Gemini Friendship And Behavior In Real Life

gemini friendship

Gemini Relationship with Friends

When Gemini friendship reaches its peak he wants to explore more about the others. He has the habit of spreading the exciting pieces of information to more friends and so on without thinking of the damage it could make.

Gemini has a good sense of humor while he is in a company of real friends, in contrary Gemini is seen to be moody and shows signs of depression. Also, Gemini is known to have a talent for keeping friends busy with exciting topics and on the other hand. Friends will be happy to share moments with Gemini because they know how to make a decent conversation. Gemini is curious about many things, as he tends to learn his friends deepest secrets.

Gemini Friendship Interest

Gemini is more interested in people who respond positively to their conversations and will try to avoid those who are negative or who don’t agree on what Gemini says. He usually enjoys befriending people who like to have spontaneous activities and who like outdoor games. This would encourage Gemini to have something in common like exploring and discovering. Gemini can be misunderstood by many friends because of the twin personality.

Also, Gemini has the nature of presenting two or more characters in one moment, which makes it hard for friends to understand the real character. Gemini mind works for one purpose, self-satisfaction. This type of behavior is noticed very often because Gemini is talented in hiding the real face behind another one. This doesn’t affect their friends directly, but occasionally friends get confused with Gemini’s behavior.

    • Will refuse friends who talk negatively about them
    • Would avoid friends who like to stay in one place for too long
    • He doesn’t like interrupted when talking
    • Gemini doesn’t like being ignored when having a conversation
    • Doesn’t like talking about the same subject all the time
    • Hates when late arriving on appointments
    • Doesn’t like telling them what to do

Giving And Sharing Information

Usually, Gemini’s mind is like a mine full of ideas. True but he lacks the skills to put these ideas into practice. Often Gemini doesn’t know this difference what does it really mean. Helping friends by giving them the right idea becomes an issue. So the result is that whatever Gemini thinks is without any particular order. Putting those ideas into practice becomes a real mess. However, friends won’t ignore Gemini’s opinions but will see those ideas with skepticism.

Gemini is known to be one of the best gossipers. He has the talent of gathering information about their friends. Occasionally they fail to filter these pieces of information as should. Very often Gemini tells others all they know about others twisting the truth without thinking of the consequences or the damage that they may bring others.

    • Would prefer outgoing friends
    • Likes having long conversations
    • Will chat online if not going out with friends
    • Would have more than one discussion at the same moment
    • Loves sharing information especially with closest friends
    • Can adapt very quickly to changing conversations
    • Prefers having lots of friends

Taking Care Of Friends

Gemini has a real concerning about their friends. He likes to help his friends when they need help the most. Alternatively, Gemini wants to have some assurance before they do it. Gemini is afraid of maybe helping the wrong person, and all the support given to him/her is wasted. Though, when Gemini finds himself in the same situation, he doesn’t think the same. He will depend on his friends support desperately. Gemini expects his friends to help him without compromises or second thoughts. Gemini lives in a world where friends are everything. He knows it very well that without a few good friends he doesn’t exist. Risking losing a true friendship is not an option.

Earning Friend’s Respect

Friends who respect Gemini will always remain happy in their friendship. Making many friends makes Gemini believe he is on top of the world. Not necessarily in any negative way but because Gemini values true friends and wants to be there when they need them. Gemini should not underestimate their friendship or take advantage of their kindness. His friendship may turn to sour if Gemini doesn’t help them when they need help the most. Gemini’s closest friends may get upset and even break friendship without notice because of Gemini’s negligence.

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