All The Possible Characteristics Of A Cancer Woman

Cancer woman

Cancer woman zodiacal profile

  • Element: Water
  • Complementary and opposite sign: Capricorn
  • Sign: Feminine
  • Metal: Silver
  • Ruling planet: Moon
  • Color: White
  • Parts of the body: Breast and stomach
  • Aroma: Orange blossom water
  • Age of life: Fertility
  • Period of the year: June / July
  • Symbolic phrase: “I feel”

What is a Cancer woman like?

She is graceful, tender, and sweet, with eyes always amazed and enchanted. She looks fragile, but she just looks like it, because in reality, she is a strong woman, very motherly and generous, who she especially loves to help others.

The Cancer woman is the highest expression of the femininity of this sign and, of course, she is an excellent mother.

She generally wants to start a family, get married, and have children. Between career and family life, she will not hesitate, she will choose family. If she has had an absent or idealized father, she will choose men older than her, who will compensate for the emptiness she experienced in her childhood; she will fully fulfill herself in this relationship, provided that her man is smart enough to give some freedom to this woman who loves to travel and go out with her friends.

The characteristics of a Cancer woman

For this water sign, the family is primordial. She will have a hard time breaking away from her mother. Humble, rather shy, affectionate, and reserved, at certain moments her behavior will seem childish. Being of a delicate nature, Cancer woman is rather a dreamer and has a highly developed sensitivity, intuition, and imagination. 

Although she is socially orientated she often is a little gifted for science. But should not forget that she is a great romantic and attracted by travel. 

She is a very helpful, understanding, and spontaneous woman, yet her mood swings are sometimes disconcerting. Then the Cancer will take refuge in her shell thinking about the past rather than the present. 

For a Cancer woman, a lot will depend on the relationship with the mother. If her memories with her mother are good, she will feel safe and stay close with her. But if relations are tense, she will become capricious and reckless. Any Cancer woman would defend her space. She’s often very suspicious and of the many dangers of the world. For this reason, she will remain very connected to family and home. 

He knows that by creating a solid protective sphere, she will be able to deal with the unexpected effectively. However, there are differences between a Cancer woman and a Cancer man. The Cancer man will want to be supported by his partner. The Cancer woman on the other hand will feel the need to protect her man. Always between reality and fantasy, Cancer, while struggling to break away from her family, will want to establish her own family. 

What is love and sex for a Cancer woman?

She is a tender and romantic woman, who understands man better than anyone else: the attentions, sweet words, kindnesses of all kinds will make her a pleasant companion. 

There is no sex without love … and vice versa. For a Cancer woman, the ability to express feelings, emotions is an irresistible impulse, more likely like the spice of life. Take any story that radiates romance and be sure there you will find inside a Cancer (and a Pisces!). 

She is a woman who loves to create a “nest” around herself, in which to exchange tenderness and warmth. Her weapons of seduction are certainly not sophisticated or secret: her defenseless grace and her sweetness are a powerful lure to the opposite sex.

She loves to love and shout it to the world: this is why she tends to be unfaithful, especially when she is young. After that, she stabilizes and has difficulty leaving her nest. She is then satisfied with dreaming of wonderful journeys … sitting in an armchair often waiting for the charming prince.

What is the personality of a cancer female like?

Were you born from June 22nd to July 22nd? In this case, you are the sign of Cancer. At this time of the year, the sun is at its zenith, the highest point in the sky. We are at the summer solstice. Cancer, a water sign, reacts instinctively, which makes it a very intuitive being, often on the verge of clairvoyance. But here’s what the stars tell us about the characteristics of a Cancer woman.

She is one of the most feminine women of the zodiac, very sensitive and with caressing and wrapped up sensuality. The Cancer woman is romantic and a dreamer. She sets her life on her emotional accomplishments and even if she chooses a career that enhances her abilities of intuition and humanity, her feelings are always at the center of her world.

She tends to carry out activities in the social sphere and above all in contact with her children since her maternal senses make her education and care for children very harmonious. The family is the natural ground for her expansion, to the point of sacrificing, if necessary, her aspirations.

What is attractive about a cancer woman?

Cancer woman is not particularly attracted to worldly life, but she builds a very solid network of friendships in which she spends all her capacity for dedication and emotional support and from which she expects all the protection she needs.

But even if she has permanently conquered the man of her dreams, the Cancer woman will always want to feel reassured and surrounded by a thousand attentions. It is then easy for her to fall into those excesses of emotionality and sentimentality to which her “lunar” nature of her predisposes her, disorienting her partner with her sudden mood swings, her unreasonable obligations, unjustified closures.

What are the positive characteristics of a cancer woman?

The most positive point of Cancer’s woman lies in her natural understanding of everything that surrounds her. She is a friendly and loving person not only with her closest to her but with everyone (until someone upsets her). She would never think to hurt anyone for no reason unless a good reason is given.

The Cancer woman is a person who knows the art of patience. When the situation becomes difficult, she can hang around and wait for it to become manageable. The Cancer woman knows how to focus on one thing at a time. Usually follows something that started to the end.

The Cancer woman is a person who loves her home. She loves being surrounded by family, friends, and loved ones. Out of all the signs, Cancer is the most maternal. Cancer men also have maternal and protective qualities, hence having Cancer parents helps a lot. Both Cancer females and Cancer males like to take care of the people in their families.

What are the bad characteristics of a cancer woman?

Sometimes Cancer woman finds it quite difficult to cope with life. It becomes too much for her especially when she is a busy mother. She can be a little shy when things aren’t going well. When misfortunes happen, she tends to surrender and say, “whatever. Who cares!” It is very fatalistic in events when she loses her sense of concentration. 

The Cancer woman can get a bit lazy. This does not mean that she lacks ambition, and leaves everything that seems difficult. That is just a moment when she needs some rest and regains her energy. When that moment arrives then you will see the same strong-spirited woman you had seen before.

If she is too sensitive, when she feels offended, she burrows into her shell and in her imaginary thoughts. Cancer women are often prone to crying when even the smallest things go wrong.

Are Cancer Women loyal?

Usually, they are loyal and faithful people. Family ties mean a lot to Cancer women. Relatives and in-laws are respected and loved. Cancer women have a great sense of tradition and are sensitive to the moods of others.

Cancer women are very trustworthy. They will never betray. They love to give whatever they have and will help with whatever they can. They hate to see others suffer and do what they can to see them better.

Their interest in people often extends beyond their circle of family and friends. They have a deep sense of family or friendship and this makes them loyal and respected for their quality human values.

Why do Cancer women hide their feelings?

Behind her fragility, her emotional vulnerability, the Cancer woman hides her true strength, which is precisely her feminine power, which allows her to exercise total control over her husband and children.

The limit of her is the tendency to suffocate, even for love, those who live next to her, especially her children.

She can be delicate, sentimental, attractive, and reserved, but also determined, insecure, and stubborn. A Cancer is made of contradictions and does not make herself known immediately. She may seem grumpy but her armor protects a sweet character and an irresistible emotionality. Influenced by childhood memories, she hardly detaches herself from the past and the family of origin. 

What makes a Cancer woman happy?

Sometimes Cancer woman finds it difficult to enjoy herself outside her home. She asks a lot of questions about others because she needs to be constantly reassured that they are loved. A downside is that she wants constant attention, which sometimes refused as she needs more than enough. To balance it she will be happy with other things. The things that make her happy are a few;

  • the warmth of home. Make her the queen and she’ll be more than happy 
  • a book of poems. Give her some space and free time to relax. 
  • the affection of loved ones. Tell her that she will always be loved for her efforts. 
  • paying attention to her conversation. Listen to what she has to say. Never ignore her.
  • she likes most of the things she does. Give her credit for all the things she does, even if those things aren’t done to the highest level. 
  • help her out with things she finds difficult to handle. She’s shy and too stubborn to ask for help. When you see her being moody ask her if she needs some help. 
  • take her out for a walk, a meal or to the cinema. She’s a person who often lives in her shell, and taking her out will relieve her from any accumulated stress. Take her out as much as you can if you want to see the best of her.

These simple things can cheer her up and energize her spirit.

Characteristics of a Cancer woman at a professional level

Cancer’s professional destiny is greatly influenced by her family condition. All occupations linked with water and professions in contact with the public will be favored. Thanks to her imagination, a Cancer woman can also devote herself to writing.

She can handle other occupations thanks to her social skills, not only but also her organizational skills. 

You can find Cancer women in professions as writers, actors, psychics, poets, psychologists, pediatricians, nurses, teachers, and social workers. Cancer woman wants to feel useful, help others or pass on their knowledge. Remember, that selfishness is not part of a Cancer woman character. 

A cancer woman does not like to command, but she can also be a good manager because she knows how to choose the right people, thanks to her mysterious intuition.

What are her favorite professions?

Like the Cancer man, she is suited to all the jobs that lead her to have contact with people. She can be a good housekeeper, pediatrician, teacher, psychologist, etc … she can also be a nurse, doctor, or social worker. 

For works in which the imagination is in demand, then she will be at ease in artistic works such as photography, painting, writing, poetry, cinema. 

Solange, Ariana Grande, Oliver Tree, Saweetie, Kevin Abstract, and more are excellent examples of Cancer’s talent. Under the influence of the moon, Cancer easily comes into contact with the crowd, with the public, and with the universe. 

The symbolic image of Cancer

In the symbol of Cancer, the claws are always placed in the foreground, an element of protection and safety, but also a symbol of the female breast and the womb. In mythology, the crab pinches the foot of Hercules with its claws, while it fights against the Hydra of Lerna. 

Hercules crushes the crab and killing it, but the goddess Hera rewards the crab for its sacrifice by making it the symbol of the fourth constellation of the zodiac.

Cancer has a particular relationship with water, it is a crab, it hides under a thick armor that protects it from external aggressions. By analogy, Cancers are beings immersed in vague sensations, they possess great sensitivity and a good dose of susceptibility. But we must not be fooled, they are not as fragile as they want to believe: they have strong claws, they are obstinate and stubborn beings.

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