The Importance Of Cardinal Signs

The Importance Of Cardinal Signs

What Is The Difference Between Cardinal, Fixed And Mutable Signs?

The Cardinal signs would be the starters or the promoters that create and perform. The Fixed signs would be the patient workhorses. Mutable signs would be the publishers who take the almost finished product and do the final mastering and remixing.

The Cardinal Signs represent the beginning of the season. In fact, the Sign of Aries begins with the Spring Equinox, the Cancer with the Summer Solstice, the Libra with the Autumn Equinox and the Capricorn with the Winter Solstice. They usually characterize individuals with a bold temperament, ready for action.

There is great willpower and a great ambition that scream to be heard from all these Cardinal Signs. It is easy to see these characteristics in the spontaneous gestures of Aries or in the work ambitions of Capricorn. In Cancer are the emotions that roar and give life to the action. Libra, more mental, is seen as a passive sign but feels the pressure to act and make a choice.

A Cardinal Sign Quality is assigned to the Signs Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. The Cardinals are the First, the Fourth, the Seventh, and the Tenth; if an astrological chart shows a dominance of the Planets in these Houses, its energy is influenced towards cardinality.

The Cardinal Signs are the initiators of the Zodiac.

They are also found in the key points of action on the wheel of the graph. The people who possess a cardinal quality like to move things forward. They are active, fast and ambitious. Many projects are initiated, thanks to the initiative of the Cardinal Signs, although most of them are never completed. This is because Cardinals are more likely to start things than to finish them.

It’s challenging to find a cardinal who gets tired.

These people are full of strength and vigor and possess an unmistakable grit and ambition. Enthusiasm and zeal for life fill the individual Cardinal. Some may perceive this excess energy as a dominatrix, and sometimes it can be. Cardinals can easily forget others when they are busy in their own attempts. Even so, their energy spirit often conquers.

The Cardinals are intelligent and want to win. They love starting things, and if they finish it or not, there is always a lot to carry forward. Indeed, those who find them too self-centered should merely watch the speed with which they go.

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