Gemini Woman Traits And Her Typical Behavior

Gemini woman

Gemini Woman Behavior With Man

First things first, Gemini woman loves conversations and chit-chatting about everything she knows about. Usually, she doesn’t talk as much when in the company of men. She seems to respect others presence so she would speak less and listen more. She has a magical way of using her beautiful glowing looks and makes men to do the work of leading the conversation. If she sees her man bored, she would then get involved in the discussion for a while. Then she would let him carry on with the talking.

Usually, this is a way for the Gemini woman to understand who is the right man to be her future partner. Gemini woman hates jealous, possessive and overprotective partner. If she feels too restrained, she will be able to invent a thousand excuses to get rid of a situation that she considers suffocating. For her also, sexuality is a curiosity to be satisfied so she will look for variety in every sense. Usually, Gemini woman will want a partner who is more like a friend, and who is confident about what he does, which she isn’t any good at.

Love and Relationship

Without a doubt, Gemini remain a very intellectually sign alive. She has a thousand of interests that will keep her busy, so the great exclusivist passions are not for her. She believes in a marriage of love, to have children of her, a beautiful big house and many friends. Gemini woman will have all of these as long as she stays with this idea and not change her mind (which she usually does a lot), or she will probably be unhappy and be bored to death. Then, one day, she will finally realize that she loves freedom and that she also prefers to marry a professional person and intellectually attractive.

With him, she wants to have common interests as long as she doesn’t fall back into her sentimentality. Just like the Gemini man, the Gemini woman is not suited to marriage or to routine life. Gemini woman likes to change partners often, without getting too involved, in the name of her freedom. Gemini woman is destined to have at least two crucial relationships during her existence.

How To Attract a Gemini Woman?

Indeed, It’s hard to find a Gemini woman lonely in the same place twice. She loves being around people because she talks to everyone, she is able to talk nonstop for hours. A typical characteristic of this sign, moreover, is that she likes speaking signaling and uses a notable facial mime. She gouges the eyes, makes lips, and never holds the hands steady while chit-chatting with friends. Having an inherent ability for “public relations,” the Gemini woman usually knows everyone and everything about them. If in a group of friends she will notice a new arrival.

She will surely come forward to meet him. Gemini woman’s attention will be more easily attracted by a man who presents himself as dynamic, sporty, sociable, and, above all, handsome. She would look at him as a lab rat. She enjoys men who know how to take her provocations with humor. In short, she needs to know how to stay close to him like a friend, without pretending to have any right over her.

    • Gemini woman has an average height
    • She has a great intuition
    • She has a strong body and can handle several jobs
    • Can make a man want her

How To Conquer a Gemini Woman?

To conquer a Gemini woman is to keep his curiosity alive, becoming an actor who plays a new role every day. Gemini woman usually becomes like a chameleon. She changes her skin according to her needs. No one should withhold her of her friends, or deny her to keep on making new acquaintances.

The more she feels free, the less she will want to run away. On the sexual level, there is no standard behavior as in all the rest she hates the monotony. Then, the password is “freedom” following her multiple interests, letting it manage time as it pleases her. No shyness or embarrassment in front of the lines dictated by her remarkable critical spirit. Since she usually manages to deal with a thousand of things at the same time, keeping a comprehensive overview of the situation, the only possibility that a man has to get her attention, is to do something extravagant.

  • Can get plumper after her middle age
  • Loves gossiping
  • She has an eye for details
  • Use her intelligence to gain control
  • Has hypnotic eyes
  • Has smooth hands

Wants To Live Peacefully

Gemini woman is not the kind of person who bothers others. She prefers to live peacefully and wants to get on well with everyone. On the other hand, if the Gemini woman is disturbed, she will not stop until she takes her revenge. Gemini woman will avenge anyone, so the best way to get along with her is through decent constructive dialogue.

Men will find Gemini woman somewhat confusing because she tends to exhibit different personalities while having a conversation. This doesn’t mean that Gemini woman doesn’t want men to understand her but is a method Gemini woman uses to find out if men really appreciate her. Gemini woman seeks true romance and expects men to be fun all the time and never lose interest in her. Otherwise, that may be the end of her relationship.

Gemini Woman And Her Career

The Gemini woman is very keen on having a career. Most of the time she dreams how to succeed in having the desired job position. She could have her dream come true only if she uses her interpersonal and communication skills. These skills are rarely found in other zodiac signs. Gemini woman is optimistic about her job career and will do everything to keep it as this is what brings security to her future which is firmly connected with her family.

She likes her job which will compensate her for the unstable and confused love life, due to her constant indecision and always doubting herself. Just like the Gemini man, she too is particularly gifted for contact and exchange of thoughts and ideas. She will be an excellent press officer or public relations, a good trader unless she is tempted by journalism and the media world. Many actresses, musicians, and painters were born under this sign.

    • She’s a great spokeswoman
    • Will loves being loved to the end
    • Will show interest in several things
    • Tends to show few personalities at one single moment

Gemini Woman Lifestyle

Gemini female is restless, and she’s continually moving. She has got a lot of style, and she is full of life. She is the queen of social life and loves designer clothes and high-end fashion. Usually, she dresses extravagantly, concerning clothing. Any combination of colors or garments is allowable all in the name of fantasy.

Also, she will use the clothes appropriately and will even change her accessories very often to appear different every day. She likes looking after herself in many different ways, and sometimes more than Gemini men. She tends to be clean and healthy and show off her curves to get attention from a male.

  • Can make friends very easy and believe them to be reliable
  • Loves to pursue career jobs
  • She’s a positive thinker, though it may take a while to decide
  • Wants men to be there for her and offer her security
  • Doesn’t like giving up. Will start a fight to win

Physical Appearance

Gemini woman is usually of medium height with a healthy body. She needs to look dominant in the eyes of the public. Her face is thin, often triangular. She wants to remain young for a long time, although her life is disordered, complicated, characterized by a constant nature of stress which she can not live without as it’s part of her.

Gemini woman has beautiful penetrative and almost hypnotic eyes. The man who looks deep into Gemini’s woman eyes is destined to fall in love. Mercury gives Gemini woman has the power of being a real woman. This power is used to attain a position in society including her intelligence and the beautiful way of articulating engaging conversations with her friends and family.


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