Is Scorpio Considered The Worst Zodiac Sign?

the worst zodiac sign

Could Scorpio be the worst zodiac sign?

No zodiacal sign is perfect. Each one has its good and bad traits. Therefore, there are no good or bad signs. The Zodiac is impartial because it symbolically reflects the different qualities of being. Immersed in human reality, or particular social contexts, the zodiac signs take on values ​​that only apparently reflect negative characteristics, as culture or circumstances push the individual to interpret these characteristics in a selfish, exclusive sense, to the detriment of others. 

In this sense, Scorpio, whose global function consists of transforming to be reborn and advance on the evolutionary level, is experienced as an agent of destruction, because selfishness limits the individual’s view, arresting him at the destructive phase, thus making him unable to transform himself.

So, is Scorpio the worst zodiac sign? To give an example, the sign of Scorpio is associated with the surgical profession, because the surgeon tries to restore organic functionality with a scalpel through the partial elimination or functional restoration of defective organs, allowing the patient to continue in his life course; but also the one who stabs, perhaps a bad Scorpio, acts according to the same principle. 

The difference lies in the fact that the former exerts a curative action, the latter potentially deadly because limited by his instincts.

We have deliberately used extreme examples just to picture the idea, but the concept holds for all those Scorpions manifestations that replace the much more limited one of destruction for the principle of transformation.

This too is a vulgarization that has its roots like the sign. 

Each sign is said to be the home of a planet. Indicating with what that planet in that sign expresses itself according to its natural qualities.

In the sign of Scorpio Mars is domiciled (in his house). Mars is defined as malefic, as it represents the natural function of putrefaction and death. But Mars is also domiciled in Aries. However, Scorpio participates in the natural qualities of Autumn, which “naturally” is linked to the putrefaction of what has matured during the summer.

Aries is the beginning of Spring, where life presents itself with all its strength. Furthermore, while in Autumn the light (source of life) decreases day by day, in Spring the light increases. Scorpio, therefore, manifests the concealment of Life and the triumph of death. Please note that in this vision there is a concept of the functionality of death, not of negativity.

Astrologers never talk about good or bad (at least not in the humanistic/modern one), but to answer these types of questions that try to answer differently with some sort of information.

Keep in mind that Scorpio is linked to the planet Pluto, lord of the underworld and occult conspiracies, so they tend to harbor resentment rather than clearly express their discontent.

Differently, the other water sign Cancer tries to fight against his malaise (but often he creates it himself) and Pisces tend to talk about it extensively (even too much at times, appearing whiny).

As we can see, all three signs have their dark side, but we can understand how more dangerous Scorpio appears precisely because, constantly brooding, you never know what he really has in mind (and very often he doesn’t know it either).

Despite of all you could hear, Scorpio remains one of the nicest and adorable sign out there. Scorpio is likeable despite his bad temper. Of course he tends to be serious and grumpy but underneath he hides a vein of sympathy and is capable of making really funny and witty jokes.

By marrying a Scorpio, you would have the opportunity to get to know this side of their personality that you never imagined, a really subtle and engaging humor. When there are events at home, when lunches and dinners are organized with relatives and friends, the Scorpio is always the soul of the party and those who know him well also know his ability to joke without offending others. At least when he has it in front of us.

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