Aquarius in Love Relationship, Sex and Affair

Aquarius in love

When Love Faces Difficulties

Aquarius in love want to do whatever it takes to keep love healthy. Aquarius problem in a relationship sometimes is linked with their traveling for work.  Once in a while their work or project could become more important than love. Aquarius in love expect their partner to be loyal while they are on the move. Usually, they are very financially successful and will provide enough money for their family. They want to live free to travel lifestyle with an excess of independence to do things that interest them.

Aquarius In Love

Aquarius have a method of approach to regular and intellectual life. However, their attitude does not change even in the sentimental field. Love confrontation is experienced as a fun and exciting experience at the same time. The trouble about falling in love is that Aquarius will get too emotional and will open up too quick too soon forgetting to get to know each other better.

Sometimes they lose partners because of this behavior, and the opposite sex may not like taking the steps of relationship too fast. Once in a real relationship, Aquarius in love is genuine and honest. Cheating is not on their list of things to do unless they are facing sexual issues, but usually, Aquarius can overcome and solve those problems.

Conquer The Partner Of Their Dreams

During the dating stages Aquarius is ready to do anything to conquer the partner of their dreams, moreover, the greater the involvement of the loved one, the more intense their passion will be revealed. Instead, a lover who does not get involved in his love game could make them cold and distant.

Under the romantic profile, the biggest problem for Aquarius is on an intimate level, one of the fundamental aspects of the sentimental sphere. Without intimacy the amorphous sentiment is incomplete. Consequently, Aquarius must find the psychological dimension suitable to express its more profound emotions. Once reached this goal, the Aquarium in love can reach the sky, and can make it touch the partner.

      • Their politeness will attract the opposite sex easily
      • Tend to have friendly manners
      • Want a real, honest love
      • Must have the freedom to do what they what want
      • Each partner require faithfulness
      • Men partner prefers his wife to stay home raising their children
      • Wants to be independent
      • Will get jealous if a partner loses interest

Aquarius And Sex

Aquarius in love tend to consider sex practically and rationally. Honesty and cooperation are fundamental characteristics for the success of their love relationship. Moreover, the natural curiosity with which it is provided will lead Aquarius to experiment with situations that are increasingly exciting from a sexual point of view. There is always a mysterious halo around the Aquarium, the person who succeeds in fulfilling his most intimate desires will unleash his enormous sexual potential.

Aquarius Sexual Needs

Moreover, those who prove to be able to make them understand the real value that lies behind the concept of pleasure will be repaid in a more than exhaustive way. This is genuinely confusing describing Aquarius sexual needs because they’re cold but aren’t too frigid. Erotic ideas and thought are intensely deep and personal for them, but in many cases, they lack to implement them in practice.

Their sexual passions are there but awkwardly. Mysterious Aquarius sex life is not exaggerated. Sexual experience is merely part of their relaxation where they would be able to express their emotions. When Aquarius are traveling for work, their sexual relationship is usually kept alive over the phone or by sending frequent messages, not to forget the online video chatting which it’s their favorite.

Distinguishing Reality From Fantasy

There could be moments when Aquarius get lost while in action, they seem to overthink and improve action moves to make it close to perfect. Usually, they forget and don’t consider letting the action flow naturally and let the fire grow from the inside. Aquarius in love seems to face difficulty distinguishing reality from fantasy.

There are many moments when they seem cold in bed. Aquarius are usually capable lovers and tend to be open-minded. They hold their passion inside them and try their best to contain their excitement, which they fear it makes them look vulnerable. To Aquarius being horny is losing control.

When Two Aquarius Are Together

Aquarius in love would depend on communication (same as Gemini) when facing difficulties. Usually, they do come up with great solutions, but they seem to be short-term ones. Obviously, giving each other space appears to be essential to the point of not abusing with it. Having space End of affairs does not seem to bother Aquarius too much.

Whereas, their jealousy for their partner is also confusing. Moreover, Aquarius seems to get jealous when a partner doesn’t give them the right attention or ignored rather than when they’re having an affair with another partner. Aquarius is better in making friends happier than they could with their partner.

Friends Can Become Lovers

Usually, Aquarius have for partner a close friend who they to know for some time and who trust them rather than someone unknown. Breaking up with their partner to Aquarius is like breaking up with a friend. But the breaking up becomes more complicated when they have their own children. Since their love for the children is immense, forgiving each other and avoiding breakup is their best option considering the effect on their children’s life.

An Intelligent Lover

Definitely Aquarius is an intelligent lover with an open mind, ready to explore the unknown. He could stimulate his intelligence further and push it towards increasingly essential results. Importantly, a warm and reliable person would be the ideal partner with whom to share the various experiences of life. Aquarius is a strange and original lover though very attractive. Without a doubt Aquarius is able to stir up a crowd. He could draw energy from the mere presence of partners without making a scene. Obviously, Aquarius qualities increase if at their side is a stimulating and faithful person.

The End Of An Affair

Aquarius seem attached to their partner more emotionally than physically. Sometimes this becomes the reason to end relationships. Aquarius is always in search of perfection. Most Aquarius want to dominate relationship believing to control their partner from having affairs.  Usually, this type of cynic thinking can lead them to separation instead of keeping their connection intact. In most cases,

Aquarius think that their way of understanding things is the best possible. It’s not surprising that their attention is mainly attracted by people who possess the same character. Altruism and social responsibility are distinguishing elements of the Aquarium. Consequently, a companion who can support him/her and encourage him/her also from this point of view represents the right reward for his/her determination and their common sense.

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