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What kind of person is a Taurus?

The second sign of the zodiac is rooted and connected with life and, in one’s life, with his feet firmly planted on the ground. 

He is also a patient and tenacious builder who will never get tired of fighting to achieve the goals set for himself. By nature, Taurus is slow. He can’t handle multiple things at once, so he tackles problems one at a time.

Taurus is a sensual being with irrepressible desires. It is said that he is the most tender lover in the zodiac, the one who will best know how to make his partner vibrate with pleasure. Love, for him, is like music.

What are the dates for Taurus?

The Sun can be found in the sign of Taurus in the period that goes, roughly, from April 21 to May 20, the exact period varies from year to year and to establish its position in the extreme days it is necessary to consult the hemisphere.

The first sign of the zodiac is a fixed sign of the earth. The second sign of the zodiac is ruled by the planet of Venus. In this sign, the Moon is in exaltation and Mars with Pluto in exile. The opposite sign is Scorpio.

Those born under this sign are recognized for their tenacity, stubbornness, loyalty, patience, and willingness to reflect before acting. The second sign of the zodiac is also known for the sensuality, good aesthetic taste, and attachment to the material aspects of existence. Taurus are in fact lovers of the arts such as good food and good music, therefore they have a very refined sense of “beauty”. 

Who Should Marry a Taurus?

In the race for the conquest of love, Taurus is often in pole position.

If he/she loses ground it is never for good. When he/she wants to reach his/her goal, he/she will use the weapons that mother nature has endowed him/her with charm, beauty, and sexuality. He/she also knows how to add ancient winning strategies such as the art of making you jealous, intriguing you, teasing you to keep you attached.

He/she prefer to choose a man/woman who has a lot of integrity in society. He/she will be eager to get married to the love of their heart. 

Note to all men: To make Taurus woman say the decisive YES, you will have to ask her in marriage by giving her a diamond ring. If you can’t afford her, look for another woman! 

The ideal partners for Taurus are those made of the same element (the Earth). The Earth signs are Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, but Cancer and Pisces (Water signs) are also fine. However, with Scorpio, it is a bet that can last a lifetime.

How bad is the Taurus temperament?

The Taurus has a calm temperament that is very slow to set in motion but once started, no one can stop him. He grants his trust and friendship sparingly but gives his all to the people he believes in. He is friendly, and interested in numerous subjects, but without attention.

He tends to lose patience and, when he feels attacked, his anger is violent. His friends and partner must, therefore, try not to contradict him. He would hardly forgive, and his resentment is tenacious. Conservative, capable of prolonged efforts, the second sign of the zodiac appreciates stable situations. Transformations are not for him, given his difficulty in adapting to new circumstances.

Does Taurus fall in love quickly?

In love, every sign is different. Some signs need time, to get to know the other person well before letting go, while for others a single glance is enough to understand if the one in front of them is the right person, as in a stroke of lightning. It doesn’t take much to understand if you have found the right person or do you need time?

It is not enough to say ‘I love you’ to a Taurus, you have to prove it.

The second sign of the zodiac is not like any other sign when it is about falling in love. He tends to take his time choosing his love of life. It is then that Taurus will fall in love quickly. He will try to keep this relationship last forever.

His love life is peaceful as long as there is physical agreement and that the partner does not awaken his jealousy because one thing is clear, the Bull cannot stand cheating!

What is Taurus good at?

There are few good qualities and good things that second sign of the zodiac is good about. 

Generally speaking, those born under the sign of Taurus are quite good at controlling their emotions.

  • They have a lot of patience. 
  • If you lie to a Taurus and admit it, then all it is good, but if you don’t accept it, it’s the end. 
  • Along with Scorpio, Taurus is known to be good in bed.
  • The Bull will listen to you, will understand you, but if he has an idea in mind, he will not change his mind, meaning that he has a strong determination. 
  • A Taurus is not materialistic. He is attracted to all that is beautiful. 
  • He is not interested in a life devoid of beauty. 
  • Taurus has a specific plan for his life, everything has its way, and he knows who are the people he wants by his side. 
  • You can trust a Taurus, reveal to him the deepest secrets. He will not betray you. 
  • Taurus likes to be surrounded by nice people but hates superficial friendships or relationships.

Is Taurus good with money?

The second sign of the zodiac is a very rational sign and manages to be super responsible with his savings. The problem arises when he sees something he has always dreamed of. In that case, he will make a series of very detailed calculations to allow himself that little “sin” and to settle the score in the following weeks.

The Bull is crazy about the pleasures of life, good food, good wine, good sex. To have all these pleasures in life money can be very useful. This is why second sign of the zodiac is motivated by wealth, but it is not so fundamental. Taurus is moderately competitive, combative when touched in his closest affections or in the things he cares about more. 

He makes sure to live the life he pleases. But that doesn’t mean putting in too much effort to be rich. He works hard enough because then all the rest of the time he has to spend enjoying life.

Is Taurus good at kissing?

Kissing is important to his ongoing relationship. For the second sign of the zodiac, kissing is the most evident and immediate expression of love. Yes, the Bull can reveal a lot about the skills of kissing. Taurus can also notice if partner kisses for real. Some love to kiss by surprise and those who love the programming of the moment. Those who love to bite their lips and those who use their tongue a lot.

Deep and sensual, a Taurus kiss can go on for an eternity. But they only kiss you if they are sure of your affection. Don’t expect the Bull to take the lead, but if they do, be prepared for an intensity that will blow your mind.

Does Taurus hide their feelings?

Unlike others who are supposed to hide their feelings a Taurus man is more open to discussing his feelings. 

When Taurus falls in love he/she is not afraid to show his/her feelings, especially with deeds, and it is very faithful and full of attention for the loved one. However it is also true that he/she can be quite indifferent and disappear for a long time if he/she is not in love. 

They are true lovers, hence be careful not to hurt their feelings or make them jealous. They are very pleased with small gestures. Try to give him/her a sweet kiss or something created by you. 

There are several ways to express your feelings which could be verbal, through actions, expressions, etc.

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