The 20 Taurus Facts You Should Know

20 Taurus facts

Taurus facts? There are many. All the zodiac signs, in one way or another, are characterized by certain aspects of their character, be it positive or negative. There is talk of strengths and weaknesses, which bind people born in the same period of the year.

Taurus is intelligent, sarcastic, stubborn, savage, rebellious, problem solver, loyal, lie detector, protective, visionary, adventurous, and more.

Sometimes the Taurus likes to be left alone; it’s nothing special. The Taurus will never talk about personal things unless he feels extremely comfortable with you. Taurus is one of the most rooted signs in the zodiac, it attracts people who are constantly in crisis.

It should not surprise you that people born between April and May are the ones with the most merits. Having said that, continue reading the article to discover the positive sides of the character and personality of Taurus. Many strengths and few defects, the people of Taurus are among the most special of the Zodiac.

Taurus is strong as a Bull 

Yes, because among all the other signs he possesses great physical but also psychic strength, and can withstand the tests and challenges of life very well. He is constant, patient, and generous, which is why he adapts very well to those signs who love to discuss or question everything, like Scorpio or Capricorn, for this he knows how to stand up to those who tend to decide for others too to behave like a leader, like Sagittarius or Leo.

Sometimes, however, he needs those who give him a hand, who shares with him the burdens and demands of the moment, for this reason, he appreciates the altruistic spirit of Cancer or Virgo, signs with which he can express collaboration, synergy.

Do Taurus get along with friends?

Note that the sign of Taurus is a Fixed sign and has the Earth elements, which is why, in negative terms, such constancy and determination can easily translate into stubbornness, or lead to a lack of ability to question oneself and change one’s mind, even in the face of evidence. In this case, only the fast Gemini or the empathic Pisces could be able to move it.

Taurus metabolizes the weight of matter through enjoyment, with physical pleasure, hence sex, cooking and leisure are something vital and indispensable for him. But the best companions in adventures?

Aries promises to be a good accomplice thanks to his ability to involve even the laziest, while together with another Taurus he will go in search of the right restaurant, the one that was missing.

Do Taurus fall in love fast?

And in love? Remember that Taurus needs a relationship in which he is above all comfortable, in which he can always be spontaneous and natural. He has a special feeling with Libra (made of Venus-like Taurus) while having a hard time understanding each other with Aquarius, a sign that he does not share his interest in the matter, in the more physical and material logics of a relationship.

The young Taurus at an early age

At the height of love, Taurus reaches the possessiveness of the loved one as is the possession of an object, which is why from an early age, those born under this sign should be taught the dominion of instincts and the control of arrogance. From a very young age Taurus will be favored in relationships with others, he wants to be nice and often he succeeds, his bonds are constant and lasting, whether they are of love or friendship.

Taurus at work

How does Taurus at work behaves? Taurus can give a lot and is also willing to tolerate small delusions of protagonist to have honest and direct professional partners, such as Leo or Aries who, with good signs of fire, respect fairness. Also good with the very precise Virgo or with the efficient Capricorn.

20 Best Known Taurus Facts

Having said all the above about Taurus, what are the qualities that most identify people born under the sign of Taurus? Below we have put together the most known Taurus facts and personality traits. 

  1. Taurus’s ruling planet is Venus.
  2. Has the Earth elements.
  3. Has the quality of the Fixed Sign.
  4. The Sun is in Taurus approximately between April 21st and May 21st.
  5. Favorite colors: green, the color of Venus.
  6. Birthstone: emerald. The Taurus stone, the emerald, is an intelligent stone, capable of creating alchemy with the wearer. Its properties are manifold: to give youth and insight, calm anger states, foster friendships. In health, on the other hand, it prevents eye disorders and diabetes. The green-colored emerald gives positive energy.
  7. Metal: copper that belongs to Venus.
  8. Favorable day: Friday, dominated by Venus.
  9. Ascendant: Calculate Ascendant
  10. Taurus Famous People: Taurus famous people
  11. The graphic symbol representing the zodiac sign of Taurus depicts the stylized head of the sacred animal, an emblem of fertility and the Earth. It can also be associated with a circle surmounted by the crescent moon, which represents instinct and fecundity.
  12. Mythology: The Greeks attributed the sign of Taurus to the second constellation of the zodiac, identifying it as the animal with a white coat, loved by Pasidae, wife of Minos. From this love story the Minotaur was born, a creature with the body of a man and the head of a bull.
  13. Taurus is a very stable sign, but stubbornness and a lot of possessiveness are also present. Taurus moves and thinks slowly, but in moments he learns whatever he needs to improve his abilities and assimilates it in a lasting way. 
  14. Taurus hates change and has the gift of knowing how to handle money. They are not deflected by flattery, they insist on logic and do not disperse their interests. 
  15. Taurus are usually in excellent health. People of this sign have intense physical magnetism towards themselves.
  16. His greatest virtue is patience as well as perseverance. 
  17. The one born in the sign of Taurus is very tenacious in pursuing a goal, despite being strong and rather slow, and when fate is adverse, he knows how to wait with great calm and start again with great calm without getting tired and without wasting time in recriminations that, for him, would be useless. 
  18. Nature passionately expresses itself, more sensually than sentimentally. They are loyal individuals, albeit with some weaknesses: they have a great sense of friendship, they would do everything for a friend, even help him economically, even if the Taurus does not lack great parsimony. 
  19. The formation of the Taurus is influenced by his childhood and the family environment. He knows where he wants to go and does not tolerate impositions, moreover, he hates intrigue and shuns gossip. He becomes very dangerous when he realizes that he has been betrayed and exploited.
  20. Taurus does not lack defects: the possessive nature, the laziness, the total lack of self-criticism that leads him to a sort of presumption. The Taurus knows how to give warmth and love to those around him, but he is equally selfish and jealous of the same people. 
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