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Libra parents

Libra Parents And Their Children

Libra parents have a terrible weakness. The love their children very much and will do everything for them, but sometimes they extend this love to the point of spoiling them. Spoiling is not a positive thing, and they know that, but the fact is sometimes they can’t help it not cuddling them and give them tons of kisses or buy them anything they ask for. Libra parent should know and respect their limit of love for the good of their children.

When the Libra parents have their kids around, they will offer the freedom to do what they want. Libra parents will let them do what they want without interfering. Children will enjoy Libra’s parent company because when they are both at home. The positive energy can be remembered for quite some time. This is why Libra parents try to keep children connected to their family as much as possible.

Libra Couple At home

Both Libra in the same house will try to teach their children good manners and honesty. Also, they will show them how to look after their place and keep it as tidy and organized as possible. Libra parents will try to engage their children in lots of house DIY so they can learn to do exactly the same when they grow up.

Two Libra in the same house is a bonus for everyone in the family since they can communicate well and allow each other to speak freely and tend to have constructive and progressive arguments. Although both Libra in the same house has the same tastes in sharing space or respecting each other’s habit, makes them unique. For instance, they will agree who would TV and who would listen to music. This is in done in total harmony without breaking the rule. This is also done thanks to their need to be in balance and try to satisfy both sides and avoid chaos, misunderstandings, and even unnecessary conflicts.

Traits and behavior

Libra parents will try to create a home suitable for their family and also for the retirement days. Libra parents value free time. They prefer to spend it doing something that would benefit their family. Libra parents don’t like to spend their free time doing nothing. At home, Libra parents like to listen to music, watch their favorite TV programs, stand in the garden gazing at the sky and whatever makes them feel comfortable.

Libra parents also love exchanging ideas with each other, especially the intellectual ones who would turn into a constructive debate. Libra like the fact that when arguing for the good sense or when the discussion is productive there is no harm but desire to share. Home is the place where Libra parents will find peace and tranquility when they return home after a hectic day’s work.

Growing Healthy

Libra like to eat healthily, and most likely they have some knowledge of preferring and cooking food. Another fact is that Libra parents have to know how to cook because they want their kids to grow healthy and eat healthy food. Preparing and cooking food is also a valuable thing to do when they have parties in the house or garden.

Making guests happy and getting a few compliments is important for Libra because it gives them a great feeling of satisfaction. Maintaining healthy is a must. Living hygienic is essential for Libra. They are keen to keep everything neat and clean. Libra loves the idea of being organized and keeping their house clean because Libra doesn’t like living in dirty places. They will even teach their children how to follow parent’s example and hope to develop the same manners when they grow up.

    • Prefer to invite people for small parties
    • Are keen on being clean and hygienic
    • Would like spending free time watching TV or listen to music
    • Will train their children how to be clean
    • Love eating well and are excellent cooks
    • Libra parent tend to spoil their children
    • Are often quite permissive
    • Will give too much love to their children
    • Tend to spoil their children more than usual
    • Want to be and prove they are fair and right

Connecting With Friends

Inviting friends and family is part of their lifestyle. They seem to have the need to change the atmosphere and get to meet with close relatives more often and hopefully, it could turn into a little debate at some point but not always necessary since Libra do enjoy the company of others regardless of the topics discussed. If the people they invite have children of their own even better for Libra parents because their children also can enjoy a great deal of getting together and play with other children.

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