10 Untold Aquarius Woman Personality Behaviors

Aquarius woman beauty

What is an Aquarius female like?

There is no obstacle or barrier that can hold back the ambitious Aquarius woman. Intelligent and extraordinarily creative, the Aquarius woman will always find alternative solutions to seemingly insurmountable problems. And she is persuasive beyond imagination: she is the person who would convince you to run for 20 km when you struggle to walk too.

Her life is also based on knowing more about it in general. Whereas with the help of her friends she always manages to get more sociable. Aquarius woman has the ability to pick-up information very quickly, and usually, she will use it for her own benefits.

What are Aquarius weaknesses?

She loves the challenge and unfortunately her competitiveness does not stop at nothing, not even the partner. This makes her a very stubborn person: she will rarely back down or change her point of view, if she is convinced of her goal.

The main Aquarius woman weakness is that she doesn’t like to be strained from her passions and dreams. Most of the time she seems to want more independence than Aquarius man is. Her reactions always surprise men, because she is, even more attractive when she wanted, definitely in a constant contradiction between what she says and what she does.

The Meaning Of Love

Some say that Aquarius woman does not understand anything about love. This isn’t true. She does know enough to make any men fall in love instantly. However, it’s true though that she has a strange way of showing love. Hence the perception of why Aquarius woman don’t understand about love stands because of her unique way of showing love. She cannot see others for what they are, but only as she would like them to be. She is idealistic and content with just a little.

Strange Desires

Aquarius woman does not want to invade the religious freedom of others for any reason. Hence in same way, she won’t accept others to invade hers. However, strangely enough, she loves unfinished relationships, passionate letters and endless telephone conversations. Aquarius woman is a fantastic person, who preaches the bridal shower between one marriage and the other, who divorces and then returns with her ex after a few months. She knows that one day or the other, she will send his orderly existence to the air and will eventually become, with great pleasure, a rather strange old woman.

How can Aquarius woman be friends?

With a larger friendship circle, she appears to overpass men. Indeed she is an unpredictable, brilliant and exasperating woman, one can not be insensitive to her charm.

Being able to keep in close contact with many friends, Aquarius woman seems to be able to get more involved in their social life and community in general. Aquarius woman likes to share with others important information about living and looking for possibilities to make improvements. Her type of community preferred to join in has to be related to life and society progress for development. Nothing more would satisfy the Aquarius woman than making others lives better.

Aquarius woman is a paradox, full of delicacy and uncertainty. She loves teamwork, group travel, associating with others to carry out projects and research. She is knowledgeable and will succeed very well in the professions that require a specific investigative ability and the ability to know how to listen.

Her Typical Remarkable Behavior

Aquarius woman is calm and most of all peaceful with the great desire to see beauty and peace in everyone’s life. Her intentions are positive. She tries to keep a balance between bad and good. Often an Aquarius woman has shown abilities to settle a significant argument between people. Her communication skills and interpretation of peace manages to calm people down and ease their tensions.

  • Can be unpredictable
  • Has a great loving heart
  • Loves helping
  • She is energetic and charismatic
  • Likes getting involved and disputing heavy arguments

Some Positive Opinions

To get to know Aquarius woman may take quite a while, depending on how much in hurry a potential candidate may be. Many may give up and and start asking What are Aquarius weaknesses? or What is wrong with her?. Instead the real questions to ask is; Is she the ideal woman for me? or Should I spend more time to get to know her?

Many would say that Aquarius woman should be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Her generosity is overwhelmed and truly respected by many who know well Aquarius woman. She always worries about others, but not about herself. Free and full of imagination, she manages to reinvent herself with surprising ease, because she is easily bored if her activity is monotonous. She can be an excellent merchant or commercial, as long as she firmly believes in the products she sells.

Her Life Concept

Her life conception is often misunderstood by others who don’t know her well. Aquarius woman tends to have a different point of view from many people. The way Aquarius women think is positively unusual, but too many people look at it awkwardly which misleads her true identity. This doesn’t bother Aquarius woman at all for as long she has a pure heart willing to help without compromises.

Her character often seems to be unpredictable because she tends to over think a lot to find the right idea or solution to a problem. In many cases she does come up with immediate solutions therefore for many she is unpredictable with unexpected reactions.

  • Able to keep up with many friends
  • The type of their friendship is vast
  • Likes to keep in touch with different communities
  • Able to find immediate solutions
  • Shows interest in many things

Physical Appearance

Aquarius woman doesn’t seem to have a big body instead they’re more of medium size. But she indeed has a beautiful body regardless of her size. Aquarius woman tends to have a slim and fit body. Aquarius woman face is pretty too with a well-proportioned mouth and lips. When she smiles every men stare for a while as they get hypnotized by her fantastic beauty. She tends to have shoulders, arms and hands but can manage to handle lots of moving around quickly and effortlessly. Her chest and breasts tend to be small too, but that won’t put any men off.

Balanced Body Features

When looking at an Aquarius woman, anyone could see a well-balanced body features nothing more and nothing less. Her legs and knees are thin but not too skinny.. In overall Aquarius woman is physically fit and very active. Whenever the she finds free time, she is sure to do some exercise to keep her body lines intact. Most of her practices involve sportive activities too. The sportive activities don’t necessarily have to be heavy but more fit-keeping ones. Aquarius woman isn’t too muscular to handle heavy weight neither she is capable of practicing heavy sports.

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