Gemini in Love, Sex and Relationship

gemini in love

Being In Relationship

Gemini in love is concerned with stability. Being in a relationship is a different thing altogether and having sex has nothing to do with it until they find the right partner. Gemini hates a lonely life. Loneliness could drive them mad and keep their ambitious life in the dark. When Gemini makes love, it’s more like a way to express emotions screaming to come out. Gemini doesn’t understand what “Love at first sight” is. They’ll meet different potential partners until they find the lover of their wildest dreams.

Gemini is the masters of talking simple conversations. Talking about love and sex is a different game which Gemini should master. However, Gemini likes a sex life full of action and surprises. Gemini will love their partner truly but will struggle to express their love in words. Gemini is smart and will try to avoid any mistakes if done from her side from the last relationship.

Don’t Fall In Love Easily

It is not easy for a Gemini to fall in love fast. It takes him or her some time to find the right partner. They are selective and picky before making up their mind. Gemini likes to go to parties, or friends gathering to find the right partner. When Gemini is on a date, he or she may not talk a lot. In the beginning, they want to know the opposite before sharing personal thoughts.

Gemini would prefer to listen and try to understand their future partner intentions. Once Gemini finds the real partner they will love him or her in the most beautiful natural way. Gemini will prove their love to their partner in action. So if anyone marries or is in a relationship with a Gemini, they must understand that Gemini love is real regardless if the words “I Love You” aren’t mentioned.

  • May seem confusing when chatting
  • Are fun to talk with
  • Will gather all said on the first date and will evaluate
  • Must understand what is love before jumping in
  • Will allow their partner to do the talking
  • Need to have space to explore
  • Prefer to express appreciation with action rather than with words

Sex Matters

Lovers of oral sex are characterized by frequent changes in personality, thanks to which you can experience new things in bed. It’s true that hot Gemini can make their partner enjoy every single minute while they’re in bed together. Gemini is a pure sex lover, but most of the talent in bed will depend on the partner’s abilities. It takes two to tango according to Gemini, and if the partner is not up to the level of expectation, then Gemini’s performance will decrease.

If Gemini’s partner does not perform regularly, then Gemini will look somewhere else for another partner who can fulfill their sexual needs. The Twins are full of energy and imagination. The fact is that Gemini loves talking about sex to experience new emotions. Sometimes talking about sex is never enough. However, whatever Gemini expresses in words about sex is also shown in action.

Strange Sex Demands

Gemini’s partner may be surprised to hear from Gemini to request any kind of pornographic movie to stimulate them and maybe to learn a few new tricks. Partner shouldn’t take it as an offense or whatever their mind can go through. For Gemini, it is just another way to elevate the sexual desire and increase the heat for that moment. Gemini’s partner shouldn’t be surprised if Gemini demands more sex after a few rounds. Gemini has an appetite for more.

Typically this doesn’t always happen but only when Gemini has finally found the right partner. Gemini doesn’t rush when in bed. According to Gemini, the more relaxed they are, the better the sexual intimacy is. A “rabbit pace” sex is not suitable for Gemini when in love. At some point, Gemini in love will shock their partner with all of the sudden sensual moves.

    • Partner must be understandable
    • Partner should not judge Gemini for not speaking too much
    • Expect to love to be unconditionally
    • Should agree to give each other space
    • Must understand that jealousy is a way to protect the relationship
    • Partner should not give up on Gemini
    • Communication is the key to long-lasting love

Breaking Up With Gemini

No affairs, no heartbreaking. This is the one message which Gemini in love would give to their partner. No second notice or chance but a straight cut of the balance line. Every Gemini loves unconditionally so an affair would be the end of their relationship. Also, Gemini will refuse to continue a relationship if too many demands are requested.

Gemini has no problem or lack of courage to tell their partner that their relationship is at an end. They will get hurt and emotionally distressed if their partner ends the relationship. Gemini will feel lost and insecure as this love which is now lost, once before it used to be the love they both tried so hard to establish. Strong Gemini has the will to overcome lost cause and will be on the move to find a new and better lover.

Gemini Expectations in Relationship

Usually, Gemini expects from their partner faithfulness and unconditional love. Gemini in love would prefer not to push the boundaries with their partner while in love. They know that it could cost them losing their partner. Instead, Gemini expects from their partner to communicate more often. Eventually, they should agree to give each other some space. Gemini may be jealous in love. This may be as a result of hard-earned love.

The true fact is that Gemini wouldn’t want to lose their partner. Gemini in love tries the hardest to keep the love flowing and expect a partner to be more communicative as Gemini know that this is the only way to keep the love going without breaking hearts. True Gemini is meant to be free and wouldn’t stand being pushed around. Instead, they would suggest working together with their partner to avoid losing each other.

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