Ascendant In Aries And The 12 Zodiac Signs

Ascendant In Aries

People with ascendant in Aries are decisive. They want to be active and have the power to enforce their intentions. They want to discover their own abilities and do not want to wait for what comes from the outside. If they are introverted, it will take a while for them to find the typical Aries assertiveness and get what they want; if this fails, they may feel frustrated or have tantrums.

Aries ascending Aries

Aries with an ascendant in Aries has a highly developed personality. They are self-centered, but not selfish in a material sense. A shadow of fanaticism is possible, and always obstinacy. They cannot be taught or persuaded, they can only be expected to break their foreheads on their own.

The ascendant in the same sign increases the negative or positive characteristics of the sign and this depends on the spiritual evolution of the subject and his degree of culture and maturity. In this combination, the action can become an end in itself if it is not supported by good underlying logic and tolerance to frustration. Sometimes it is only after hitting the head several times that the subject learns the lesson. 

Self-confidence and courage can turn into hubris and recklessness, which is why greater perseverance and reflection could prevent much trouble. The head is the weak point, headaches and migraines can be frequent. Depending on the position of Mars, the subject can be subject to accidents. Well-being and health are strictly connected to stress management, and above all, the ability to manage one’s energies correctly. After all, the fire of Aries can heat, but also burn!

Taurus ascending Aries

The Taurus with Aries ascendant presents a positive combination. The vehemence, strategic skills, and great energy of Mars can support the artistic temperament and kindness of Venus. The result is a personality of undoubted charm on which many sympathies converge, which are a guarantee of sure success. 

From an emotional point of view, the conflict between the desire for marriage and the search for many loves may arise in the course of one’s life. Health tends to be good, but to stay in shape it would be better to carry out regular physical activity. Love for food risks creating weight problems, especially with age. The biggest flaw? The stubbornness: making him change his mind is impossible!

Gemini ascendant Aries

Gemini with Aries ascendant has a personality with multiple interests, with good intellectual skills that can however lack consistency. Character instability can manifest itself in the life of a couple with a tendency to infidelity, accentuated by the Aries ascendant who is subject to passing lightning strikes. 

As far as the profession is concerned, this is the personality of those who love independent professions and travel. He can prepare for a journalistic career. The challenge is to learn how to dose the energies well: nervousness, insomnia, or hyperexcitability are due to too much work or too fast rhythms. Walks in the green and meditation can be of great help to relieve tension and stress.

Cancer ascendant Aries

Cancer with Aries ascendant presents a contrasting combination due to the strong influence that the Moon exerts on Mars. Since these planets are very impulsive, the result is a somewhat nervous personality, easy to argue but followed by sudden reconciliation. On the other hand, Aries gives Cancer greater energy and ambition, qualities that can lead the native to great achievements in the workplace. 

To stay healthy, it is best to avoid large binges or foods that are too fatty. The stomach is the weak point of the Cancer sign, which risks somatizing anger and being excessively touchy. Indigestion, colitis, and stomach ulcers can be the result of withheld or poorly managed emotions.

Leo ascendant Aries

Leo with Aries ascendant presents an excellent combination that gives those who have it an exceptional physique and intellect. Being two active zodiac signs, they confer a spirit of initiative, dynamism, attractiveness, and sympathy, also due to their generosity. The native, however, must be careful not to overdo it in an unruly life. 

In love, he is very passionate, but also quite possessive and impetuous. Regular physical activity can be of great help to control excess energy and let off some nervousness. Personal well-being starts here: from the correct use of energy and not from abuse.

Virgo ascendant Aries

Virgo with Aries ascendant presents an interesting combination, in which reflection and impulsiveness alternate, which can however be positive in the professional field. The determination and passion of the Aries ascendant combined with the strategic ability and constancy of the Sun in Virgo can allow the achievement of a good social position and certain economic security. 

As for the emotional life, due to character instability, it could be difficult to build a peaceful love life. Personal well-being for this personality primarily means learning to let go and not mull over things too much. In the event of an impasse, intuition must be followed.

Libra ascending Aries

Libra with Aries ascendant possesses artistic temperament, a lot of vitality, and undoubted charm. The alternation between Libra’s need for peace and balance combined with the character and decision-making strength of Aries creates some contradictions that can lead to many concerns, especially in private life. 

Artistic and commercial activities are favored, especially in the field of fashion and beauty. The state of health tends to be good, to maintain it it will be important to surround yourself with beautiful things, well-cooked and well-kept foods, and to drink plenty of water to help the kidneys and bladder.

Scorpio ascending Aries

Since Mars dominates the two zodiac signs of Scorpio with Aries ascendant we are faced with a strong personality: combative, often aggressive, and with a restless temperament. The character is not the easiest, indeed the subject can sometimes become unbearable due to his impatience with the rules, even in private life. 

Love can often degenerate into jealousy and become the cause of a rather difficult emotional life. This is the combination of those who do not like salaried work and love freelance, excelling in leadership and responsibility. Generally strong and sturdy in the constitution, due to the tormented nature and the propensity to take risks the person is prone to have accidents.

Aries ascendant Sagittarius

The Sagittarius with Aries ascendant presents a harmonious combination: the character is cordial, optimistic, but sometimes impulsive and choleric. The native is ambitious and can successfully achieve desired goals. If in the first part of his life he tends to be liberal and loves to flirt, with maturity he becomes constant in affections and yearns for a more peaceful family life. 

The weak point of this combination is the liver and high blood pressure. It would be better not to exceed in the consumption of alcohol or particularly fatty foods, otherwise, the liver could be affected.

Capricorn ascending Aries

Capricorn with Aries ascendant presents a combination in which patience and Saturn’s reflection aims to mitigate possible contrasts with Mars. The personality is strong, serious, capable, thanks to the professional commitment, of achieving good successes, including economic ones. 

In love, the subject tends to be more cautious and prudent, but at the same time appears more spontaneous and less reserved. Bones and joints are to be kept under control, in general, it is necessary to observe the position of Mars to see if the person is at risk of operations and surgery following accidents or falls.

Aquarius ascendant Aries

Aquarius with Aries ascendant has a personality that is dynamic, lively, capable of imposing itself, thanks to intelligence and personal skills, even in the rarest and most modern professions. Friendships are in the foreground, love life can sometimes be difficult due to a certain underlying inconstancy and unpredictability that makes them prone to abrupt and sudden breakups. 

Health is generally quite good, although the rest of the theme will confirm this. In general, the mind is very active, but stress or problems related to excess nervousness can affect personal well-being.

Pisces ascendant Aries

Pisces with Aries ascendant is a combination that can give exceptional personality as it confers intelligence, professional ability, artistic skills, energy, and will. Despite the ability to succeed, obstacles, disappointments, and reversals of fortune are possible, especially if Neptune dissonant with Mars intervenes. 

Love life can be difficult, despite the person’s good intentions. Pisces are subject to energy ups and downs, due to their tendency to be more “psychic” than physical, but the ascendant Aries, if Mars in the chart is in a good position, can reverse the situation.

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