Libra Man In Love, Sex Life And Appearance

Libra man

Libra Man In Love & Relationship

In order for Libra man in love to be happy he must find the right partner. Based on his tastes, she should be beautiful, cultured, refined and elegant, with a personality strong enough to orientate him in making decisions and to support him in critical moments. When Libra man in love finds the love of his life he will want to build a relationship as equal and free relationship.

Occasionally, Libra man wants to be proud of his achievement, hence the woman who will share his bed must be strong. This could be because Libra man in love usually fears loneliness. That is why it is important for him to be loved than to love. Otherwise, circumstances could push him to be a serial traitor.

The aspiration to a stable union is however in its astrological DNA. Libra man is, in fact, the archetype of the couple where neither partner dominates the other. It’s not for nothing that the Seventh House, which represents unions and associations in general, is in analogy with the sign of Libra.

Smiles most of the time

Knows when to talk and what to say

Most have a V-shaped chin

Wants to keep in good shape

Has charming, attractive face

Tends to have soft skin

Love Man In Love And His Life

Venus, his graceful sovereign and makes him very sensitive to beauty. True love for Libra is actually his primary goal in life. Being the target of others attention means feeling unique and delightful. On the other hand, he is very capable of finding himself a lover on Saturday, continuing a series of identical stories on Sunday and finally coupling on Monday morning for a hot cup of coffee.

The Libra male is able to love two, four or five women at the same time, among whom he cannot choose because he is troubled by a persistent hesitation, often leaving others to select for him. Let it be clear. Libra man is not an infidel. He is always looking for love until he finds and settles with the right partner. He falls in love easily because he is in love with love.

Libra Man In Love And Sex Life

For the Libra man making love is an artistic act rather than an erotic activity. He does not like sexual marathons because he fears losing interest. Neither he likes to have a dirty talk and to pant too loud. Libra man adores the preliminaries, and he also likes to watch. He is open to all experiences, provided he’s not embarrassing by vulgarity.

No wonder to find out that some Libra men are bisexual. The Libra man is really sensitive to touch, provided it is done with sensuality. For heavenly excitements, he must always go back down, towards the lower back and the sacred bone, and give little tweaks on the posterior roundness. Naturally followed by caresses.

He is very handsome

Well proportionate body and balanced features

Knows what to wear for the appropriate occasion

Tries to keep his body healthy and fit

Likes to appear in public looking good

Has a good manner

Libra Man Behavior

Libra man hates arguments and debates. He’s always in search of decent dialogue. Anger, passion, jealousy and intense desire are all emotions that frighten him. The hope for a quiet life often pushes Libra man to repress himself to satisfy others, and this, in the long run, consumes his relationships with them.

Therefore, Libra male should provide more flexibility and some formality. As we know, Libra man belongs to the Signs of Air. Hence, he prefers reasoning rather than reacting instinctively. Many speak of Libra as being the sign of balance. But in reality, Libra is the sign of great duality. Libra man always changes his intentions and his actions because of the continuing search for the middle way.

To Libra deciding means choosing. However, he never loses sight of the practical side of the situation. The continuous search for balance between feelings and reason, between fantasy and reality, spirit and matter seem always to keep going on.

Typical Libra Man In Love

Libra man is a refined person who is appreciative and sensitive, usually to art and beauty. He has a weak point for flowers, sweet music, candlelit restaurants, and elegant parties. To be guided by a Libra male is an enjoyable experience, perhaps because he possesses an almost feminine sensitivity (given by Venus, lady of the sign) that makes him romantic, understanding and kind. He is full of care with everyone he meets in life.

Also, he instinctively understands the female psyche and treats all women equally with respect. He tends to live his life with exceptional diplomacy, to fix, to find new friendships, or to pursue the purposes of understanding. This is because the Libra man wants to live in peace and doesn’t want to disappoint the expectations of others.

Libra Man In Love & Physical Appearance

In general Libra man has beautiful hair which is sometimes nicely soft curled and soft. His skin is clean and smooth too. Libra man has the sweetest eyes in the zodiac with no particular color. His teeth are very healthy and crystal clear. Libra man also has a high forehead which is a characteristic only to the male.

When anyone first looks at Libra man’s face, they will see a happy face even when he’s upset or annoyed. There is something about his face which makes it difficult to read it. The V-shaped chin line and almond-shaped eyes are typical of Libra’s face. These traits make Libra man very attractive. Libra’s man main and most noticeable facial feature is the dimple. In most cases, the dimple isn’t too deep. However, the dimple it’s there and clearly visible.

Libra man has an attractive body shape and height. Libra man has a cute, charming and beautiful face. Usually Libra man is tall and handsome with balanced features which make him very attractive to the opposite sex. His body is neither too tall nor too short, neither too fat nor too thin. Most Libra men look tall because of their well-balanced body shape. Typically, Libra man has nice looking hands and feet and has an almost straight face.

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