Understanding The Virgo and Pisces Compatibility

Virgo and Pisces Compatibility

Virgo and Pisces relationship

The connection reveals an almost idyllic atmosphere. Both endowed with a strong sense of responsibility, Pisces and Virgo continually struggle to keep their bond alive and harmonious.

The sign of Pisces finds in Virgo a valid support, whose help proves to be invaluable in giving substance to her wishes, given that often her fragile emotionality penalizes him from this point of view.

On her part, Virgo reciprocates the reliability of the partner with sincere and boundless love, and with a depth of spirit that is always highly appreciated.

While Virgo is oriented towards a high standard of living, the sign of Pisces is satisfied with much less, and this difference of views, especially during the first period of the relationship, reveals itself as a source of discord.

Both sun signs must work hard to overcome any small obstacles and ensure an intense and lasting character to this bond.

What is the best aspect of the relationship between Virgo and Pisces?

The strength of the Virgo-Pisces relationship is the harmony that is established between them, and which means that at any time everyone can count on the precious help of the other. 

Devotion and understanding are the elements that most give solidity to the bond. Precisely for this harmonious character, the couple often triggers the jealousy and admiration of all those who are lucky enough to gravitate in their orbit.

How are Pisces in bed?

His attitude during sexual intercourse is marked by the greatest passivity. By nature, he releases a certain charm and likes to seduce, but at the same time, he will wait for the other to come forward, exactly like a flower awaits the bee that will allow it to fertilize. 

When the relationship is initiated, he will accept or reject depending on the atmosphere. The latter, however, must be unfavorable for Pisces to pull back.

In general, Pisces sensually makes love, often resorting to oral practices. Trying to merge with his partner, he likes to savor the whole body of the other. Orgasm is only part of the pleasure, the before and after of intercourse is essential to make him truly enjoy.

They excel where the other has shortcomings.

Let’s be real, Pisces doesn’t have great organizational skills. Whereas Virgin has a laminated itinerary on the back of her diary. Pisces gets bored with details Virgo presents them with. 

Virgo love details, they create them just to satisfy their psychological need for order. This is just one example of how well they could be together.

But, let’s admit. Pisces is the zodiac-loving visionary, kind, dreamy, and naturally empathetic. His feet are rarely tied to the ground and it’s not unusual for him to get lost in whatever fantasy he has come up with. 

Virgo woman and Pisces man 

Both understand the characteristics of each other. Pisces man is sentimental, good, messy, and immature, whereas Virgo woman is efficient, meticulous, precise, and mature. 

Furthermore, the Pisces man sees in this the apotheosis of coldness in the Virgo woman. However, in her, Pisces man often finds that fundamental strength to strengthen her fragility.

A true Virgo woman feels attracted to the Pisces man in an almost inconceivable way and reciprocates with sincere love. Either way, together they can truly complement each other. 

Pisces man can learn to become a little more concrete and to keep her emotions in check, while she may find that the emotions aren’t that bad.

They make each other better people.

Our Virgo doesn’t always see the best in situations or people, and as a result, she easily becomes frustrated. Pisces, on the other hand, happily gives a second chance and never assumes that someone has bad intentions. 

Virgo sees how genuine Pisces is and is touched. Our Virgo has a chance to step away from her critical eye and see what she sees as a Pisces, an imperfect world that is beautiful regardless.

As sweet as Pisces can be, she isn’t always the hardest worker. He indulges in laziness and is content with self-sabotaging if a situation seems too difficult to manage.

Pisces observes Virgo and notices how hard she works every day, regardless of whether she is up to it or not. 

Seeing that commotion, Pisces strives to be a little more like its Virgo partner, to put some muscle into things. He is motivated to try rather than give up.

They stimulate each other intellectually.

Despite their different perspectives, this pairing likes to get lost in a deep conversation. While Virgo leans on the analytical side and Pisces on the creative side, they have a deep admiration for what the other thinks and could spend hours talking.

When you think about who to pair with Pisces, it’s hard to imagine anyone other than a Virgo, the analytical perfectionist. Virgo is a hard worker, with a meticulous routine.

Virgo often gets anxious when only one thing is missing. But this pairing excels thanks to their drastic differences. 

They share a strong emotional connection.

Virgo is sensitive, she just won’t let him see. She tends to walk with her guard up, but don’t be fooled, she has a lot of feelings. Pisces is very comfortable with emotions. 

He doesn’t turn off when he cries (he likes him). He tries to make vulnerable connections. Virgo seeing this aspect of Pisces understands that she will never be judged by him. She lets go and lets Pisces in.

A relationship based on understanding

During this relationship, both he and she will have to be very careful so that neither of the two characters takes over the other by bullying each other. 

She is influenced by Mercury while he is under the influence of Jupiter and Neptune. Together they can generate strong spiritual energy, but also marked creativity and a good level of communication. 

At a working level, they know how to collaborate very well, but often the relationship does not go beyond this aspect. Love, between these two signs, is hardly born but, if it happens, they will be able to relate very well by relying on each other and focusing above all on their mutual understanding.

Virgo undergoes the influence of Mercury, while the sign of Pisces undergoes the double influence of Jupiter and Neptune. 

The union of Mercury and Neptune originates intense spiritual energy, which manifests itself in the solidity of the bond that unites Virgo to the sign of Pisces. 

Additionally, the presence of Jupiter contributes to adding male-like energy to the combination. The combined action of the three planets provides the Virgo-Pisces couple with a high level of understanding, creativity, and communication.

Virgo is an Earth sign, while Pisces is a Water sign. 

Generally, the two signs are very compatible, just as the earth is compatible with water. Virgo has a more rational view of things than their partner, who tends to have an approach to life that is too romantic and dreamy. 

Virgo’s intervention can help the sign of Pisces to be more concrete in her actions, as well as in her thoughts. However, we must be careful that neither of the two characters takes over the other. 

The emotional fragility of the sign of Pisces can be a source of annoyance for Virgo. Otherwise, the sign of Pisces can be disappointed by the too severe and mechanical behavior of Virgo.

Both Virgo and Pisces are Mutable Signs. 

Simply put, they can change. Pisces and Virgo recognize the value of growth, both together and individually. Even in their most stubborn way, they know it is good in trying new things. They are open to what may come. And that’s a wonderful feature to share.

Both of them move easily from one situation to another, sometimes letting themselves be guided by their passions and desires. On a professional level, there is always a lot of collaboration between the two signs. 

It is difficult for Virgo and Pisces to come into conflict with each other, but if this happens, every dispute is resolved quickly, thanks to the ability with which they know how to reach compromise solutions.

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