22 Interesting Things About PISCES MAN IN BED

Pisces Man In Bed

How is the Pisces man in bed?

Here is a list of little secrets to find out what your Pisces man in bed likes and beyond. Ruled by Neptune, Pisces experiences deep sexuality. His tendency towards the mystical sublimation of the senses is weakened by the influence of Jupiter, while the action of Mercury is almost canceled.

To understand the eroticism of the sign of Pisces, we must bear in mind that the natives of Pisces constantly seek fusion with the other and see the union of bodies as a door to the universe of the spirit.

Pisces man in bed do not shine for their resourcefulness. They get involved with extreme ease when it is the other who takes the initiative. The natives, Pisces men, and Pisces women will therefore be inactive and, their passivity, sometimes perceived as indifference or snobbishness, can be irritating. 

What saves them is the tolerance and availability they are capable of. It is as if Pisces has no barriers or borders. For the natives of this sign, physicality is a key to opening the doors of mystery. It is as if through union, they sought to belong to a mystical, tolerant body, and the senses and sex were a means to reach it.

The sign of Pisces lives the universe of eroticism with a mixture of enthusiasm and fear, but above all with an inexhaustible curiosity.

Pisces tend to give themselves and abandon themselves and, they do it with joy, trying, to always be available to others. There are no limits to the way Pisces experiences sexuality.

Pisces man in bed with the right partner

The Pisces man must be involved with his partner and establish an intimate and profound bond with his partner. The Pisces man in bed likes to be seduced and led by the hand in search of ecstasy. The sign ruled by Neptune experiences sex as a mystical act and for this reason, he is not afraid to try new experiences and to push himself to his limits and beyond.

Under the sheets, the Pisces man likes to command and gets mad if his partner doesn’t appreciate him. When he likes a woman he becomes impatient and, it is not uncommon for him to be with a woman who is already married.

Pisces sensuality is hidden but very strong

Pisces has a strong sexual appetite than one might think. Jupiter gives Pisces a good vitality that the influence of Neptune only partially attenuates. To strengthen sexuality, Pisces combines a very powerful instinct.

However, Pisces’s weak point, on the other hand, is emotionality. This aspect of his character can be at the origin of functional disorders. Man can suffer from premature ejaculation or even impotence when external conditions are not favorable. The woman, for the same reasons, may not be able to feel pleasure at all.

Pisces and attraction

What attracts Pisces? Difficult to answer this question. Surely, the natives of this sign are stimulated by the whole rather than by the particular. In Pisces, Neptunian sensualism merges with the Jovian spirit of synthesis. Pisces is full of compassion, great mentors, and, frankly, very dreamy. These two will share a lot intellectually. 

If Pisces love a Virgo, they found the other half of Heaven, with a relationship of fatal attraction that the ancients depicted with the image of Virgo woman who carried on her shoulders a net in which was the Pisces (fishes), captured forever. The same symbol indicates the practical sense with which Virgo manages the union to give wise directions to Pisces.

Pisces and the relationship with the body

Pisces take care of their body and, it is not uncommon for them to suffer from inferiority complexes. Fortunately, Pisces does not identify with his own body, rather he considers it as an instrument of pleasure to offer to others.

Although he does not have a strong narcissistic component, he can also love solitary practices, but only under certain conditions, that is; he must be stimulated from the point of view of fantasy.

Pisces and the sexual act

His attitude during sexual intercourse is marked by passivity. By nature, he gives off a certain charm and likes to seduce, but at the same time, he will wait for the other to come forward, just like a flower awaits the bee that will allow it to fertilize. When the relationship is initiated, he will accept or reject depending on the atmosphere. The latter, however, must be unfavorable for Pisces to pull back.

In general, Pisces sensually makes love, often resorting to oral practices. Trying to merge with his partner, he likes to savor the whole body of the other. Orgasm is only part of the pleasure, the before and after of intercourse is essential to make it truly enjoyable.

Pisces and the couple

Those born under this sign loneliness very badly. They have a vital need to have someone to share life with. When it comes to choosing a partner, Pisces is not picky. He can communicate and tune into the most diverse types of people. It is the act of participation that interests him, much more than the person with whom it occurs. 

Therefore, he is unable to refuse the adventures presented to him, which become more frequent as he loves to seduce and fascinate even unconsciously. Consequently, we must fear a lack of fidelity in the couple.

Pisces and fidelity

It is not that Pisces does not want to be faithful, the problem is that they are very sensitive to stress, so they have a hard time saying no.

This leads him to be tolerant even towards the betrayals of others. It is difficult for him to manifest jealousy, and usually, he adopts a resigned and fatalistic attitude in case of infidelity on the part of the partner. 

Pisces knows how to forgive, indeed it considers it an element of enhancement of the relationship. When he forgives he is proud of himself.

He likes to suffer for love.

Pisces also seems to feel an obvious attraction for multiple relationships. Group love is the best for the sign of Pisces in love. The truth is that he gets excited by the pleasure of others. The rest matters little. 

It does not matter the sex, age, or physical characteristics of the pleasure companions. For the Pisces sign, sex is not just a union but a real communion. 

His fantasies will always be numerous. He would like to have relationships with anyone, accepting every experience without the slightest prejudice.

Pisces and sexual preferences

The Pisces sign is completely unrelated to sexual differentiation and dominant / dominated relationships. The most important thing is the fusion, and sex with a casual partner can also be secondary. The important thing is that there is attraction, regardless of who the partner is. 

Whether he has an active or passive role, Pisces sign will always be concerned about pleasing others more than enjoying it himself.

The pleasure will also depend more on the context than on the stimulation of the sexual organs themselves. So, a green light to kisses, caresses, foreplay. Orgasm is only one of the forms that pleasure can take for Pisces.

Pisces and his sexual attitude

Pisces tends to consider human beings as silhouettes without a precise sexual outline. It is, therefore, a potentially bisexual sign.

On the human level, he is very tolerant of the sexuality of others and never condemns minority behaviors such as, for example, homosexuality. It is the opposite of macho. Moreover, he is not in the habit of accentuating the traits of sexual differentiation. Manhood and femininity are never very flashy. Pisces prefers to go unnoticed.

Pisces and sadomasochistic practices

Pisces is neither sadistic nor masochistic. He is sensitive and delicate; therefore, he does not need to run after strong sensations to feel intensely. 

Nevertheless, he will not refuse the pain and perhaps the depressing feeling that is inflicted on him because he feels the need to give himself. 

On a fantasy level, he is not afraid of being violated or even killed by his partner because this is understood as the supreme sacrifice.

In some cases, he may come to appreciate contrived sado-masochism, indulging in the role of the alleged victim, while he seems completely incapable of violence.

The sexual characteristics of Pisces

The sign of Pisces is known for its great confidentiality and for what is simplistically branded as “coldness”. In reality, sensuality and passion are not lacking, but to turn on he needs to establish a deep and engaging bond with his partner. 

His strength and his Achilles’ heel are emotionality, which is the switch of sexuality that mixes physicality and mysticism.

The sexual affinities of Pisces

Tendentially passive (even if the definition is reductive), the Pisces man has a good sexual understanding of the dominant signs and loves to take the initiative. The faithful and fiery Taurus satisfies his need for security and at the same time knows which keys to touch to awaken his eros. 

As well as the exuberant and passionate Sagittarius. On the other hand, the sweet and emotional Cancer makes him feel involved, understood, and at ease with him.

The ideal partner for the Pisces man in bed

The Aries woman, strong, daring, passionate, and warrior is undoubtedly the ideal partner of the Pisces man in bed. With her sensuality and her sexual exuberance she knows how to ignite the occupant of the Twelfth House with passion and can transform him into a love for long, interminable sessions of pleasure under the sheets.

What does the Pisces man like in bed?

The Pisces man in bed likes to be seduced and led by the hand in search of ecstasy. The sign ruled by Neptune experiences sex as a mystical act and for this reason, he is not afraid to try new experiences and to push himself to his limits and beyond. Of course, where you can count on a safe guide, that he knows how to show him the way and sweep away his natural reserve.

What the Pisces man dislikes in bed?

The Pisces man does not conceive and cannot experience sex as a mechanical act. The occupant of the Twelfth House of the Zodiac must be involved by the partner and establish an intimate and profound bond with her. Even if it is a casual relationship. For him, body and mind are different and complementary faces of beauty, which is why he does not like neglected lovers, hasty and unable to establish an intellectual bond.

The erogenous zones of the Pisces man

The erogenous zone of the Pisces man corresponds to the area of ​​the loins. A traditional massage with the hands or a sensual one with the feet or with the body eases his tensions and ignites his desire, starting the transformation from a shy and awkward sign to a fiery and sensual lover.

The Pisces man grows fond of his habits and if you observe them, you will know how to manage them. One of his favorite pastimes is to eat well and drink better, but also to have sex.

The mouth is also essential for him, all pleasures pass through it and in sex it is excellence. With his mouth, he does everything, and from his mouth he wants to receive everything, but it would be even better to say that the orifices are his favorite contacts; if you say no to him, you will open the doors of an irreversible crisis. He does not like to be criticized and prevented in what he prefers.

The sexual fantasies of the Pisces man in bed

The Pisces man has the reputation of being shy (just like the other water signs do; Cancer man and Scorpio man), but this does not mean that he does not have sexual fantasies. On the contrary: he has them and even hot. 

The occupant of the Twelfth House has a real passion for erotic role-playing games, in which he often and willingly covers roles in which he is dominated. Furthermore, he loves the thrill of making love in a public place, with the risk of being discovered.

Sexual positions preferred by the Pisces man

Intimacy, involvement, and domination are the keywords of the Pisces man under the sheets. Consequently, the sign of water ruled by Neptune prefers all positions where he can have intense and all-encompassing contact with his partner. The classic spoon, in which both of them are lying on their sides and she is facing him from the back, is a favorite of him.

The Kamasutra position preferred by the Pisces man

The position of the Kamasutra preferred by the Pisces man is undoubtedly that of the joint, which represents a variant of the spoon. In this case, he and her partner are lying on her side, with her in front of her. Both are in a fetal position, with their knees curled up, and the partner has her legs intertwined with his.

How to behave after making love with Pisces

Caresses, cuddles, and confidences compose the perfect ritual after making love with Pisces. Consolidating intimacy with the occupant of the Twelfth House of the Zodiac is the best way to blow the fire of his passion and prolong the adventure under the sheets with him.


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