Learn Exactly How Worthy Is AQUARIUS FRIENDSHIP

Aquarius friendship

The Perfect Aquarius Friendship

The perfect Aquarius friendship can be the one who can establish intellectual contact. If you give Aquarius space, during a lively conversation, he/she will be your friend forever. If the Aquarius feels his/her freedom is threatened or if he/she feels confined, they will move away without thinking twice. Obviously, Aquarius has an adventurous spirit and don’t like to hand around doing nothing.

Also, Aquarius will try to be open-minded and will make life exciting. Aquarius is very generous and is really pleased to be able to help those in need. Never be too sticky with him. When his feelings are at stake he becomes inaccessible. In any case, the Aquarius never misses the opportunity to cheer those who are down in spirits as they do not do it to try and buy friendship.

Are Aquarius good friends?

Considering that friendship does not require emotional involvement, and usually does not limit their freedom, those born under the sign of Aquarius can be excellent and loyal friends, able to listen and advise, tolerate and understand. They are usually available and do not hold back, even at the expense of their sentimental sphere. Their fellowship is therefore pleasant for any occasion, in moments of joy or in the most demanding ones, in which a greater effort of understanding and advice is required.

Who are Aquarius best friends with?

Like any other sign, Aquarius gets on very well and has its friendly signs. Undoubtedly the intelligence of Libra and the curiosity of Gemini can better understand the sometimes inexplicable behaviors of Aquarius. They can keep him company and, if necessary, can bring Aquarius back to earth and make him think even when he seems to have lost his mind.

The Aquarius will retrace his steps and be grateful for the understanding and tolerance his friends have had towards him. Aquarius and Aries are both independent and love novelty. They can get along if no one violates their freedom, so better not put a spoke in the wheel, otherwise, their relationship could crack.

Who do Aquarius not get along with?

Might not be wise to say that Aquarius has enemy signs, but certainly Aquarius don’t get on well with few. The friendship between Aquarius and Taurus has good potential, but both have to accept each other’s differences. Their relationship often becomes strained due to the stubbornness of the Taurus and the eccentricity of the Aquarius. Virgo and Capricorn are too serious and therefore have nothing in common with Aquarius, with their original ideas and the desire to try new things in life.

Keeping Up With Friends

Making friends is not a problem for Aquarius. Aquarius is calm with a relaxed character and tends to have friends with similar qualities of their own. Not everyone can be friends with Aquarius because they are mysterious in nature and usually unpredictable. Not many can understand them either as they see things in life differently compared to many.

Aquarius look forward to making friends for life, so they try to trust them. Usually, Aquarius makes friends at work. It is the best place where Aquarius manages to share and open up freely with colleagues because they seem the best bet to understand a strange Aquarius better than anyone else. Aquarius rarely lets anyone come to know him deeply.

His Typical Behavior With Friends

Aquarius doesn’t usually follow his/her friend’s ethical code because he has his own moral code. But on occasions when friends are well trusted that would be an exception. Usually, Aquarius friends are also the same ones and typically meet up only on special occasions. Usually at the local bar or for a BBQ party. Having a few good friends doesn’t mean that Aquarius will hang out with them too often.

Aquarius is labeled as the lonely person. Aquarius tends to spend most of the time studying or gathering information for a project. Usual subjects talked about with Aquarius are mainly scientific researching or social life topics. Boredom is the worst enemy for Aquarius so keeping busy with their projects or inviting friends over will help reduce being bored or alone.

Trusting His Friends

Aquarius, doesn’t usually talk to other people about their problems. Fearing it may hurt them if words get out and Aquarius could be humiliated. If friends are trustworthy to Aquarius than they would be part of Aquarius family which is very rare to happen based on the trust issue. Best reliable friends will earn Aquarius full support on anything. Aquarius highly values a good friendship so much as they would be treated like kings.

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