Understanding Your Aries Child Personality Behavior

Aries Child

The Characteristics Aries Child

Ruled by the planet Mars, the little Aries is a cyclone. Generally, he is a lively, cheerful, noisy, determined and apparently self-confident child. His behavior is enthralling and impulsive, and his personality is full of attraction and sympathy. He is always on the move, curious and strongly attracted by everything that is new.

From an early age he demonstrates a strong personality combined with a strong spirit of contradiction and a desire for freedom that makes him impatient to constraints and commands, on the other hand, Aries child has a very generous nature and a deep sense of justice, so he will always take parts of the most helpless friend.

The little Aries is often endowed with brilliant and fast intelligence, but just as often lacking the capacity for concentration and continuity. Constancy is not his best strength. Indeed he gets exhausted curiosity, immediately wanting to jump into a new adventure.

His Strengths

He is a little intelligent child that is nurtured well thanks to a tireless curiosity and thirst for knowledge. A strong and decisive character, often not easy but always apparent. He has a constant love for physical and motor activities that channel his natural recklessness, concertizing it above all with action, the discovery of movement and the space that surrounds it.

His Weak Points

Sometimes these little ones do not shine in school performances because of their problematic acceptance of the schemes, the duties, the limits imposed by the study, but consider that little Aries is almost always endowed with intelligence, the secret is to arouse interest, curiosity. Without a doubt, he is a bit of stubbornness.

Keeping An Eye On Young Aries

He is a child that should be treated with sweet ways, never brusque or imperious. If he feels a sense of authority, he becomes aggressive, defending himself in a disobedient and rebellious way. Despite the “gun-shooting” attitude, the Aries child knows how to be as affectionate as a few and needs to feel accepted and understood. It is important, therefore, to dialogue with sweetness to win his trust and remember that only with reasoning, calm and example can one get his attention.

He is an impulsive little child who loves to show his presence overwhelmingly. Parents must try to limit his “intrusiveness” with tact and kindness, without hurting his genuine leaps and pride. To best channel its overflowing energy, a solution could be that, as soon as age permits, to let him try and practice some sport. He is a little warrior with a heart of gold.

    • He is energetic from the early years
    • Aries child tends to be healthy, active and great explorers of the world around
    • Has the spirit of a fighter when prevented from accomplishing a purpose
    • For a moment he may do nothing until someone triggers his inner fire
    • Likes sharing toys or his belongings with other children

Rebellious Little Child

If you are the parents of an Aries child by now, you have already understood that you do not have just one little angel at home. Young Aries is indeed not the most comfortable child in the zodiac. Indeed, they could be called the little trouble ones. But at least there is something to be proud. From an early age, they show a high level of intelligence.

Nobody expects that the little Aries can be the quiet, accommodating, friendly, composed jewel of the house. Looking things from this point of view, he seems to be a difficult child to manage. But on the contrary, all they require is a little tolerance and discipline. His nature of Fire prevents inactivity, immobility, passive acceptance of orders.

Curiosity To Discover

His curiosity, sometimes a bit ‘impetuous. This leads him to live a continuous discovery. Young Aries could be found in the most remote corners of the house in search of mysteries and wonders to be understood. Parents have to look over them in case they exaggerate. Parents must always understand his endless need to understand, necessary to feed a fantasy and a mind in constant activity, the baby of a thousand” why? “. And when a topic is of interest to him, then the attention will be total. He will even become constant which seems like a rare thing for the ram.

True Leadership

Despite having a certain sense of the group, his temper, a bit ‘impulsive, tends to manifest himself in relationships with other children. His moves may never be too calm because of a will to command, clash with anyone who hinders. He has no fear for little physical battle, after all, he is dominated by Mars, the fire planet. His audacity is sometimes also a resource for him, his ability to enhance himself even through the imposition of his personality.

What Is Better For Aries Child?

Parents should encourage him to curiosity, enthusiasm, especially in studies and subjects that stimulate him more. If you ask young Aries, give him time to have more physical activity and the sports of his choice. Indeed, the books or objects that interest him shouldn’t be ignored.

Books can be essential tools to keep him quiet. In the difficult search for discipline and behavioral rules (which are also necessary) to remember that excessively harsh or severe ways, mainly if not explained, can provoke opposite effects until the open revolt. The only risk for Aries child is the clash of two very strong wills, the love of Aries mother will understand and distinguish her real needs from simple whims.

      • Usually, he/she starts walking earlier than other children
      • Craves attention and show leader skills
      • He is lovable and affected by love
      • He is full of life and shows practical imagination and creativity
      • Could surprise anyone with his abilities to achieve much in short time

Understanding Aries Child

The typical Aries child is bright and full of energy waiting to explode for the right cause. Aries child is active in mind and body, so he tends to be a great explorer and looks for new challenges most of the time. Aries Child appears to show strong inner abilities in the early years, especially when he faces strong competitors. His inner desire to understand and explore the living world around takes them to a different level of developing their skills compared to other young children in their age group.

Aries child is an excellent communicator, and since the early age, he manages to build relationship skills which he will use throughout the growing up process. Young Aries is a tough nut to crack most of the time, and with some determination, he will try to convince others that his way is the only way.

Young Resilient

The ‘NO’ word is not part of his vocabulary. If he does get some resistance, he will put in use his ability to challenge any contradictory responses which he may face. If he falls, he will find the courage to rise up again and will continue where left off and will try to accomplish what he started. With determination, he can achieve a lot, and with high confidence in his heart, he will naturally become victorious.

Aries child parents shouldn’t cut him down on what they may think is right. If his parents try to stop the way he likes doing things it may hurt him in the long run. Aries child is naturally born to fight and succeed. Aries kid will try to reflect and recognize his skills in early age while socializing with other children in his group age. Is very important to let Aries child socialize and allow his personal skills to develop.

What Does Aries Child Need?

Aries child likes being out in the open world. He is born adventurers and will try to compete with other young children of the same age. He is restless unless stopped which is not advised to do so as Aries kid needs to face challenges to be able to learn a thing or two. Aries child needs his parent’s love and support in every step of his life.

Parents should work hard and support his attempts at winning. He may get sensitive from time to time, but that is OK. Usually, it is the part of his good inner character which will help him in later years to become stronger.

What To Teach An Aries Child?

Aries young kid will show in the early years that he has a great passion for leading. This is a natural gift, and he will try to use this gift in his favor when competing with other young kids in his group age. Aries child doesn’t like to be told off, or what to do. He is stubborn and will try to do the opposite of what told.

Best way to teach the Aries child is to put in different challenges. Home chores are the best way for the parent to exercise his abilities. At the same time to teach him the right manners. Parents should make the tasks look like a challenging game. Aries child will react in the best way possible, and at the same time, he will strengthen the bond with his parents.

His parents should take the Aries child to play out in nature quite often. He needs to be controlled gently, with logic and appreciation. He does not like to be ordered to do things he may not want to do. Explaining to Aries the others rights will help him to stop bullying others.

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