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understanding scorpio man

Understanding Scorpio Man

Indeed, understanding Scorpio Man isn’t easy. Scorpio can be possessive, elusive, resourceful, passionate, intuitive, sensitive, jealous, suspicious, angry, resistant, thoughtful, vindictive, possessive, rancorous, convoluted, suspicious, jealous and of course a dominator.

If anyone who doesn’t understand Scorpio Man very well, then he is an awkward person. Scorpio is truly incredible. He is the double-linked sign of the dynamics of death and rebirth. Scorpio needs to destroy in order to create. He gives his best at critical moments. He can transform himself into a new person and rise from the ashes.

Scorpio man is a strict financial driven person. He will usually set few short-term goals and stick to those goals until completed. Scorpio man hates wasting time with something that doesn’t work. He loves the sense of security through the financial increase. He wants to make sure he has enough money saved for the rainy days.

Preferred Relationship With…

The Scorpio man is hard to conquer. It’s even harder to keep him tight once he’s conquered. Scorpio man from birth likes to challenge the female opponent. He does not stand the cliché. Instead, he loves the surprise and the sentimental drive of the secret.

Scorpio man would be perfect as a lover, as a husband, but on the other hand, he is a fugitive. The Scorpio man at least once in his life falls in love with all his heart. He is a practical and reliable to be the center of the house. The Scorpio man is attracted by mysterious, charismatic sensual women. The Cancer woman usually fits better for Scorpio man.

Both Cancer and Scorpio belong to the Signs Of Water. Scorpio Man adores the Gemini Woman because she is cute and cerebral snappy. Virgo and Capricorn are an intellectual challenge but erotically overly fashioned. However, Libra and Sagittarius are true friends, but in bed too naive and disarmed for a hungry for temptations like him.

No So Good Relationship With…

On the other hand, Scorpio Man can’t have it all nice with all the woman of the zodiac. With Aquarius, Aries, and Leo woman he can have a hard life. The first is not forgiven for “not being there” and that she’s allowed only to him.

The Aries Woman is admonished by excessive masculinity and a lack of subtlety in seduction. In fact, the Aries woman is a caterpillar and the challenge in bed becomes a more gymnastic competition than an erotic seduction. Leo Woman is flashy and luminous compared to the Scorpio Man.

Indeed, the Leo Woman is a torch of light between the sheets, but their relationship cannot work. If by any chance the women of fire fall in love with Scorpio Man, then she is destined to suffer terribly because of the endless traps caused by Scorpio Man.

Dominator Of Love

For Scorpio love is comparable to a volcanic eruption. He destroys everything. He burns the body and the soul of any woman who stands close to him. Scorpio would always like to be able to dominate the mind of those who he loves. He regularly moves from tenderness to hardness, from passion to deadening frost. Scorpio is known for giving a hard time to nearly all the signs of the Zodiac.

Understanding Scorpio Man becomes easy when we can understand the typical behavior of the Water Sings. He lives by powerful unconscious impulses and often lives in terrible doubts. In Scorpio, anyone could find the masochist and the sadist, the person who hates and the person who loves, all mixed under one character. Scorpio man does not know half-measures, nor the soft life. Scorpio lives life as if it was a battlefield.


    • Will protect himself from any danger
    • He will share secrets only with their lover
    • Tries to live a free and independent life
    • Takes advice from honest friends or family member
    • Doesn’t like being disturbed or will attack for self-protection
    • May get paranoiac about people in general
    • Won’t forgive those who try to hurt them

Finally Better Chance With…

Finally, some light on the horizon understanding Scorpio man love relations. He can have a brilliant union with the Pisces woman. She will be the woman of his dreams. She is a true feminine, romantic and unattainable. She’s a sensitive and twisted siren, enigmatic and complicated enough to charm Scorpio. Therefore, Scorpio man becomes an excellent challenge for Pisces woman. Their love could turn into real breathing in eros and emotional turmoil.

Only the Pisces woman knows how to keep the Scorpio man bound to herself, with a fair amount of mystery, some lies, and much, sensuality. The sexual attraction between both will always be very powerful. Together these two Signs of Water, which pleasantly jump between sadism and masochism, form a formidable antidote to their bitter enemy, indifference.

    • Has a brunette to reddish hair color
    • Has a somber face
    • His eyes look penetrative
    • Tends to have medium but muscular build shoulders
    • Has large feet and hands
    • Eyes are mysterious and hypnotic
    • Eyebrows are hairy or bushy looking
    • Tends to have hairy arms and legs
    • Has a strong body built
    • Tend to be athletic thanks to their body shape

Scorpio Facial Appearance

His hair color is usually dark, or brunette, and in some cases will look shiny in reddish to brownish color. Scorpio tends to take good care of his hair. Buying the most expensive products is a must. When looking at Scorpio, anyone will notice penetrative very serious staring eyes. His face may be prejudged as it gives the look of someone who is tough.

Scorpio’s eyes are usually brown in most cases. His eyebrows look more furry or shaggy but are very attractive especially with men. Also, his lips are beautiful and almost perfectly sized, not too big or too small. When looking at Scorpio’s lips, anyone will notice lots of pleasance and warmth. Scorpio’s teeth are beautiful, white and healthy. Thanks to his healthy teeth, Scorpio has a beautiful smile.

Scorpio Physical Appearance

The Scorpio man has a very dominant facial appearance and physical features. Often he has an angular looking face with a strong and fixed chin. Scorpio’s nose can be described as biggish, fleshy and sometimes quite broad. Scorpio’s nose can easily be distinguished compared to other facial parts. His body is well balanced with some great features.

A true Scorpio loves to keep exercising most of the time. Scorpio’s body isn’t necessarily too big but usually looks like one. Though, his neck may be broad and nicely round shaped. Having a somewhat a medium size body doesn’t mean that every part of his is medium. His hands and feet are big enough in proportion compared with his overall body.

The Power Given By His Planets

Clearly, Scorpio Man remains dominated by the influence of Pluto and Mars ( Mars the lord of darkness and the god of war). He just raise his eyebrow, whisper half a word … and is able to seduces any female. His eyes are like darts upon many female who encounter the power of Scorpio. Scorpio rotates his eyes, sends flashes, and the next moment…his prize is won. Consequently, looking at him straight in the eye is not easy.

Indeed, someone might sense something burning under the ashes, though someone does not know what it is. Without a doubt his thoughts are purposeful and mysterious. Definitely Scorpio Man holds everything strangely within himself, where the soul hides his mysteries, in the maze of a complicated and tricky psyche. His kisses are dark chocolate, with spicy pepperoni. If Scorpio man is chasing his pray, there will be no woman to resist him.

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