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Aries Man

A general look into Aries Man traits

Before proceeding with dusting off the characteristics of Aries man, it is important to clarify that when we speak about the Aries sign we will be referring to the values ​​and the energy of which this sign has. Here we have listed plenty of Aries man traits and characteristics which we’d like to describe but we do not intend to describe the sign as a whole.

Aries man has a warm and generous nature which radiates a charm that comes from his adventurous, passionate, energetic, and open approach to everything that life offers, to the courage that borders on bullying, to the purity of soul that borders on the ingenuity, to the sincerity that sometimes risks becoming a lack of diplomacy and arrogance. 

Aries male positive natural side

Aries (including man and woman) is one of those rare zodiacal signs who tend to offer more protection to others than any other sign would. Aries man often behaves as the macho man or as the protector of the weak or as the hero who likes to save those he loves from any possible danger.

Despite the protective nature which Aries has there is also another side of his character, there is another image of the Aries from those we really know. Think of him as a little boy with superpowers who sometimes goes from one trouble to the next.

What Aries man shouldn’t do

1. Never take yourself for granted.

The Aries man is a hunter by nature. If he feels that the woman belongs to him, he may lose interest.

2. Do not satisfy him in everything

Aries man likes to conquer the summit. If you give him everything he asks for right away and without making him sweat, he will soon be looking for a more demanding woman.

3. Don’t give up on your dreams and desires

The Aries man does not want to prevail in a relationship. You won’t have to cancel yourself for him because that’s not what he wants.

How is the Aries man in love? 

The Aries man has crazy vitality. Courageous to the point of recklessness. His feelings explode and ignite everything they encounter. But just as often any small conflict with the partner is resolved after a night of the fire. Equipped with an irrepressible physicality, the Aries is provocative, adventurous, and loves to flirt.

Those born under this sign have a particular charm that comes from an energetic and lively personality. No woman will ever get bored in the company of an Aries. Irresistible in the role of the seducer, he has a particular propensity for love affairs.

But not everyone is able to resist the erotic charge released by Aries, who want a partner who can stand up to him even in the most intimate moments. Very often his obstinacy, which manifests itself especially when there is a goal to be achieved, turns out to be detrimental to the stability of the love relationship.

What is an Aries man strength?

To better see how Aries behaves think of a movie character that tends to come to the aid of others. If you’re struggling to think of one then take the actor Russell Crowe in the role of “The Gladiator”. He shows the best psychological characteristics of Aries: courage, energy, vitality, contempt for danger, the struggle for the affirmation of oneself and one’s desires, impulse, virility. But it also coincides in the less luminous aspects: the inclination to use force, violence, in case of injustice suffered by oneself or others, and the great drive to conquer. Of course, all this also has the advantage of bringing Aries to act without subterfuge but directly and unambiguously.

The Typical Aries Man Says…

His ego: “I am”.
Courts: frankly, he wastes no time, neither before nor after.
He is a lover: who is inflamed and extinguished with the same rapidity.
He wants: a beautiful object to exhibit.
He fears: to pass by being observed.
Defects: can not stand criticism.

What is an Aries man weakness?

The other image is when he shows weakness of the little boy with superpowers. The little boy with superpowers is enthusiastic, impulsive who goes directly from the desire to action, who takes risks that others would never take but then it shows that most of those actions were worth fighting for. Well, the behavior of the little child it is not a strange nature for Aries; instead, this childish behaviors, the mess, the troubles, and the roller coasters are the spice of life for Aries man.

What is an Aries man like?

Aries man is not as moderate as the Libra or Cancer man or affected by Aquarius or Pisces values, therefore, there is some widespread criticism of Aries behavior. These criticism do not take into consideration the existence of others unless they are “weak to protect”. This criticism often surprises the Aries man who often is innocent and who fight for justice. Others do not realize these values which are rarely found on any other zodiacal sign.

Yes, his attitude, his need to go fast, and to give immediate answers to his desires make him lose control (except in particular issues) of being organized, hence the expectation of the others are the same. The great difficulty of Aries is precisely this, to find a harmonious and healthy balance between his need to act without mediation and the need for a relationship that still resides in him as in any other human being.

What type of person is an Aries man?

Aries man has a complex character (and Aries woman in some cases) and it is clear and understandable in the eyes of many. All zodiac signs are complex in one way or another, especially when they interact with other opposite signs but nothing matched the complexity of Aries man.

Aries man has a set of different energies that interact together. Hence, it would be superficial to identify Aries man way of being exclusive with the “pure” characteristics of a sign, even if undoubtedly those traits, more or less nuanced or reinforced by the other elements of the theme, which characterize him most.

How to win over an Aries man?

Here are some tips to make him fall in love.

1. Make it difficult for him to conquer

Since they like to hunt, behave like potential prey. Let him approach and then walk away.

2. Be ambitious

Let him know your dreams, talk to him about your desires, make him participate in your projects.

3. Stand up to him

Don’t be impressed by him. Be determined and have confidence in your potential.

4. Make yourself desired

Even if the Aries man is very passionate and might try to get you to bed from the first date, hold on. Let him want you and your first night will be special …

The shadow sides of the Aries

As we mentioned above, despite the solid character, Aries has also a dark side. There are times when Aries man shows the other side of his personality, the shadow. The shadow side of the Aries man is often affected by others.

It is sometimes the negative reactions of others that make Aries man take drastic actions which may lead him into trouble. It is this moment when Aries may show his dark side of his solid character. 

We’re sure that Aries has plenty of positive qualities. Even if he gets angry and nervous he has the power to make peace despite what he has suffered, and in half an hour he would forget about it. (unless there are some Plutonic influences in his personality).

Giving up is not an option

First of all, it must be said that the great capacity for self-affirmation has its negative side. Another positive side of Aries male traits is that he never gives up! Never! He will never give up as long as he sees room to fight and get what he wants.

He will never stop until he finds new ways to get to “destination”. This can lead him to “hit a wall” because it prevents him from quickly getting out of situations in which he risks hurting himself. Often, Aries forgets that fear has a purpose.

To protect himself from damage, often his passion makes him overcome the fear that would stop others and so he risks crashing into those situations that are beyond his ability to manage. However, there are situations in which Aries cannot win and the truth is, that it makes them stronger.

There are ways for improvement

Another questionable trait of Aries concerns not only his recklessness can be part of the problem but also the out of control impulsiveness that sometimes leads him to destroy himself. Another shadow aspect of the sign is to make the mistake of exchanging courage for security.

The challenge of Aries is precisely to overcome his uncertainty and develop experience and perspective on people and events. This goal is not easy to achieve. Setting goals would not only give a target and focus to “fight” but also will keep him busy for as long the goal lasts. Keeping Aries man busy and focused on a goal is vital to maintain his fiery character calm. 

Learning from his mistakes

Aries has the habit of making too fast to furious decisions which most of the time leads him into trouble. Making mistakes is not unusual but a natural habit of Aries male. Another Aries trait is that he tends to repeat the same mistakes. He does not value the experience because psychologically, for him, every adventure is a new experience.

Furthermore, his fiery action (fire) is often disconnected from both feeling (water) and thought (air) as it is the result of an instinctive impulse. After so few and out of many Aries traits we could say that Aries first acts and only then thinks and feels the emotions connected to its action.

Why is Aries a fire burning?

Every Aries man feels like having a river of lava inside them. Most of the time are certain moments that the lava it’s so strong that it wants to burst out with all the power it has inside and no one would be able to stop it.

This normally happens when Aries man experiences that feeling of knowing perfectly, from the rational point of view, that something should not be said or done. Another trait that distinguishes Aries man from the rest is speed.

Aries likes to act quickly. He does not tolerate those who slow him down and often his reactivity. He can be ignited by just anything that hinders him and does not make him go at his speed. Aries man remains to be the one who can’t stand those who speak or move slowly.

Immense energy waiting to explode

It is the action or rather the reaction that affects the Aries energy to burst out. Considering the very high energy level of the Aries it is almost impossible to calm him down. Aries is a fire sign, cardinal, and bearer of a male Yang type of energy. This is why Aries needs to be on the move to feel good. Aries man needs to fight for something to be able to feel whole. Easy or comfortable situations are not for this sign.

An essential condition for the realization and balance of Aries is the fact of having a project (possibly new projects every so often) in which to pour all his energy. Without a goal that directs his action, Aries risks at best the dispersion of energy that makes him feel empty, at worst the development of uncontrolled aggression (even if only verbal) towards himself and towards others. An aimless Aries man is a loose cannon.

What it’s best for Aries Man?

Aries man would be nothing without a focus. He should find an activity that allows him a constant release of physical and mental energies. There could be many activities but the preferable one remains the sportive activities, but also an ideal battle to carry on and which involves concrete actions, even simply the fact of regularly following his favorite hobby.

Aries man needs to have an absolute need to express the “aggressive” charge that is within him and find a context in which can happen in a functional way. If Aries man does not do it he will risk either imploding by turning this charge against himself or by releasing this energy potential on those around him, then finding himself repenting a few minutes later.

What an Aries man wants in a relationship?

Aries is ruled by Mars, which in addition to being the God of war is also associated with sexuality expressed physically, not the cerebral and emotional sexuality of Pluto, and of Scorpio, not the eroticism of Venus, not the sensuality of Taurus, but sex as an end in itself. If there is a sign that recognizes their sexual desires and lives that would be Aries.

Enthusiasm and sex desires seem to be the top of most wanted things in his life. Consequently, Aries is also the sign that suffers most from the broken relationships. The impossibility of expressing part of his identity and the possibility of not releasing his sexual energy, make Aries man in growing nervousness that can lead to an increase of aggression more than other signs.

It must be said, however, that concerning this aspect, to have a more precise vision of a person’s sexuality it is not enough to observe only his Sun but also Mars and partly Venus.

The basic dynamics of the Aries Man

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, from which everything starts and as such it’s overflowing with physical and mental energy, desire, impulsiveness. The Aries zodiac sign corresponds to spring, the moment in which the energy in nature is bursting to exit the stage of apparent “death” that characterizes winter. It is, therefore, raw energy that it’s not refined by experience, like everything raw, however, it has the advantage of simplicity, purity, “non-involution”, of a fresh and clean innocence. 

Ruled by the planet of war

The Aries male traits are ruled by the warlord planet of Mars, burns like a fire, and therefore must learn to manage his energy. The risk of being consumed in the continuous physical and mental effort is particularly high, just as it is necessary to learn to limit risks which derive from the speed of action that characterizes this sign and from the impulsiveness that exposes it to the assumption of risks that are not always well calculated. But on the other hand, for Aries, a life without passion, challenge, risk, and novelty faced even against the wind, is not worth living.

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