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zodiac signs in bed

Lets discover who is the best out of all zodiac signs in bed

Can the zodiac sign affect the quality of sex? Yes, knowing the erotic characteristics of the zodiac signs and the affinities of the signs between the sheets before discovering them in person, therefore, is possible.

Depending on the sign under which one is born, each person has different characteristics and preferences.

This aspect also extends to the sphere of eros: not everyone loves having sex in the same way, but depending on the different zodiac signs, some preferences and mistakes should never be made. Let’s see together what the marks between the sheets prefer.

Aries know how to be protective

Being a Fire Sign, Aries knows that being determined, tenacious and stubborn, in love makes them feel special. For those born under this sign, a primordial instinct remains, which, combining with the stubbornness and perseverance that characterizes them, inevitably affects eros, transforming Aries, male and female, into animals hungry for pleasure.

This explains why they are always fiery and passionate, enthusiastic, and daring when dealing with sex. They don’t like to waste time, they flee foreplay, they tend to take action immediately. This makes them difficult to contain at least at the beginning, especially in the first approaches, but then once you have crossed the boundaries, perhaps there is no more tender and passionate sign in love. 

They know how to be protective, very sweet, even if most of the time they tend to change mood quickly because they tend to get bored easily. Aries males generally have success with the opposite sex and are very robust, while Aries women are quite independent, and sometimes, in the most extreme cases, a little masculine.

Taurus gets tormented by lustful thoughts

The Taurus in love tends to be rather traditional and also very loyal. Despite the name “The Bull”, his nature is more like that of a pet. He has a habit slightly different from the other zodiac signs. He loves the pleasures of life, including sex. But on the other hand, he does not like to take risks, to venture into the unknown. As a passionate lover, somewhat a traditionalist, he prefers the classic positions and shuns the risky and extreme ones. In the partner, he seeks solidity and stability. 

Tormented by lustful thoughts, he knows that strong desires must be curbed, and therefore self-control and determination always prevail in him.

Slow and patient, sometimes a bit lazy in the first phase of dating, Taurus man tends to appear passive. Both Taurus women and Taurus men sexually prefer partners they can blindly indulge in and who make them feel loved and reassured.

Gemini always wants to try new things and experiment

Out of all the signs, Gemini is the most curious one. The Gemini loves to go beyond the allowed boundaries, above all he playfully favors experimentation. Also, he puts a mental understanding before sexual performances. Gemini is a lover of relationships, he loves to feel connected with the other’s personality. He puts feeling before any possible material pleasure. Often under this Air Sign skin, is a being who loves to love and be loved, and who when reciprocated knows to be the most caring and loving of all.

For him (and for her) sex is a mystical experience, where body and mind are perfectly combined, to merge in a celestial harmony, in a divine experience, impossible to forget.

Gemini always wants to try new things and experiment, even under the sheets. Making love in the same positions always bores Gemini to death, that’s why he must first have fun for, otherwise, he risks not feeling at ease. A position that Gemini signs especially love is that on his knees, perhaps a little uncomfortable, but certainly funny and strange, a bit like them.

Cancer is very gentle and sensitive

Cancer has a powerful sexual instinct. Equipped with an impressive erotic charge, he loves to talk about his emotions, just as he loves to be spoiled and caressing his heart.

He doesn’t rely on chance, he always wants to carefully choose his partner. And when he feels understood he lays bare his feelings about her. When it comes to love, he is sweet and romantic. And even if at times in defense he hides behind a mysterious and detached air, and he does it only to contain and hide his great sensuality. So be careful not to disrespect him, otherwise, he will desert you. 

Cancer man is very gentle and sensitive, touchy and suspicious at times. Once conquered he knows how to transform that mysterious and elegant air that he often possesses into a sensual and passionate spirit. Making love with those born under the sign of Cancer is more equivalent to a game of chess than a bullfight, which transforms the final move into a mystical and unrepeatable experience.

In short, it is normal for his sexuality to take on the forms of love as well. His favorite position could not fail to be super romantic, like that of the spoon, where pleasure is combined with the sweetness of a hug.

Leo is judged to be selfish in love

Leo under the sheets is a furious cat who, however, knows how to scratch the heart of his hard-earned lover. As a true King of the Forest, he is used to always being at the center of attention, and therefore if you want to relate to him you must always keep in mind the fact that you have to make him happy, always try to involve him in something special, making him feel unique and extraordinary protagonist.

Leo man is demanding and has delicate tastes, due to his enterprising nature, like a good stray feline, he hardly falls in love, but on the other hand, sexually he is always looking for motives and new adventures. When love prevails over his animal instinct and overcomes the various stages of resourcefulness and distrust, he becomes humble, the most faithful, the most jealous, and possessive. Leo men and Leo women leave their mark, and they will never be forgotten again. 

Being a Sign of the Fire makes Leo as hot and sensual as the scorching August sun. Those born under this sign have a passion that always burns within them and they hardly give up on satisfying pleasures. Sometimes, Leo is judged to be selfish in love, he has high regard for himself and gives so much to his partner. As for his preferred position, dominators like Leo can only place themselves above partner.

Virgo could be the most intriguing of all

There isn’t any lover as attentive and thoughtful as Virgo, who often places the pleasure of the other before their own. There are moments when Virgo is tendentially closed, silent, critical, and fussy. If you tease him rudely, he might lose himself in a disarming silence. 

It must be said that when Virgo is hurt is could take him a long time to free his sensuality, even if it’s just a passing flirtation. 

He likes to take steps. The atmosphere, the context in which he acts are very important. He lets himself go very gradually and rarely, as long as the relationship is characterized by good dialogue, intellectual motives, and speeches that are not vulgar or rude. 

Then in the end, if everything is as he wants, he proves to be much more passionate than anyone could ever expect. 

Virgo is perhaps the most intriguing of all. And this contrast between elegance, coldness, and hot passion, makes it the most delicious bite of all menus.

Virgo does not like to experiment with new positions with his partner as a matter of shyness, even when not short of imagination. His favorite position is that of the cat, in which Virgo man is lying completely over the woman and hides his face behind her neck. Virgo women, on the other hand, love to demonstrate what they can do, which is why the preferred position is that of the carriage, with the man lying on his back and the Virgo woman like a bridge above him.

Libra appreciate beauty and class even on an erotic level

Those born under the sign of Libra are constantly looking for perfection, absolute harmony, a beauty that seduces, especially on an erotic level. Libra is always balanced, but very doubtful in making decisions. He is guided by rationality, putting his senses and emotions in the background. A sign as sensitive and affectionate as it is severe with its incurable habit of weighing everything and evaluating with caution. 

But what do Libra ascendants look like? Those who have ascendants in Aries, Leo, Scorpio have better, making the subject more passionate and impulsive. Libra women are often sweet and diplomatic at the same time. They appreciate beauty and class even on an erotic level. Libra men are affected by a certain selective and somewhat perfectionist romanticism. 

Do Libras and Libras make a good couple? Libra men and Libra women in love usually take time and only after long decisions and second thoughts do they let themselves go. And, however, when they release all their inhibitions, what derives from it becomes a textbook erotic experience, which will then be difficult to do without.

If two Libra unite, both will have a balanced and harmonious life. This is also reflected in their life as a couple and, of course, under the sheets. Libra’s favorite position is that of the missionary, a classic. However, they also love to show off, so sometimes they love to stand up to show their partner their whole body.

Scorpio likes dominations and being dominated.

For Scorpio, the senses come first. Scorpio is a zodiac sign with an unparalleled erotic charge. Yes, that’s right, most of the time unpredictable, emotional, possessive, and mysterious even on an erotic level, but also bold and determined when he lets himself go. 

Dominated by Mars and Pluto, the native of the sign knows how to perfectly mix curiosity and reserve, audacity and shyness. 

A mix that gives him a particular appeal, to the point of exerting a great fascination on the opposite sex, which for this reason remains disoriented and fascinated by such attitudes.

Scorpio is dynamic and gritty and at the same time, he introduces an individual and elusive character. Scorpio loves mystery, ambiguity, malice, and transgression more than many other signs and at the same time, he is very jealous and seeks stability and fidelity. In love, all this translates into exaggerated performances, where nothing should be taken for granted and predictable, to make the sexual act a poignant indelible memory. 

His privacy often risks making him look like a loner, but in reality, he has a passionate and romantic soul that does not disdain extreme emotions. To distinguish himself he also has a certain aggressiveness that, sometimes, he also brings out under the sheets. If he wants something, he won’t stop until he gets it. The perfect sexual position for Scorpio is that of the swing since he likes both dominations and being dominated.

Sagittarius is always enthusiastic and energetic

Sagittarius is one of the hottest lovers of the zodiac. He enjoys experimenting with new sports, adventures and loves surprising his partner with his bizarre sexual experience.

Sagittarius is always enthusiastic and energetic, loves to surround himself with like-minded people. It is no coincidence that he is attracted to lively and hedonistic subjects and if someone makes the mistake of snubbing him, he will easily try to escape as soon as possible. Unless ascendants in Cancer, Virgo, or Capricorn he is very outgoing and generous, and enterprising but only if interested and motivated by a strong intellectual curiosity.

Spiritual but adventurous and impetuous, the sign of Sagittarius is contradictory, often intolerant and independent, and to attract a Sagittarian you have to involve it in something unusual that excites it. 

The Sagittarius zodiac sign is very fiery and loves to experiment in bed even to surprise the partner. Those born between November 22nd and December 21st often feel impatient and to attract their partner they feel the need to offer them something unusual and that can excite them. 

The favorite position of Sagittarius who lives sex with intelligence and curiosity is that of 69 because it allows him to give and receive pleasure at the same time, what more could you ask for?

Capricorn allow partner to take action

Capricorn possesses a secret sensuality. Considered a bit traditionalist and a bit boring, but at least he is very passionate. Capricorn is the sign that aims more to close in on itself because it is afraid of showing one’s weaknesses and personal defects. 

But then, once he finally lets himself go he is capable of great and unsurpassed erotic outbursts. Generous, creative, imaginative. In love he knows how to give himself with enthusiasm, putting himself in second place and always placing the partner above any personal and selfish pleasure. 

He doesn’t like being tested, being weighed. Capricorn men and women, like to amaze, spread happiness as if it were a sublime and celestial gift, which has the strength to shock and amaze forever.

Those who know how to go beyond appearances, know well that Capricorn can seduce his partner with decisive and determined action. To satisfy the passion that lies within, he will try the position that allows him to lead the game. 

Capricorn is a sign linked to the knees. That is why all the positions that involve legs are just fine for him.

Aquarius don’t want to start the show but to rather join it

Under the sheets, Aquarius is original and cerebral, but he needs particular motives, unpredictable situations, and different from the usual to let himself go. 

He loves his independence, his autonomy, his freedom to act. Rebellious and nonconformist even in love. He has original tastes in the field of eroticism. This is why he is always looking for a partner who knows how to intrigue and fascinate him.

But beware, they can’t stand feeling oppressed by an overly caring or clingy partner. 

Lovers of married life know that to spice up the relationship between two, there is always a need to give full control to the imagination, and this, in the field of eroticism. The perfect understanding is when they meet someone who manages to intrigue them and indulge their “invention”.

Men born under the astrological sign of Aquarius are not overly sentimental and do not feel the need to look their partner in the eye during sex. For this reason, the ideal position could be that of an airplane, with the woman on her knees, her head prone, her arms outstretched and you behind. 

Aquarius women love to experiment with new positions and do it in unusual places. A position they particularly love is that of standing Dirty Dancing with the man with his back to the wall and the woman leaning against him with one leg raised.

Pisces know how to give their best

You know, Pisces are sweet and sensitive, as long as they are in love. Otherwise, they turn out to be only elusive and detached to the point of becoming unpleasant.

When sick of too much sensitivity and suffering from an incurable romanticism, they are very passionate and affectionate by nature, like all Water Signs

Pisces is very enigmatic and difficult to understand, under that cold and somewhat distracted air, a strong sexual curiosity burns. They know how to give their best only when they feel loved and understood.

Only then do they let themselves go, knowing how to give their better half unique moments, characterized by genuine passion and an amazing emotional momentum. In short, with Pisces to get straight to Heaven, first of all, it is all a matter of sweet kisses and languid caresses.

The natives of the Pisces sign are like a sponge of emotions, able to read body language and nothing can be hidden from them. Among the signs, it is probably the most romantic of the entire zodiac. Not surprisingly, their favorite sexual position is that of the spoon, very intimate and passionate, with the body completely in contact with that of the partner.

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