8 Hidden Traits Of Cancer Woman

Cancer woman

Is Cancer Woman Psychic?

Yes, believe it or not. She can read others’ moods without any magic tricks. Yes, she can sense your moods, even the deepest ones you don’t want to show. And if she asks you “What do you have in mind?” and you answer “Nothing”, prepare for her “torturous” techniques until you confess all to her like a little kid. How does she do this? Well, Cancer Woman is the queen of emotions and deep secrets. She can tell more about you than you can ever know. And that is when you get freaked out. You can’t even predict when or why it happens. But it just happens, so don’t worry, as for her is all fun.

A Charismatic Cancer Woman

She is the queen of the house, protector of her children, mother of excellence, helpful wife, elegant but affected, and delicate woman. The Cancer woman is amiable, sympathetic, and spontaneous but sometimes, when her mood changes she is unbelievable. As a friend, the Cancer woman is impressive. She’s faithful and stays by her friend’s needs, and she does not hate either. A cancer woman would expect a lot of cuddles and attention from her partner and doesn’t receive it she will be disappointed.

Dedicated Parent And Career Maker

Usually, she is emotionally intelligent. It’s a distinct contrast, to say that her intelligence is all-powerful and unruly. Generally, she wants to start a family, get married, and have children. Between career and family life, she will not hesitate, she will choose the second one. If she has had an absent or idealized father, she will select men older than her, who will compensate for the emptiness she has known during her childhood.

She will be fully complete in this relationship, on the condition that her man is intelligent enough to leave a little freedom to this beautiful woman who loves to travel and go out with her friends.

  • Her eyes are the windows of their soul
  • Has a round face just like men
  • Often her hips are slimmer than her bust
  • She tends to put on weight after middle age
  • She tends to have more extended arms and legs
  • Her intuition is strong
  • She gets emotional and moody very often

Wants To Live A Free Life

The Cancer woman proves to be generous, but not with everyone. She’d love to share but only with whom, when, where and who she wants. In this sense, she is free to express herself and her interests. She doesn’t like to be kept in a cage, even if she seems to be comfortable in her home environment.

Thinking of her otherwise will be a foolish thing to do, and you are deceived. Sooner or later she will flee from the routine if she turns her days into something predictable. She is a lover of sweetness but again, not predictable. She can be moody and cross, but most of the time she is sharp and dangerous.

Delicate, But Strong In Spirit

At the time of year when Cancer is born, the sun is at the peak, the highest point in the sky. Cancer woman, being the sign of water, she’s known for her instinctive reactions. She’s a very intuitive being, often on the verge of telepathy. Cancer woman is delicate, sentimental, attractive, and reserved but also confident, insecure, and stubborn.

The Cancer woman is made of contradictions and does not become known immediately. She may seem grumpy, but her armor protects her sweet character and her compelling excitement. Influenced by her childhood memories, she is hardly detached from the past and the family of her origin. The things that make her happy are just a few, but at least those are good.

  • Being manipulative is natural of her
  • If insulted or disturbed emotionally she will react will fury
  • Cancer woman tends to think a lot before she talks
  • Prefers to use logic to make sense of things
  • Has a strong mothering instinct and will take good care of her children
  • Being shy could help her to attract male
  • Having security and comfort will make her happy

Can Get Affectionate But Will Show Reserves

Cancer, the sign of water, and sentimentality are very much concerned about her family’s well-being. She will struggle to break away from her mother. She’s humble but somewhat shy, affectionate, and reserved. At times her behavior will seem childish. Being of a flexible nature, the dreamer Cancer woman has a highly developed sensitivity, intuition, and imagination.

Little equipped for science, she is a great romantic, attracted by travel, but ironically very homely. She is pretty, tender, and sweet, with eyes always amazed and enchanted. She seems fragile, but she has only the air because, in reality, she is a strong woman, very maternal and generous, who loves above all to help others. Truly she is an idealist and a great artist.

The Right Woman For A Family

Then the Cancer woman takes refuge in her shell, she’ll get emotional, and thinking of the past rather than the present will be visible. A cancer woman will depend a lot on her relationships with her mother. If her perception is right, the Cancer woman will feel safe, but if the relationship gets tense, she will become capricious.

The Cancer woman will defend her space and will be aware of the numerous dangers of the world. For this reason, she will try to stay very close to her family and her home. She knows that by creating a solid protective circle, she can deal with unexpected events effectively. However, there are differences between the Cancer man and the Cancer woman.

Any Cancer woman will want to be supported by her partner. The Cancer woman instead will feel the need to be protected by her own man. The Cancer woman is always between reality and fantasy while fighting to break away from the past wanting to establish a new present with her own family.

She Looks Well After Her Appearance

Cancer woman shares almost the same characteristics as men concerning their physical appearance, but there are few differences worth looking at. She is also shy when in public or when meeting new people. Cancer woman tends to show a restricted character, and the look on their face will explain how she feels.

Cancer females can’t hide their feelings and emotions as her facial expression will let them down. Her body height is maybe a little smaller than men’s or equally the same on fewer occasions. Her body is also rounded and plump with a broad shoulder as men’s, but the difference is that a Cancer woman is slimmer below the waist.

However, she will have the same strong bone structure. Cancer woman is also as active and energetic as man is and will show resistance while working, exercising, traveling or other physical activities.

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