How To Handle A Taurus Man And His Love Life?

how to handle a taurus man

How To Handle A Taurus Man?

Very often the most asked question about Taurus Man is “How To Handle A Taurus Man”. Taurus man is jealous and possessive, therefore how to handle a Taurus Man remains challenging. As well as expecting any romantic gestures like receiving flowers in front on the doorstep would be a waste of time. Taurus man isn’t like the Cancer Man or the Libra Man who prefer to surprise their partners once in a while with romantic gestures.

Clearly, Taurus man is a practical male, who takes care of the problematic situations in their own way. He is a lover of many things in life, but he will mostly love food, sex, healthy living or visiting beautiful natural sites. And as a lover, he is greedy and sensual. His eroticism is healthy, rough, lacking those subtle perversions typical of the signs of Water, (particularly of Scorpio).

Did you know that Taurus belongs to the category of fixed signs, in which the sun is found in the height of each season, specifically spring?

True Love

Many would believe that Taurus isn’t a faithful man because he is too sensual. On the contrary, he isn’t because he is too lazy for new adventures. He is not the type of person who wants to get into stressful situations. Yes, he can get on very well with Virgin woman and Capricorn woman, reassuring they are suitable partners, as trustworthy as him.

With them, it is easier to build a life without earthquakes, where the family and economic budget (money for him is significant so is for Cancer) is never on the minus. With a woman of the same sign instead, it’s just a tough fight. Sooner or later, one of the two must surrender the scepter of stubbornness. Good agreement with the women of Cancer and Pisces. They have a feminine nature, welcoming and perhaps a bit ‘too humorous for its standard.

Pure Attraction? Possibly the Perfect Match?

But if we talk about love like passion, sex, intellectual understanding, the Scorpio woman is the one for him. She is the only one who can afford to interrupt the ranks of his habits and slip into his sheets sensually. Scorpio woman is the forbidden, demanding and revolutionary type of person, and for this reason, he is particularly attracted to her.

Together with the Aries woman, he is the only one who holds her head up. The not so happy and stable connections are with Leo and Sagittarius woman.  With both of them, Taurus would have to challenge each other daily, too tiring for him. Definitely at risk the relationship with Gemini and Aquarius. These women are exciting but overly free and unusual for a traditionalist Taurus man, jealous and possessive like him.

Maybe the best bet to get a magical connection will forever be with Libra woman. Love with Libra woman is profound because she is a pure female, which arouses in him an immediate sense of protection. Venus unites them, the planet of principles of art and love, making it a great match between masculine and feminine. The Libra woman is to be exhibited, to love, the female to be proud of because she can hardly do without him. And the idea of being unique makes her love unconditionally.

Is He Really Shy?

Usually, Taurus appears to be shy and very often he won’t say a single word until someone approaches him “to help him to break the ice”. Taurus will show little interest when around others but that doesn’t mean that he isn’t sociable, he just lays low until the right person comes to his sight. He watches others have fun, evaluates them until he spots his “pray” then he calmly decides to tell her that she belongs to him. In the beginning, he will test his future partner, but if he understands that he can trust his partner, then he will love her forever.

Not so active

Without a doubt, Taurus Man has a usually calm behavior and not so active until sparked. Taurus is not the type of guy who appreciates too much fun. He does not possess the playful instinct of the air signs. His presence is acceptable as he doesn’t really tend to bother or get into a deep, detailed conversation with anyone unless he knows someone. When Taurus is around people and knows a little about them, he tends to stay dormant and not talk to any until someone invites him to chat with.

  • Rarely changes their mind about what they think
  • Are hard workers and look for security
  • They are attentive to occasional presentations
  • They use their intelligence and calculate every move they make
  • Slow but determined to progress
  • Taurus is smart and uses their network to accomplish what they want
  • Taurus is harmonious and humble
  • Rarely they get into trouble as they enjoy being calm
  • Taurus likes to look good

An Unusual Strange Behavior

Taurus behaves strange if his plans are changed without his consent. Making Taurus change his mind takes too much effort. Taurus is stubborn, and he sticks firm with what he intends to do or say. If he’s forced to do so, then you will an angry bull unleashing his immense fury. If he really must do something different, then Taurus should be advised very early in advance because he must become addicted to change. It will take Taurus a long time to adapt, but in the end, it will be worthy it.

  • He has a serious staring with his large eyes.
  • Solid and muscular body
  • In early years he will have a sturdy body build
  • His facial features will look clearly proportionate
  • He tends to have broad shoulders
  • He is jealous and possessive
  • Doesn’t like sudden changes
  • They protect their ideas and don’t like others taking over

Taurus is the type of person who tends to change his mind in the very last minute, but they’re not alone because Gemini does too. Taurus is usually slow in doing things but shouldn’t underestimate his capability of getting things done the right way. He tends to be well organized and skillful and has all it takes to accomplish difficult tasks. He takes his time to come to a conclusion, and he doesn’t tend to change their perception of what they think.

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