The Best Leo Characteristics No One Tells You

Leo Characteristics

If you were born between July 23 and August 23, you belong to the sign of Leo. And like all Leo, you have a nice temper. But the stars don’t just determine your personality. They also influence your love and professional destiny, your temperament in bed, your diet … in short, everything! So what exactly does being Leo mean? Discover all the Leo characteristics below!

The Leo characteristics

Before we dig any deeper and into more details, let’s see some of the most know (or unknown) Leo Characteristics as listed below.

  • Leo is a symbol of vital power and solar sovereignty. 
  • Leo is esteemed and he is admired for what he does. 
  • For Leo what is not admirable is not worthy of interest. 
  • With Leo, there are no half measures. 
  • Truly hospitable and generous. 
  • His tenderness and sympathy are expressed with dignity.
  • Being demanding with others as he does with himself, he perceives life as a perpetual competition. 
  • Neither envious nor submissive, he will want to measure up in all circumstances, and hardly accepts failures.
  • Respectful of the laws, Leo loves harmony and hates meanness and hypocrisy. 
  • Passionate and enthusiastic, he will easily arouse the amazement of others. 
  • Equipped with a great work capacity, he will be a real boss. 
  • His generosity will be unlimited to all those who do not oppose his beliefs. 
  • In love, his sensuality is powerful. 
  • His aspirations are very high and therefore his ideas are difficult to satisfy. 
  • The partner must have class, artistic skills, noble feelings, in short, she must be perfect like him!
  • Leo is the king of beasts, let’s not forget that! 


The zodiacal profile of Leo

Element: Fire

Complementary and opposite sign: Aquarius

Sign: Masculine

Metal: Gold

Planet: Sun

Color: Gold, Orange

Parts of the body: Heart and eyes

Perfume: amber, Incense

Age of life: youth, Full of strength

The period of him: July-August

The symbolic expression of the sign: “I love”

What is Leo best known for?

  • The most known strengths of Leo are creativity, idealism, and the propensity for leadership. 
  • Leo is well known for his royalty.
  • Leo does not lack ambition, so he likes to complete the tasks he sets himself and have fun while he does it. 
  • Another typical side of this sign is to be at the center of attention, without effort, in a completely natural way. 
  • Leo loves to go out with friends and colleagues he considers loyal.
  • He has strong self-confidence in everything he does and loves to enjoy the taste of life. 
  • His concentration could be mistaken for vanity and arrogance, but Leo would say “That’s not true!” and would continue with his royal behavior.
  • He refuses the wait since he considers himself a ruler and also wants to dominate over time. 
  • Leo can allow himself to be generous. 
  • Leo is generous because he cares about those who receive gifts from him, or whether he is expressing his exhibitionism. 

What is Leo’s weakness?

  • Leo is also extremely brave. However, he never takes risks only for the thrill that follows: in his generosity, he is simply always ready to sacrifice himself.
  • Pride, due to this feature they can also lose a lot, and be at the bottom of social life. 
  • The great pride of Leo can, at times, involve a certain naivete. After all, the life of this sign is linked to supremacy and royalty and deals with the smallness of the world with difficulty.
  • Even in love, Leo is very generous. Very often this generosity lets his down, which makes it one of his weakest point. He hardly betrays, which is good, because he is very focused on himself and does not fall into small things. 
  • In case of betrayal right away, he knows how to forgive. Obviously, until the moment when his kingship is not questioned.
  • It should be noted that Leo likes to be a central figure, so they sometimes behave too arrogantly. 
  • It is said that the disease of the heart system, in particular too high blood pressure is the weak point of Leo. 
  • The link between Leo and the heart is very strong and could lead the subjects of the sign to have cardiovascular problems. That is why most Leo love to go to the gym and improve their overall health. 

What type of person is a Leo?

Those born under this sign love to have fun and play both outdoors and indoors. When the lights are low, Leo is 90% fun and 100% romantic. Leo is devoted, creative, and almost impossible to keep on a leash! Despite their appearance, the person born under this sign is loyal and has a great sense of honor. He is also determined, intensely proud, and very romantic.

While some think he does it for his gain, Leo is big-hearted and tries to make everyone happy. On the other hand, it is their kingdom, it is a happy subject and a kingdom in peace. Furthermore, Leo is dynamic, self-confident, and liberal-minded. These attributes put him at the center of attention, making it easy for him to have friends and partners.

What personality is a Leo?

The element associated with Leo is Fire; everything about his personality is hot, hot, hot. The courage he displays causes many to be attracted to Leo. It is impossible not to notice his charismatic character, given his preference for being at the center of the scene. Leo is very ambitious and creative, unlike any other sign. It is so very common to see Leo on stage, as Leo is not shy about exposing themselves to the lights of the show.

Leo is also extraordinarily talented and prone to drama. Passion and enthusiasm seem to come out of every pore of his skin. Surely he can bring happiness and make everyone happy when around him. Leo loves pleasure! Leo is the king of the jungle and like the animal lion, the Lion of the Zodiac tends to be strong and full of dignity and their sense of power helps them to happily complete his plans.

What is the personality of Leo man?

The Leo man has charm, style, a beautiful posture, a thick chin with a vertical line in the middle, a sign of will and power. 

Leo man is self-confident, sometimes too much! This is a man born for success. Leo man is an excellent player when it comes to finding a good relationship. If a woman agrees with such a role, she can live with a Leo man for a long time in peace and harmony. However, it is worth remembering that Leo men can be jealous and terrible partners if he is not respected. However, they will always radiate warmth and positivity, which will please any woman who is around. Leo man will adore his children, please them, and indulge. 

What is the personality of Leo woman?

The Leo woman is a purebred female, with a gazelle charm, beautiful legs, triangular face with cat eyes, beautiful thick hair that she likes to keep long. She has a physical need for a court of admirers and is always fighting for the lead role. But she is a loyal, generous and reliable woman.

The Leo woman loves power and action. They have numerous talents and can be found in the most diverse sectors. Teaching, research or medicine, law or economics … but also dance, writing, music, painting. You may have a hard time understanding her true calling, but once she has found it, she will commit to it with all of her beings.

Whatever she does with her, it is difficult to leave indifferent: either you love her or you hate her. She will create many envies and jealousies, which she will not even notice, all taken as she is by herself and protected by her naivety!


Leo man and Leo woman love life

As a typical Fire sign, Leo man burns with the desire to create a relationship with the right partner. Every season is the right one for hunting. But what is love for Leo man if some of his admirers are not willing to do anything to win his big (and vain) heart? The best thing for Leo man is to find a person of the noble soul but equally of pockets. In turn, Leo man will repay her with unconditional love and generous attention. If enchanted and respected, he will be among the most loyal companions.

How does Leo woman love? With immense generosity, provided she is with someone she admires. If she meets her partner as a young man, she will be her exemplary companion. She will keep the house like in fairy tales, will receive with elegance, and will be supportive towards her husband. But if he disappoints her, she can become a conqueror, an Amazon woman, ready to claim victims and seduce as much as possible.


What careers are good for Leos?

Where there are positions to climb, there is a Leo ready to reach the top. Managers, politicians, organizers but also artistic and media roles, as long as the stage lights are all for him.

Having Leo in your team is a great thing since his goal is the completion of the project he is working on. Putting him in a command post is even better since Leo is a natural leader, even if at times Leo can become a bit tyrant and autocratic. If you need someone to lead a change, call Leo, as they will strive to make it bigger and better.

What talents do Leos have?

Leo’s enthusiasm is limitless and it is followed by his generosity of spirit and determination to achieve success. The sign of Leo has a special talent for singing or for all those activities in which the voice is an important instrument. Singers, but also presenters, speakers, representatives, activities in contact with the public.

Also, Leo is great at managing. Leo is an organizer, idealistic, and an inspirer of crowds. Leo is ruled by the Sun, the center of the universe and the fuel of our being. In the same way, Leo considers himself indispensable and the center of the universe, and won’t allow anyone to tell him otherwise! 

Where is the easiest place to find a Leo? 

On a stage and in front of audiences where there is at least one person. It is the egocentric sign par excellence and thanks to its positive and sunny nature it attracts others and has the spotlight on it. He loves to expose himself but be careful to criticize him, he could draw his claws! Strong, willing, and proud, he stops at nothing for his goals (often material) and when the going gets tough, he even dusts off his beloved philosophy. The sense of justice and the heart of gold, however, are often not enough to shelter him from the disappointments of reality (life is a jungle for him too!).

What Leo should be aware of?

The best advice Leo must take is to take a deep breath and calm down a little. Leo also loves to try his luck with women who are not his soulmates, so it’s not difficult to see them divorced after a short time of marriage. Leo man should try to be more rational and not show superiority, as many women don’t want to be controlled, particularly with the sign of Taurus and Sagittarius.

Leo will make you feel strong and safe, but at times it will seem that they are not capable of loving, of giving … they will want at their side a beautiful, elegant woman who will serve them to enhance themselves. Leo will choose an unconditional admirer, who helps them to always feel like number one. Leo hates having a more successful partner by their side.

The symbolic image of the Lion

The lion, king of animals, is a sign that defends his territory, his family, and especially his young! Courageous, he knows how to sacrifice himself for those he is responsible for. Numerous mythical figures correspond to him, a symbol of power, nobility, but also tyranny. Apollo, Krishna, Buddha, Christ … they are all symbolized by a lion. Also, Mick Jagger, Madonna, Jacqueline Kennedy, Stanley Kubrick, Napoleon Bonaparte, Andy Warhol, Coco Chanel, Robert De Niro, Dustin Hoffman …did their part as true Lions in history. 

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