13 Unique Scorpio Traits Secrets Revealed

Scorpio Traits

Here are the 13 Scorpio Traits

Scorpio Traits aren’t the strangest ones compared with others signs. That said, it doesn’t mean that they are better than the rest. Scorpio share some unusual traits and the most untold are listed below.

Can Make Excellent Friendship

Thanks to their courageous nature, those born under this sign are excellent friends, powerful and passionate. They have qualities that serve as long as they do not become self-indulgence or compulsion. Scorpio are capable to sacrifices to help those close to him. They certainly don’t do it for anyone, but only with those they deem worthy, after having elaborated a whole series of more or less complex considerations. For this reason they often subject aspiring friends to continuous and stressful tests, without realizing it.

Competitive By Nature

Scorpio loves competition at work and sports. They must have an opponent, in order to make the game more interesting. The colors of Scorpio? Red and Black. The great strength of Scorpio is in his passion, determination, and motivation. A Scorpion could really get mad when someone questions their abilities. That could spark an invitation for a proper challenge. Lets hope that the competitions is fair because Scorpio hates dishonesty and deception and can often show anger and suspicious.

Trusting Is Not An Option

Scorpio may be suspicious of others, and their trust in others often is very dull. Based on trust matters Scorpio doesn’t expect others to come to their aid when they’re in need. Scorpio would trust more when a promise is made and hopes the person to keep his/her promise. If others do promise, then they must stand by their word or face the consequences. Scorpio hates dishonest people, and they don’t have a place in Scorpio’s friendship. 

Nothing’s Wrong Being Emotional

No one can stop Scorpios from being emotional about the things they love because it’s their natural instinct. Emotions are part of Scorpio’s life, and they know very well how to deal with. People like Scorpio have real feelings, and they see the world with intense care. If family members, friends or people, in general, are hurt or are suffering, Scorpios will get emotional and will try to do their best to come to their aid, rescue or anything to make them feel better. 

Freedom Is The Power

Scorpios love being independent and have the freedom to do what they want without taking into consideration what may others think. Their wild spirit makes them independent and free of boundaries. Scorpio doesn’t recognize boundaries between them, and what they want to do in life so nothing can stop them. Scorpios here and there loose control of their freedom but when they manage to control it, then they will begin to achieving many desired goals. 

Don’t Cheat True Love

The fear of betrayal worries Scorpio all the time. Scorpio can’t stand the idea of being cheated by their lover let alone when they know it is happening. Scorpios don’t put too much trust on anything, but when is about the love they will blindly believe in it more than anything else in the world. In a sense, if a partner is cheating on Scorpio, it will make him/her feel traumatic because the trust is being broken. Scorpios will never ever forgive a betrayed love. Scorpio often revenges on cheater lover.

Dare To Love Truly

Yes, it is a fact that Scorpios have and tend to hide many secrets in their life. But this is not the same as when in love. Scorpio will express their true love feelings to their real and only lover without hesitation hoping to attract him or her by being sincere. True lovers like Scorpios have a particular way to express their feeling, and they do it by sharing positive energy and open up to partner.

Once Scorpios have found the true love they will make sure to hold on to him/her forever. Is not that Scorpios can’t find another love, but it’s about their true feelings that they have and which will make Scorpios not to let love go. 

Privacy Not For Public Knowledge

Scorpios like to keep privacy confidential. Apart from many strong points, Scorpio has weaknesses also but not particularly in a negative way. Scorpios are secretive and being so they don’t like sharing secrets with others, not even with their family or best friends.

One reason why Scorpios don’t want to share secrets is that they fear getting hurt by too many gossips. Scorpios don’t prefer to be evil with others so they will try to explain to them why they don’t want to share secrets and avoid any misunderstandings. 

Don’t Mess With…

Scorpio doesn’t have intentions to make trouble with anyone, on the other hand, they expect others to do the same or Scorpio will unleash their dark side. Scorpio is friendly and tends to socialize with reliable friends who aren’t violent. If Scorpio and his trusted friends are provoked, then there is nothing stopping them from having a fight. Anyone who wants to mess with them will get what they’ve asked for. 

Higher And Higher

For any Scorpio “ambition” is their second name. Scorpios know that by having specific aspirations, they can succeed in life. Ambition drives Scorpio to compete for completing personal goals and also to find new challenges. On the other hand, Scorpio should understand that if they are too ambitious, ambition may control them and probably turn into a nightmare. Ambition could become Scorpio’s weakness because they may get carried away and cross the limits.

Paranoia Is The Enemy

Scorpios have issues with trusting others. All the time they look at people with suspicion. Trusting others isn’t Scorpio’s strongest trait although they are surrounded by many good friends. Sometimes Scorpio assumes what others think of them more than enough and starts to have conflicting ideas about them.

If anyone or close friends want to hurt Scorpio, and Scorpio don’t it coming their suspicion will not help them. Scorpio has to let go their suspension habits as it may get them in trouble. Scorpio should start thinking positively of others and stop checking up on them pretending that they may be onto something to hurt Scorpio. Scorpio should learn to relax and stop the paranoiac feelings possessing their mind. 

Who’s The Smart One?

Clever Scorpio isn’t easily beaten up intellectually. Being clever ensures them a place in a tough competitive society. Scorpio has a good habit of making calculated steps. They hate doing something blindly so being cautious is a must. They don’t like to show off their intelligence instead they expect their opponent to notice their abilities. 

The Passionate Scorpios

Scorpio isn’t excited about everything, but Scorpio is passionate about things that interest them the most. Scorpios put in a lot of effort to do what they want the most and also are very determined to succeed in life. Their passion for achieving better results in career, social knowledge, information, love, and financial security makes them feel better about their experience which will encourage them to do more.

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