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Aquarius Man

Aquarius Man Personality

Aquarius man can’t stand being tied in any way. His freedom begins where another one ends. He is always willing to defend and help those who have problems, he excels in organizing the moral and material life of everyone, but he does not have a good knowledge for the world of finance and business, despite being a pioneer of new ideas. Somehow they seem to live in a world who only they and a handful of people can understand.

Everything they think of seems to be mysterious to many but instead, the truth it’s the opposite. The way their brain works is often misunderstood. Aquarius may have had few experiences from a young age where others had fun with Aquarius because of their mysterious point of view. Their relation with the public is minimal as they try to avoid confrontation.

Who’s The Right Partner For Aquarian Man?

Obviously, Aquarius man can get on very well with many woman of the zodiac. However he has strong feelings for the Gemini woman who manages to stimulate him intellectually. Without a doubt he can get on very well with the refined and charming Libra woman. Indeed she’s a beautiful and creative stimulus for Aquarius man. Aquarius man has little sympathy for the Leo woman. Clearly she’s too aggressive and impatient for him. Also with the Taurus woman, life is not so perfect. She may have her feet on the ground, but she does not meet his tastes.

Nonetheless, there is always a way to win the Aquarius man heart. If he is invited over to a concert or has a drink with friends, then it will be the best moment to get to know him better. Aquarius man will be pleased to make new acquaintances, then the interested lover will have to be good at creating the sequel, perhaps in the moonlight to read poetry before making love by the sea.

His Typical Friendship Relations

Aquarius man doesn’t like a public appearance. Often because he seems to be more closed inside his mind. Usually, Aquarius tends to go out with his very close friends or members of his family. He is very friendly and does not harm anyone’s feelings instead he tries to provide them with warm feelings and listen to their different opinions without interaction. Typical Aquarius man tends to respect everyone’s opinion about what they think, and if necessary, he’d give them humble, friendly advice. Aquarius man is kind trying to help their friends whenever they need help.

  • His conversations are mysterious and secretive
  • The primary purpose in his life is to get rich in knowledge
  • Clearly visible handsome man
  • Is usually taller than average
  • Typical Aquarius may have a dimple in his chin
  • Have strong and long bones
  • Distinctive facial features

His Social Life

Aquarius man tends to socialize only with a group of friends who share the same ideas, usually constructive and progressive ideas. He is fair and believes that everyone should have the right to express their thoughts and will allow his friends to make a judgment of what they think. Aquarius lives by a moral code and doesn’t want to change it for anyone or anything.

He is a loyal person who tries to live peacefully and with dignity. Based on his moral code it ends up believing that Aquarius doesn’t have intentions to live merely just to become wealthy rich instead they want to become rich on knowledge for a better valuable purpose in life.

Main Interest In Life

Aquarius seems to have interest mainly on topics which deal directly with people’s life. Usually, he shows his academic knowledge only with a handful of people who are able to exchange similar thoughts. Often, he gets in touch with close friends or works colleagues.

Aquarius would expand his interest depending on the level of the discussion. All they would talk about would be of the world only they know. This is one of the reasons why the Aquarius man is dubbed as mysterious with a secretive mind.

    • Won’t share personal life with others
    • Will respect everyone
    • He’s very friendly and generous
    • Prefers to socialize only with a group of close friends
    • Tends to be helpful
    • Prefers to live their life by the code of morale
    • Will show interest in everything

Pros And Cons

Aquarius man is a very talented, funny and sometimes an exhibitionist. The quality that suits him the most is that of being an incurable idealist. He prefers friendship to love that distracts him from his spiritual meditations, and from the series “Who am I? Where do I come from? Where am I going? “, The Aquarius man is also able to immerse himself in crazy loves, where the idealization of women takes over. His sensuality depends on the moods and his mood.

He is a lover who disconcerts.  Aquarius man can give all the attention to his partner and suddenly disappear just when she thinks she has him on her hands. Aquarius man refuses to follow the rules of the game and can’t stand any pressure because of this sometimes it is brought to marital unfaithfulness.

Physical Appearance

His face is gentle, soft and delicate. Aquarius man eyes are sparkling light colored. Aquarius man tends to have strong, broad shoulders giving him the strength to move for a long period of time. His arms and legs are also strongly packed with energy. Usually, Aquarius man and Aquarius women seem to have switched features. Typical Aquarius woman appears to be more robust with a muscular body and man have an attractive, womanly body.

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