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Pisces woman

The Pisces Woman Mysterious Personality As a Couple

Pisces sign woman is very sensual and very beautiful. She lives her existence as a function of feelings. There are women born under this sign that have made love the primary purpose of their life, not always finding equally generous and available partners. Because of the emotional instability to which it is subjected, she can be both an “eater” of men. She can as well live as a woman who pursues a single ideal of tormented love for the rest of her life.

Her passion remains incredibly filled with cracks and reconciliations. As a result, the intense and overwhelming emotions create that magical atmosphere that she likes. Inevitably, as Pisces woman ages, she acquires greater self-confidence. She lives to find a greater balance in the life of two.

Did you know? – Pisces woman likes to wear sexy lingerie, riding crop and stockings … for the Pisces woman seduction is an art that she knows well. In bed she knows her stuff.

Pisces Woman Mysterious Personality In Love

Love is experienced as an important moment of her existence, in which she is able to express the best part of herself. Her importance counts a lot, especially that of her partner which turns out to be entirely necessary for Pisces character stability. In fact, one of the main components of the sign is her changeability when in positive, she becomes creativity.

Instead when in negative she generates situations of uncertainty, such as indecision, the tendency to lie or to search for eternally stronger sensations, through transgression. For a Pisces woman mysterious personality, to love is to experience totalitarian sensations without half measures. This is why she is capable of great feelings. But also of great tragedies if there were problems or obstacles to her love.

To best describe her effective behavior is we look at the symbol representing them. The two fishes bound together but running in opposite directions. The “thread” that unites them corresponds to the tendency depending on others or her partner. The two fishes swim in two different directions symbolically expressing the contradictions typical of Pisces character.

Pisces Relationships In Couple

For a Pisces woman, the couple presents itself as one. Pisces are made to live relationships as a function of being loved and creating a dependence very similar to symbiosis. Not surprisingly, it happens that after a certain number of years spent together with the same person, they may have assumed the typical behaviors of the same and have transformed their character according to the needs of the partner.

In the eyes of a Fixed Sign, like Aquarius, for example, changing their character according to the partner’s needs may seem a bit ridiculous if not absurd. For Pisces, the transformation and the spirit of adaptation is the only anchor of salvation when the situations are not the desired ones. If fortunately, they find those who can understand their search for security without taking advantage of their good heart. They can be pleased and make just as much happiness with grand gestures of altruism and generosity.

Pisces And Jealousy

Living in symbiosis with her partner is natural that the representatives of the sign should be subjected to jealousy and require a detailed account of partner’s moves. If she could, she would pay any price just to know his thoughts. Sometimes, she senses what happens, better than other signs, any sort of infidelity. Just a gesture or a look out of place won’t miss the opportunity of a scene of jealousy that the partner cannot quickly forget. It is evident that “jealousy” is not a positive aspect of love.

A Pisces woman, on the other hand, uses it as a means of showing her partner the interest and the depth of her feelings. Unaware of the anxiety she creates, she comes to experience a subtle pleasure and enormous satisfaction through the dramas of jealousy.

Pisces Sexuality

The main components of Piscean sexuality are passion, eroticism and a bit of transgression. Sex remains an integral part of love although it often seems experienced as a “hidden” experience, outside of established bonds. Pisces sign are not unfaithful by nature. It means that by nature she needs continuous changes that if she does not find in the partner, she will go and look elsewhere. It seems strange, but a Pisces woman mysterious personality will remain faithful only when her partner keeps her in continuous emotional tension, even in conditions of apparent submission.

The Woman Pisces In bed

Here is the realm of imagination. Sex becomes an expression of her erotic fantasies. So much is the emotional involvement and suffering as her sexuality will express itself better. She acts good at sexual games, however, she’s not to be deceived by her apparent passivity. Clearly, she is very good at playing emotionally, able to create tensions very similar to fear. Then a moment later, she’d be in tears, in the arms of a man who comforts her. Sensual and indifferent in nature. She links sexuality to the idea of ​​being possessed and lives it in a complicated and problematic way.

The Erogenous Zones Of Pisces

Have you ever tried to give her a reflexology massage? More simply, it involves massaging the feet to cause a particularly relaxing effect on her psyche. After all, it is from here that the most important impulses are born that go directly to the “erogenous zones.” If the partner tells a Pisces woman a love poem under a starry sky, he will notice and experience the awakening of her instincts more conceivably.

The Pisces sign woman likes to please the partner if the partner knows how to please her. Sometimes A Pisces woman mysterious personality behaves masochistically and seems to like a suffering relationship. It feels like trying an out-of-the-ordinary emotional experience.

How To Conquer A Pisces Sign Woman

One thing is for sure. To capture a “free-living fish,” anyone needs a good bait, and the best is to create a magical and unusual atmosphere. Therefore, choose the place carefully where you plan to meet her which it has to be done with the most exceptional care. Look for a romantic, exciting place where there are peace and privacy.

Something like a chalet in the high mountains, the moonlit beach, a cliff overlooking the sea or, more simply, just a lighted evening fountain with games of water. We also suggest the following seduction tactics. A Pisces sign woman likes the carefully prepared places to have romance. On the other hand, her partner must also be ready to behave gently. Any weird reaction could ruin everything as Pisces sign Woman tend to be sensitive.

How To Marry With A Pisces Woman

Here we are at the time, at the fateful moment of the relationship where often the dream of love seem revealed. The high ideals and great promises suddenly disappear when she comes in touch with the reality of everyday life. A reality made of problems and difficulties. Entering into the reality of marriage, a Pisces woman mysterious will have to find the balance, if she doesn’t want her partner to get tired of her discontinuity.

Marriage is a trauma to which she cannot always react with due calm and firmness. She is also discouraged by the dullest problems of family management. Fortunately, with the passing of time the anxieties and uncertainties, typical of Neptune’s dominion over her psyche, will finally go away and will show the best part of her character.

Pisces Woman Mysterious And Marriage

She wants to be the influence to her partner, devoted and helpful, in exchange, she demands his unconditional love. Ideal for a Pisces sign Woman would be to find a man who has a good economic status. Because he can devote much of his time to stand by her. He has to support her, to comfort her and help her when she needs it.

Otherwise, it may happen that she is sharing her husband’s business so as not to feel alone and useless. In the end, however, it is easier to remedy this need for companionship, through motherhood, carrying on her children. She usually does this when her husband is not able to completely satisfy.

How To “Keep” a Pisces Woman

If you want a Pisces woman love to last forever, you will have to enter her world, integrate into her dreams and her fantasies. Rely on intuition, if you have any, but if you have none, trust in luck. The following recommendations could be useful. Take charge of the practical duties of living together. The partner has to pay the debts and the bills on time.

Do not grow into confusion when she gives advice. Many of these won’t even show into practice. Be a supporter of her results as her doubts in life are already enough. Open your arms, when she wants to cry. Do not criticize her work, encourage her for better results. Her partner should always be available at any time of the day to be able to come to her aid.

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