The Truth About Scorpio Friendship

scorpio Friendship

The Idea Scorpio Friendship

The first rule of Scorpio friendship is that no one them should never abuse with his kindness. Scorpio’s sting is strong, and they never forget a wrongdoing right away. Having said that, it isn’t easy to keep the friendship intact. Nevertheless, if friends try to be at the center of Scorpio dedication, he will be a faithful companion.

No one will never know what is in Scorpio’s head, and friends will never have any idea, but his secrets which will fascinate everyone. Scorpio does not have many friends. He holds on to those he has closed and who are valued for true friendship. However, friendship may not be the most important thing in Scorpio’s life, but he will remain a dedicated loyal friend for a long time. Friendship with a Scorpio will always be full of surprises.

Having The Right Friendship

With their charm, politeness, seriousness and intellectual presence Scorpio is like a magnet to many. Making friends has never been a problem for Scorpio. Having a Scorpio friend can mean a lot of things. The mysterious Scorpio may be able to be the best friend anyone has ever had or your worst enemy. Some can mean good if Scorpio’s intentions are understood, and some for bad if Scorpio intentions are insulted.

There are few positive behaviors which friends should know about the real Scorpio, to better understand them. Scorpio likes spending time with friends getting entertained. They can keep everyone satisfied with their funny jokes some from real life and some made up of their mysterious fantasy.

Spending Free Time With Friends

Scorpio likes being among friends spending some of their free time. Scorpio has always preferred having few but really good friends. He has issues with trusting others therefore only friends who have earned their respect and trust are allowed to be Scorpio’s friend.

Scorpios suspension may not be very welcomed once it is noticed by close friends and in some cases not accepted at all because once friends respect and value Scorpio friendship, they shouldn’t be seen as enemies. On the other hand, Scorpio fears from being hurt so this is the main reason why they see friends with suspension.

Scorpio base their suspicion on past experiences from failed friends, therefore, they think that the best method to avoid being hurt again is to know them better, which sometimes is not enough. Strangely Scorpio wants to know everyone’s secrets as a way to know who they’re becoming friends with.

Help In On The Way

Scorpio will do anything for a friend, and they will give whatever is needed to see their them out of trouble. Also, Scorpio is talented in solving problems and coming to their friend’s aid is just as usual. Getting into a fight for a friend and being protective is a just typical behavior of Scorpio.

One thing that Scorpio will not do to a friend is to share their private life. Scorpio prefers to remain secret about their life, and this is very significant because he or she doesn’t want to give away anything about their privacy which could be used later to hurt them.

Could His Friends Become His Enemies?

Scorpio men tend to have very selective friends. He likes to share valuable time with his friends who are suitable for his character. The world of perfect friendship doesn’t really exist for Scorpio man because he doesn’t trust anyone for one moment. This is a known downside for Scorpio. It’s obvious that almost every time he senses some unknown fear from somewhere he will think of his closest person.

He believes that someone close in his life is doing something terrible behind his back. Therefore, he will “defend” himself by either provoking them or by being cold and eventually distance from them. Either way, this is not a pleasant thought and step to take to break a friendship because of a hunch.

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