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Gemini Traits

Best Known Gemini Traits

Mercury is the ruler of the Gemini sign. Mercury has an influence on Gemini in communication, passing messages, intelligence and controls the mental and nervous behaviors. Also, Mercury is the hermaphrodite of the zodiac, taking the neutral position of mediator between the masculine and feminine viewpoints. Apart from this. Mercury is the planet of duality, the translator, who speaks in two languages that link body and soul. Having Mercury as their ruling planet we are going to reveal the 13 Gemini Traits with the hope to understand them better.

Hard To Understand

Usually, Gemini is hard to be understood. This is because they often appear to use double personality for a differently given moment. Gemini is a skillful and natural speaker. They can keep a large audience hypnotized to their conversation for a long time without boring them. Communication comes as a need to be with others avoiding being alone. 

Don’t Like Being Left Alone

Being left alone for a long time will scare a Gemini. He/she needs to be in a group with at least two people to have continues and different conversation to avoid loneliness. Being left alone will make Gemini depressed and insecure.

Can’t Easily Decide

Gemini finds it hard making up their mind in decision making. They can have so many ideas in one single moment that picking one is almost tricky. The other reason why decision making is confusing is that they always think that they may make the wrong decision. 

Great Communicators

Gemini uses communication to get together with different personalities. Their intuition is a great tool to understand to join different topics. They will use intuition every time they need to know someone better. Through communication, they may discover others inner darkest secrets and will make this as a discussion subject among others. Gemini likes gossiping, so telling others secret makes Gemini feel better. 

Twisted On The Go

While Gemini is in the fellowship of others, they will try to be analytical and sometimes prejudge others based on what they say. They are capable of changing subjects while is a conversation without being noticed. Just like the wind, they will try to change the current topic or the direction of discourse depending on the situation.

Better Later Than Never

It will take a while for a Gemini to find the right partner because their desire keeps changing. This happens when they meet different personalities. As a result, Gemini can’t decide with whom to couple with until the moment is right. Gemini will leave his or her partner if they lose interest in Gemini’s personality. Basically, Gemini will try everything to keep their partner busy chatting. Gemini will offer them a unique companionship. They won’t get bored keeping their partner busy chatting. 

Expressive Of Thoughts

No cutting corners if Gemini wants to explode their anger. They don’t mind if someone gets hurt. They must say whatever they have in mind. Gemini will express their opinion regardless of who the person is especially when they want to say something against someone they don’t like. Usually, Gemini doesn’t hold anything inside them, even others secrets are mentioned. Basically, everything they know about someone is put out to the public domain. Keeping secrets…forget about it. 

“Curiosity Didn’t Kill The Cat” According To Gemini

Oh yes, Gemini is very curious. Tell them “I’ve got a surprise for you” and you will see them jumping up and down dying to know. Gemini likes and doesn’t like surprises. They both love surprises because it triggers their desire to have something new, but dislike it because can’t wait to know. General curiosity is part of their character. They want to know what it is? Why did it happen? Who was involved? Why did he or she did that?

Love According To Them

Gemini’s love is pure but to a degree. Love for Gemini is more of how they dream it to be. Gemini wants to love someone truly without compromises. Usually love is based on their self-interest and expectations. If love doesn’t meet Gemini expectations, then anyone who pretends to love Gemini will get less love than expected. 

Don’t Mind Spoiling

Gemini loves getting spoiled regularly for almost about everything. Any lack of attention then Gemini may not be as warm as when they get spoiled. So, Gemini loves being admired and appreciated even for the smallest thing. Gemini’s spoiling is like their daily bread and butter. Therefore, enough is never enough. Basically the more spoiled they get, the better for Gemini. Gemini doesn’t like fake spoiling. They will think that others are fooling them. Gemini will respond to anyone negatively refusing further spoiling. 

Love To Be The Center Of Attention

If Gemini has the chance to talk about anything 24 hours they would. They love chatting about anything regardless of the topic. Usually, they try to adapt to any problem even if they don’t know much about. But when they get the turn to express their thoughts Gemini would want everyone to pay attention to everything they say. Also Gemini would want others to agree about what they say. Gemini is smart and usually, know how to perform and articulate a speech.

Enough Is Enough

OK. The truth is that Gemini won’t get involved in issues they aren’t able to manage or control. They don’t have the flexibility to manage big arguments. They know this, so they chose not to get involved. Gemini hate arguing and would demand to let go of whatever someone is angry about. But, if Gemini is pushed to the corner and gets accused unfairly then Gemini will not uphold instead will respond fiercely. At this moment the opponent would be better to start running away. And, if the boiling point has reached its limit, Gemini will defend him/her self from demoralization, violence or physiological threat. They won’t know how to handle their fury which builds up gradually. 

Don’t Push To The Limit

Gemini is general a quiet person who wants to live in peace and harmony. They rarely or best to say never look for trouble. Gemini’s weakness is that they can’t handle big arguments and a fight, therefore, they chose to stay away from any involvement. Anyone can try to involve Gemini in trouble, but the answer will be “Let me be. Don’t get me involved “.

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