Libra Child | How Do They Behave?

Libra child

Typical Libra Child

Firstly, Libra child has an innate taste for beauty and harmony and needs to live and grow in a serene environment. Libra child tends to be on the move all the time. He is restless and is always searching for an imaginary fairy tale world. He enjoys spending time outdoors. Libra child prefers playing at the parks. He draws positive energy from the beautiful nature. The odd thing about Libra kid is that he tends to keep calm even when situation aggravates.

Fairness Is The Only Way

Fairness is another personal quality which starts developing at an early age, but when he is mistreated, he will react and fight for justice. Libra’s necessity to keep everything in balance is noticed continuously in nearly everything he does. Ruled by Venus, the planet of love and harmony, the little Libra immediately manifests his affectionate, kind and friendly disposition. He hardly outbursts, but he can seriously become offensive if he feels ignored or left alone without the attention and the company of parents or friends.

Growing Up

He will needs communication as a souse of survival and to help him socialize with those around him. He is kind and courteous by nature, hence anyone should be careful when approaching young Libra. Young Libra can easily interact with others but other should know how to behave. He is a child who tends to be quiet, with a gentle and respectful character. He will show his intellectual skills to solve the disputes between others or himself. Libra child tend to be closer to his friends and often gets on very well with both sexes.

Intelligent Libra Child

The intelligence of the little Libra is awake and lucid. He is characterized by considerable capacity for penetration and reflection. In fact, little Libra is governed not only by Venus but also by Saturn, a planet linked to logic and rationality. The sign is guided by an intuitive sense of justice, and has a natural tendency to dialogue, respects the opinions of others and always seeks a point of contact and agreement with the interlocutor. Moreover, he has a strong sense of measure and a subtle sense of humor, which gives him a natural charm.

Making Decisions

Libra child tends to be in between decisions because he’s just starting to understand the concept of being in balance. He will experience and practice enough to get to understand the real meaning of balance. In the early years Libra child will face difficulties in making decisions between two simple things, but with the help of their parents, he should learn to think a little bit more before making decisions. To make the right decision, he must learn to take his time.

He should never learn or create the habit of rushing in making decisions. Parents should not force him to make decisions because young Libra will get confused and may lose control of himself which is a bad thing, and it will not help him when he gets older.

    • He finds it difficult to make quick decisions
    • Prefers to take the time to think
    • Likes to learn about everything
    • Likes to play outdoors and understand the world better
    • Can play well with both sexes
    • Hates it when others take them for fools
    • Able to solve disputes
    • Needs a fair treatment
    • Listens to parent call and advice

    World Exploration

    Interestingly, the need for world exploration begins in the early years. Libra child is continuously looking for new ideas from which he can learn and eventually to help him somehow in the later years. Therefore, Libra kid seems to like being more outdoors with the intention to get to blend in with nature. Learning has no limit for Libra child.

  • The more he learns, the more intelligent he keeps growing and the more he will notice his influence in society. Libra kid seems to develop too early the sense of understanding keeping the right balance with his friends. Playing together without breaking the rules is must for young Libra. Playing fair and harmoniously is always Libra’s demand.

    Bringing Up Libra Child

    It should be noted, that Libra child doesn’t like to be fooled, not even by his parents. He will protect his integrity and will react to anyone doing so. Arguing with intelligent theories proving others wrong is a talent he is born with which will also surprise adults of his ability to manage situation even if it gets out of control. As well Libra child is seen to have a sense of easing debates and intervene to solve problems diplomatically between others. Parents may be stunned by Libra’s communication abilities. Therefore, parents should encourage his positive intentions.

  • Libra’s child parents should not stop him practicing these abilities instead they should help him to master those skills better. Young Libra is sweet and very quiet. He always listens to his parents’ call and accepts any advice given from them. Parents should avoid at any cost and eliminate spoiling their Libra child. Instead, what they should do is to embrace them and teach them how to balance his thoughts so he can learn the difference between right and wrong.

    Libra Child Needs

    Furthermore, Libra child will always need the company of others especially of his parents or another family member like his brother, sister or even of his cousins because Libra child hates it being left alone. It is when he is young that he will start to develop his imagination, therefore, is better done in the company of others considering he wants to show-off a little. The only time he needs to be left alone is when he is upset therefore some privacy is important. Libra child will need to see harmony among his parents. He will hate it if he sees his parents fighting which may damage him for a long time.

  • Libra child needs his parents to be more communicative with each other and avoid unnecessary actions which could lead them to an unwanted divorce. Young Libra is cheerful and needs to be accepted by everyone. If a teacher reproaches him or has a too severe attitude, the Libra could feel hurt and unmotivated. If he then suffers an injustice, he can become grumpy and sad, and his passivity is accentuated.

    Libra Connection With Their Parents

    A parent should never push their Libra child to make a decision. Libra child shouldn’t be controlled, because he is good listeners and also has the natural way to self-balance. Even he will respond positively to different situations. Libra child will depend and look over his parent to let him know when he’s right and when he’s wrong. When doing things, Libra child primarily will need his parents to be the referee for the most of the time or until Libra child gets better in understanding.

  • A prenatal divorce will affect Libra’s child life seriously because his family balance will be destroyed. Libra child is brilliant and is able to pick up hints and will start to understand adults behavior much quicker compared to the other kids in his group age. So adults should be aware not to let any misbehavior to happen in front of him. Little Libra needs to be guided and educated with gentleness and calm, but also with a certain firmness. This will help him to overcome his tendency to laziness and indecision.
  • Little Libra hates the screams and outbursts of anger. Parents must avoid criticizing him. Parents must also avoid exhibitions of strong tones that could disturb him deeply. Use of the iron fist in a velvet glove could strengthen his character without hurting its sensitivity.
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