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Virgo Woman

A Fine Typical Woman

Her ambitions are not one moment only. Virgo woman acts with modesty, and in truth, it is the fear that pushes her to restrain herself and always to have control of herself. Virgo woman is indeed a thoughtful person. In fact, the Virgo woman is unexceptionable and even irreplaceable. She tends to be devout, faithful, organized and competent in everything.

Virgo woman always does everything perfectly right regardless if she is a cook, an accountant, a nurse or a teacher. However, despite all her qualities, she will always remain in the background because she does not like to show off and does not have much confidence in its abilities. If she manages to put aside her restraints, she will also succeed in the roles of responsibility and will know how to be accepted and respected by everyone.

Virgo Woman At Work

Virgo woman likes to see everything into detail as she’s devoted to giving her best into everything. Wanting to do everything close to perfection makes Virgo woman one of most wanted in every business. She is organized, and anyone can count on her exceptional care and attention to detail she gives in.

The need to feel useful and to control what surrounds her can sometimes become an obsession and cause her to become agitated. She is fixed on small details and can go into crisis when those details turn into complicated matters.

She is seen to be very hyperactive, melancholic and critical. Virgo woman is a hard worker who focuses too many ongoing things right. Also, she dedicates much of her free time to her work arrangements. As a result, the Virgo woman usually tends to forget about her private life.

Virgo Woman Profession

Dominated by Mercury as Gemini does, Virgo woman is the sign of unexpected contradictions. She’s intelligent, analytical and a perfectionist who always manages to solve any practical problem. Virgo woman is brilliant, and she’s always looking for ways to improve her life. She seems to be the excellent evaluator and good judger of characters.

Therefore she excels in many jobs where her analytical and practical skills are required. Virgo likes teaching, researching, artisans, programming and technician, designing, gardening and perhaps writing serial killer articles can be some the jobs where she can give her best. Anyone who understands this woman knows that everything she does is work for the better days.

    • Doesn’t like being a critical person but will if necessary
    • Happiness is linked with her success
    • She’s very kind to others who are in need
    • Pursues intellect conversations
    • Has a tremendous determination
    • If she isn’t happy with herself, she will avoid helping others

Keeping The Situation Under Control

She wants to govern everything and keep everything under control. Being systematic and understanding her limitations, this woman observes, analyzes, intervenes, examines and classifies to preserve only the core of things.

Virgo woman possesses an analytical mind with criticism. Her reactions aren’t sudden and uncontrolled but somewhat perfectionist. She has an agitated temperament, and she can be careful up to excess. For her, the most important thing is to maintain self-control and a certain detachment from situations continually. Virgo woman does not want to leave anything to chance.

Love and sex

Virgo woman will try to control her senses and her feelings. She wants a pleasant married life, and her sense of honor pushes her to respect her loyalties. But her future partner will still have to be careful because under the ashes she can hide a nonconformist female, rebellious and thirsty for independence.

Being demanding and perfectionist, Virgo woman, can struggle to find the right partner, going from one adventure to another. Naturally, she is monogamous, and she dreams of the perfect man. But as long as she is single, she will keep looking and will examine all the suitors. When the right person arrives she will go immediately to buy her station wagon, her favorite set of pots, a house in the hills and will even retire to private life.

Virgo Woman Dreams

When she is in a couple, and she is sure of her relationship, she will love with devotion and without being angry. Starting from adolescence, she’d keep looking for a serious man with whom to raise a decent family, have children and buy a house. This is why she often gives the impression of wanting to settle down.

She wants to become a decent mother who will always be able to support her husband and will have the intelligence to stay in the shadows. If she is typical Virgo of the “crazy” type, she will seek the absolute, the impossible love, for which she must fight and even sacrifice. She will care a lot for her family in an old fashion way. This will interest her to the degree that she can do her utmost to be the best partner and best parent possible.

    • She can be shy with people she doesn’t know well
    • She does not open herself to others too easily
    • Have a taste for fashion
    • Has soft and calm eyes
    • She can take care of herself
    • Her face can say thousands of words
    • She has nice rounded lips

Physical Appearance

She has everything of a Madonna. She is of medium height and well proportioned. Just like the Virgo man, Virgo woman also has a pointy chin and a happy face. Virgo woman eyes are sharp and equally separated which give her face a beautiful look. Virgo’s face is soft and tender with beautiful rounded lips which are evenly gaped to from an average sized nose which is notable right away.

Virgo woman also tends to have a high, wide and smooth forehead which again distinguishes her intelligence. Virgo’s face is calm and full of life. Sometimes seems like she wants to hide something from the world. When she develops the crazy side of her sign, she is strange and does not fear lousy taste.

Attracting The Opposite Sex

Men will definitely get attracted just by looking at Virgo’s face. She tends to be slim and fit. Having a beautiful body gives Virgo woman the opportunity to display her sexy curves. Virgo woman knows how to get dressed for the right occasion being this for work, party, shopping, outgoing or even traveling. She wears long hair, and she is always elegant, but without exaggeration. She knows how to maintain a teenager’s hair for a long time.

Virgo woman has a sleek body, and her walk is very sensual and very attractive to men. Virgo woman keeps her head up when she walks giving her a glimpse of her strong character. Sometimes Virgo woman’s face is not easily readable or predictable, especially when in front of not well-known people. Her face is slightly speechless until she knows who she is going to talk to.

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