8 Little Known Facts About SCORPIO MAN IN BED

Scorpio man in bed


What do you need to know about Scorpio before taking him to bed?

The Scorpio man in bed is a lover who likes to do things calmly making his partner enjoying every moment. Scorpio man in bed loves to taste all the intense moments that precede pleasure and enjoy it for a long time. If you want to find out more about the Scorpio man in bed, then continue reading all about his characteristics, and the fantasies that ignite the desire for him.

Scorpios are known to be dark, mysterious, and sultry. It’s hard not to feel the proverbial stinging attraction to this super hot zodiac sign, and if you’ve ever been with a Scorpio, you know it’s true. If you are dating a Scorpio, consider yourself lucky. If you are a Scorpio, congratulations. You could be one of the best lovers in your circle of friends! Here’s why Scorpios are the best lovers and why they scale our worlds:

Scorpios have incredibly hot vibes, regardless of whether they are trying to be sexy. Scorpio, as a zodiac sign, is the one associated with mystery and sensuality. Whether Scorpios notice or not, they always have a sexual aura that affects and melts people of the opposite sex. No wonder people take notice when a sexy Scorpio walks into a room!

They are 100% passion-driven and don’t give up until they satisfy you. It’s true. This sign is known for an almost unique determination to get what they want, and that passion always ends up being seen in both the bedroom and the boardroom.

If a Scorpio Man wants you, he will find a way to make you pass out.

Never a selfish lover, Scorpio will do whatever it takes to please you, no matter how long it takes. The Scorpio man is the freest and uninhibited lover of the Zodiac. To give a measure of the wild appetite of the sign ruled by Pluto and Mars, just think that the sexual organs are anatomically associated. 

How do you please a Scorpio sexually?

What ignites the desire of the Scorpio man is not the physical appearance of a woman, but the exceptionality of him. He can also spend quite a long time without making love, that is if he does not find the right partners capable of stimulating his fantasy. Under the sheets, the Scorpio is sensual and intense, he is not afraid of breaking taboos and is a lover of total and “overbearing” pleasure. Although he has a greedy sexual appetite. 

What are Scorpio men attracted to?

Scorpio man has an intense sexual attraction with Aries women. He also has bold and sensual with the Taurus woman, with whom he shares the impetuousness and the pursuit of pleasure in all its forms. 

Another ideal partner for the Scorpio man is the overbearing and unrestrained eroticism of the Scorpio man has its natural counterpart in the generosity and passion of the Leo woman. Their meetings under the sheets are long, fiery battles in the name of fun, pleasure, and a continuous reversal of roles, which often show a sadomasochistic component.

Who is Scorpio soulmate?

Being a water sign, Scorpio man shares more intense sensual moments with another sign of water, that of Cancer woman. The union of his Cancer partners is strong. With the Cancer female, he finds the representation of his ideal of macho lover in the occupant of the Eighth House of the Zodiac. Scorpio and Cancer have a tender and intimate bond. However, Scorpio must always be aware of the weaker side of Cancer to avoid being hurt.

Why are Scorpios so good in bed?

The Scorpio man in bed likes to dare without remorse and regrets and to experience sex in an intense and all-encompassing way. The sign dominated by Pluto and Mars shows a certain predisposition to extreme and intense practices and finds satisfaction in mixing passion and pleasure. Sex toys amuse him and he often uses them to make his encounters under the sheets more exciting.

What the Scorpio man doesn’t like in bed

The Scorpio man in bed does not like to do things in a hurry and has a real aversion to everything mechanical and obvious. Passive partners turn off the desire for him, as do those unimaginative and unable to create a halo of mystery around them.

Sex is a big issue for Scorpios. This, of course, makes him incredibly happy in bed. Scorpio typically has super-charged, boundless sexual urges and feels comfortable when his partner shares the same fantasies. Scorpio is a natural and sensual being, who usually open to pretty much anything in the bedroom.

Where does a Scorpio man like to be touched?

His bottom is the erogenous zone norm excellence of the Scorpio man. Not surprisingly, the occupant of the Eighth House has an ambivalent relationship with anal sex, which he considers a taboo … to be broken. Spanking him, nibbling him on the B-side, and letting him reciprocate is the perfect way to unleash his unrestrained eroticism.

The Scorpio man in bed dreams of an enterprising and submissive partner, savvy and naïve, uninhibited and introverted. In other words, he wants a partner who is ready to experience all the fazes of eroticism with him. His recurring fantasies of him are sadomasochistic practices and role-playing games in which he alternately dominates and is dominated.

The Kamasutra position preferred by the Scorpio man

The Scorpio man loves to experiment and always go further, which is why it is difficult to identify an absolute favorite position among those of the Kamasutra. However, it is undeniable that among his preferences there is the pinball machine, in which the man is on his knees and supports the pelvis of the woman, who is lying on the ground resting on her shoulders.

The sexual positions preferred by the sign dominated by Pluto and Mars are those that allow him to fully express his intense and “overbearing” passion. The “wheelbarrow position” is when the woman kneeling on her back in front of him and her legs resting on her, while the Scorpio man holds her by the ankles.

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