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  • Aquarius woman beauty

    9 Untold Aquarius Woman Personality Behavior

    Aquarius Woman Personality Aquarius woman seems to be more independent than Aquarius man is. With a larger friendship circle, she appears to overpass men. Indeed she is an unpredictable, brilliant and exasperating woman, one can not be insensitive to her charm. Her reactions always surprise men, because she is, even more attractive when she wanted, […] More

  • Aquarius and Gemini compatibility
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    Reliable Aquarius And Gemini Compatibility

    The love relationship between the sign of Aquarius and Gemini seem characterized by the great compatibility that exists between these two signs. The Aquarius and Gemini compatibility is extremely refreshing mentally. Both Aquarius and Gemini are driven by a strong desire for independence and freedom from an intellectual point of view. There is always a […] More

  • Aquarius traits

    Aquarius Traits | 10 Main Secrets Revealed

      The Aquarius traits are many but we have listed the 10 untold once like, Aquarius love to help others, they are broad-minded, democratic, philanthropic etc. Often they are eccentric, inconstant, rebellious, unpredictable, rather presumptuous, original, unique, friendly, edgy, idealistic, ingenious, capable of quickly changing their mind and resolute. Aquarius could try to do many […] More

  • Aquarius Man

    Aquarius Man Personality Behavior

    Aquarius Man Personality Aquarius man can’t stand being tied in any way. His freedom begins where another one ends. He is always willing to defend and help those who have problems, he excels in organizing the moral and material life of everyone, but he does not have a good knowledge for the world of finance […] More

  • Aquarius Parents

    Aquarius Parents And Their Family Behavior

    Aquarius Parents Typical Behavior Typical Aquarius parents are awkward and often unpredictable. Their mysterious character confuses anyone who doesn’t know them well. It’d be complicated to understand a true Aquarius especially when having a conversation for the first time. Aquarius parents like to have a spacious living place. Having plenty of space to live would […] More

  • Aquarius Child

    Aquarius Child | 10 Things You Need To Know

    Typical Aquarius The Aquarius child has a distinct and original personality. As a child, he is lively, curious, anarchic and libertarian. He is always ready to experiment with new games and live adventures. Little Aquarius mind is open to all motives. Therefore it’s advisable that parents raise their child by respecting his independent and individualistic […] More

  • Aquarius and Leo

    Aquarius and Leo Compatibility And Behavior

    Favorable Compatibility The compatibility between Aquarius and Leo seem favorable. Leo’s desire for success is satisfied and nourished by the proposing character of the Aquarius partner. According to zodiac elements Aquarius is the sign of Air while Leo is the sign of Fire. Aquarius tends to react calmly and slowly. Therefore, Aquarius will need Leo the Fiery […] More