Discover Each Of The Zodiac Signs Weaknesses

Discover Each Of The Zodiac Signs Weaknesses

All the zodiac signs weaknesses

It can be difficult to hear about our zodiac signs weaknesses, but knowing the weak point is important to understand ourselves better.

In general, what we like to hear about our signs are the good and positive virtues, what makes us strong, and what others love. But the reality is that there is also a weak point of each sign, an “Achilles heel” that makes it vulnerable. And this, although less pleasant to listen to, is perhaps more important than the other.

Our weaknesses are where we need to pay more attention because that’s where we have the most opportunities to improve and grow. So here they are to pay attention to the Achilles heel or the weak point of each zodiac sign.

Aries weakness

Aries is a very vital sign, full of energy. But sometimes, this becomes an excessive ambition. Aries desire is to outdo himself and others is his weakness because when he gets too competitive he loses control and can hurt others. You must learn that your worth does not cross conflict.

Taurus weakness

Taurus is a sign that seeks peace and the good life. The problem is that sometimes he deposits all his energy outside and becomes voracious and unconventional: he wants everything, but nothing satisfies him.

It is that he forgets that the real good life begins within him. If you can’t change your mind, you will never be happy with what you have.

Gemini weakness

It is a very cheerful and independent sign, the sign of communication par excellence. But his weakness is that he has little patience in the trials and gets bored quickly. For Gemini, when things get too “serious” it is necessary to escape.

That’s why he has serious problems with commitment. You have to understand that the best things in life sometimes take time.

Cancer weakness

Cancer is a very loving sign and loves home life and the safety of a cozy home. While everything is in order, you can be the friendliest and happiest person.

But when it doesn’t find that security, Cancer falls apart. His greatest weakness is the fear of abandonment and breaking of ties, which creates highly addictive relationships. You need to learn to generate freer relationships and have more confidence in yourself.

Lion weakness

Leo has no problem having open, bright, loving relationships; It is a very given sign for interpersonal relationships. But when he is dominated by competitiveness and ego, Leo loses his axis.

If he compares and tries to distinguish himself, he closes, loses spontaneity, becomes infatuated; and loses the magic of their relationships which on other occasions is so easy to achieve. You need to manage momentum to have more fulfilling relationships.

Virgo weakness

Virgo has a pure and innocent mind. The opposite of her is the fish: all feelings. When the weak side appears, then Virgo loses control. Or rather, take control. It is that it becomes compulsive, more orderly than ever, detailed to the limit.

Virgo’s weak point is his need to feel useful and not to listen to her true feelings.

Libra weakness

The sign of Libra, is search for balance. Libra is too perfectionist: it is known as balanced, judicious, rational sign of all zodiac. Therefore, her Achilles heel is her fear of losing control, of being carried away by emotions.

Libra must please everyone, keep everything in order and forget about himself.

Scorpio weakness

This sign, which is presented to the world as omnipotent, has as its weak point the fear of abandonment, of humiliation. Scorpio needs to be loved and accepted, they need the love of others.

If they feel rejected, they lose control over things and their life force.

Sagittarius weakness

Sagittarius is a very wise sign: he loves learning and seeking new experiences. The problem is that when you stay too long in your mind, you can get a little “smart”. Pride appears to be one of his weaknesses.

Instead, when you open and connect the mind with the spirit, you can be a real preacher. You have to make that union.

Capricorn weakness

Capricorns know better than anyone how to be practical. They create structures that work beautifully, they create models that serve to make their designs come true, they are model people.

The big problem is that they get stuck in the “must be” and suffer, they cannot get out of their structure to be a little more themselves. They must give space to their spontaneity.

Aquarius weakness

Behind the free soul that is Aquarius, there is some intolerance, and this is its weak point. Even if they don’t prove it, aquariums often believe everyone should be like them. They are so sure of themselves, that sometimes they don’t connect well with others.

The challenge he has to work on is to find the balance between his virtues and the acceptance of those of others.

Pisces weakness

In his quest to raise his spirit, Pisces needs something to hold on to, where and, it tends to look for it in art, in nature, in the help of the community, etc.

If he fails to connect with those things, Pisces loses control over himself and this is his weak point. He falls apart. He doesn’t know where to go. They enter chaos, become paranoid and insecure.

The big challenge for them is to go back inside and find there the safety they need in stormy weather.

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