3 Strong Air Signs Gemini Libra and Aquarius

Air Signs Compatibility

The Air Elements – The Air Signs – Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius

The signs under the Air Element are positive, masculine and extrovert. The Air Element includes these three signs: Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. People with the earth element react calmly and slowly. They apply their energies with tenacity. They are emotional and firmly rooted to achieve what they want but are slow to adapt.

The Air Signs Main Traits.

Matter, materiality, concreteness, development, discipline, analysis, manual skill, interiority, inhibition, slowness, maturation, stability, perseverance, will and tenacity.

First And Foremost…

…the people who belong to the Air Signs are lively and bright. Secondly, they apply their energies in a very versatile way. Thirdly, they tend to intellectualize their feelings and their expectations clearly. Clearly, Air is the energy that comes closest to the dimension of the spirit. Air Signs remain the symbol of lightness and elevation.

Last but not least, all the three of Air Signs seem associated with the wind, the breath of life. Air Signs support the transmission of sound and stay connected to communication, the exchange of ideas and information. Analogically, in the human body, Air exists in the area of the chest and arms. Above all, it covers the space of the heart and lungs. It is connected to the sense of touch.

As Well As…

…those who belong to the Air Element tend to concentrate their energy on ideas and need human contact to broaden their knowledge and their innate curiosity. Detached from a material world, they may be lacking in practical sense. Without preconceived notions and taboos, they are true innovators. They have an open mind, are flexible and future-oriented. Those who belong to the Element of Air do not like to feel imprisoned and prefer to keep themselves free from those bonds that may limit their independence.


…any problem is possible in their emotional field when dominated by the sense of logic that is very intense in them. They will begin to forget the importance of feelings and emotions. Air Signs do not get on well with the Water Signs and Earth Signs. This happens because Air Signs tend to devalue their ideas and require an emotional depth that they lack.

After the earth has given concrete forms to the Energy of Fire, the Air Signs symbolize the intellect, the arts and the interactions with others. They can adapt to everything that surrounds them. They are friendly with a marked interest in all that is human.

The Air Signs always try to recognize themselves through contacts with others thanks to their intellectual abilities and their need to communicate. On the whole Air Signs seem to have unstable and undecided views about their surrounding. Often they are too rational, superficial or critical.

The Air Signs Love

They who belong to the Air Signs are too rational. Sometimes they have difficulty leaving their room for pleasure when the moment calls. Usually, the Air Signs have complex thoughts that later could harm their clarity. Eventually, they’d lose the chance to enjoy many sensual moments because of the impression of why or to doubt their charm.

The Air signs have difficulty expressing their emotions, but also they want to engage and learn in the sentimental area. Their instability or their indecision can annoy others. They’d prefer to be with a more natural or more instinctive partner.

Gemini – Ruled by Mercury

The Mercurian is sociable, greedy for more human contacts, for the pure pleasure of communicating and learning. Often they are on the move, convenient and sometimes unreachable. At first, they appear shy when they are in a group of friends.

Usually, they want to stay free if they to start a proper relationship instead to feel tied to anything or anyone. The Mercurian sign has a nervous temperament, and everything intrigues them. They have an excellent critical judgment and useful skill for that.

Libra – Ruled by Venus

The Venusian are naturally balanced and patient. Usually, they prefer to wait and see before judging or acting. They naturally expresse their emotions and passions. Venusian often seem creative and inventive. Love anything that concerns beauty. They live in the celebration of Beauty and Goodness. The Venusian is friendly, sociable and has a very developed sense of principles.

Aquarius – Ruled by Uranus

The Uranian is a singular, autonomous, original and independent. He puts freedom before anything else. Aquarius sign is intelligent and often understands faster than others. Usually, Aquarius has cutting-edge ideas often misunderstood by others. Aquarius sign which is ruled by Uranus sign is not afraid to explore new paths by moving away from what has been traditionally taught, or from generally accepted beliefs. The Uranian is free from any intellectual prejudice and shows interest in everything.

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