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Aries Rising

Rising Aries implies that you will bring an enthusiastic, dynamic, and fun-loving approach to most new things, just like the spring which brings new life after the end of winter. Chances are you are capable and energetic, prefer a high degree of autonomy, and need to feel like you are in charge of your own affairs.

You have strong mental energies and may love to debate, argue or “test”. Pushing the envelope is fun for you. It may be necessary to learn not to face challenges purely for themselves. Eventually, you’ll find out how to incorporate qualities like diplomacy and tact as you accomplish ambitions.

Aries as a zodiac sign

Those born between March 21 and April 20 are of the sign of Aries. Together with Leo and Sagittarius, Aries is part of the zodiac signs of Fire and is directly influenced by the planet Mars, a symbol of energy and impulsiveness, which says a lot about the warrior and passionate nature of Aries, especially in love.

Those born under this zodiac sign are famous for their vitality, courage, and resourcefulness. Also gifted with a particular optimism, Aries is always ready to accept new challenges that they face with determination and stubbornness. Furthermore, their inner strength also translates into spontaneity and passion, which they combine in different areas of life, both at work and in relationships, love or otherwise.

What does it mean to have the ascendant in Aries?

In astrology, the ascendant corresponds to the zodiac sign that rises at the precise moment in which we are born, that is, the point of the zodiac that meets the earth’s horizon to the east during birth. The ascendant, together with the sun and the moon is quite relevant because it can significantly affect our personality. 

It determines the first impression we give of ourselves to those around us. Now that we understand what it is, we can answer the original question. Having the ascendant in Aries, therefore, means gaining some of the main characteristics of this fire sign, such as courage, enthusiasm, security, but also, alas, the defects, among which we can include short temper, impatience, and aggression. Being a strong personality, it is very likely that, if your ascendant is in Aries, your character is strongly influenced by this astral conformation.

All the characteristics of Aries as an ascendant

Many of the strengths and weaknesses of Aries remain even when in an ascendant position. Thus, the Aries ascendant is famous for his strong and decisive disposition, energetic and full of life, which he employs in all circumstances. Among its qualities, one cannot fail to mention courage, pride of mind, resourcefulness, and self-confidence. These characteristics ensure that those who have Aries in their zodiac map never back down in the face of difficulty, on the contrary, they face them with determination, learning from any mistakes, and always getting up with each fall.

Who is Aries rising compatible with?

We could say that the Aries ascendant is the opposite of that of Libra. Diplomacy is not really in its nature, on the contrary, it has a direct and easy spirit: he prefers to speak clearly by saying everything that goes through his head, without resorting to mediation or subterfuge. Honesty, whether seen as positive or negative, is one of his main personality traits.

This does not mean that the Aries ascendant does not also have flaws. The typical impulsiveness of the sign remains, in addition to impatience and a latent grumpiness that often presses to reveal itself. Extreme confidence in their abilities can lead them to strong self-centeredness and the inability to compromise. All this can be enhanced or attenuated by the zodiac sign with which the ascendant is combined.

The birthstone of Aries

Those born between March 21 and April 20 have more than one birthstone. There are several stones associated with this fire sign by astrology. Often these stand out for the color, typically red, a shade that is traditionally associated with passion, sensuality, and impetus, three characteristics intrinsically linked to the Arietian personality. Here are some of them: red coral, ruby, jasper, and carnelian.

The Impact of Aries Ascendant on Personality

Those who have the Aries ascendant have an energetic, enthusiastic, rebellious personality and do not fold easily. The main instinct is to act rather than think. Strengths are undoubtedly courage, pride, self-confidence, resourcefulness, and passion. It is difficult for Aries to be artificial. There is an underlying frankness that can alienate some sympathies due to its lack of tact. 

On the other hand, authoritative behavior towards others can be problematic precisely because of the independent spirit, which does not admit rules or disciplines. Shadow sides are impatience, selfishness, and the inability to compromise. Regarding the Aries In love, there is a tendency to fall in love quickly, but for a short time. Hence the lack of consistency and the need to have a patient partner next to him who can turn a blind eye now and then.

Body with ascendant in Aries

Physically it can give a medium, muscular and lean build, lightly colored skin, and thick eyebrows. Men can suffer from baldness or, as they age, suffer from hair loss. Since the sign of Aries is ruled by Mars, those born with the Aries ascendant tend to be very fast and snappy, the pace is fast, sometimes distracted, it is no coincidence that Aries is a sign subject to falls and headshots, in every sense! Sometimes there are scars on the head or face. The nose, mouth, and chin can be marked or prominent.

Health with ascendant in Aries

Aries should take a good care of their health but overall Aries’ constitution is robust. There is a risk of exhaustion due to excessive effort or imprudence dictated by impulsiveness. As a mirror of its character, Aries expresses itself through acute, rapid, intense pathologies. The most common problems are hyperexcitability, inflammation, high fevers, headaches, stress diseases, vision problems, sometimes insomnia. Weak points are eyes, nose, mouth, teeth. Usually, after an illness, the recovery is quite rapid and satisfactory. There is a possibility of suffering from juvenile acne.


Finally, Aries has some characteristics typical of other Fire signs. For example, he reveals his strong competitiveness quite frequently and in various cases, he can also be short-tempered and aggressive, just like Leo and Sagittarius.

However, the enthusiasm often shown by Aries concerning novelties and choices can become an indication of impulsiveness and naivety. In addition, the stubbornness that this sign has will not have a major impact on others, but on certain occasions can turn into annoyance. 

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