the greatest strengths of the Virgo man parent is that he is a true warrior capable of transmitting strength, courage, and loyalty, three essential qualities for a decent parent to have. However, he is not perfect. The Virgo parent has his weaknesses. He is impatient and we know that with children it is better for him not to lose patience.

His parenting style is almost identical to that of the Aries parent. He is a fighter as Aries is, and being a father means a lot to him. The Virgo parent is good at teaching his children to achieve their goals with commitment and stubbornness. He does not hold back in dealing with problems but, at the same time, his impulsive nature could create some contrast when the children are adolescents.

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