Best Explained Zodiac Friendships Compatibility

Zodiac Friendships Compatibility

The Zodiac Friendships Compatibility

This Zodiac Friendships Compatibility may lighten you up and show you which zodiac signs are you likely to be friends with or not so friendly. The fundamental rule is that Air and Fire are mixed up and stirred up, while Water and Earth together are creative and complementary principles… but, will this be enough to establish agreements and disagreements? The stars say no! Heaven, as we know, always surprises our destiny.

Do you believe if the zodiac tells you if your zodiac sign is friendly or not? Do you need to know what sign do you get along with? Which ones, on the other hand, can’t you stand? What sign do you get along with? Which ones, on the other hand, can’t you stand? Are keen to know more? Well, let’s find out now!!!

Aries, a nice temper

You have a good temper, dear friend! The good thing, at least, is that you are aware of it. Your impulsiveness is difficult to keep at bay, you are a real river in flood, overwhelming but also tiring to manage. Only those who are similar to you can accept your impulses and tolerate your enthusiasm, seen as strengths to be conveyed in sport or a spicy match.

This is why you get along well with Leo: together you are a beautiful couple, synergistic and united. It is very difficult to reach an understanding with Cancer, who harbor a grudge and make you pay, in due course, your outbursts complete with revenge served cold. Also good with Gemini, able to play down; bad with Capricorn, with whom you compete.

Taurus, calm down, with whom you have to…

Stubborn, determined, and unreasonable, not only in defending their ideas but also in carrying out their values! Taurus is a guy who still believes in certain ideals and defends them with all his heart. Sometimes good-natured and calm, he is peaceful if he is close to signs that support him, such as Virgo or Capricorn, who, like him, are rather conservative and have their feet firmly planted on the ground. If, on the other hand, this sign has to do with Leo it can lose control: the Fire sign has a too direct and aggressive temperament that sends the Taurus into a rage

Gemini, need to let go

Gemini is very dynamic, sparkling, full of energy: they love to surround themselves with always different people and to draw from each of them the right dose of optimism and fun. This zodiac sign is very afraid of loneliness, is always looking for a partner who can share with him the love of life and positive vibrations. Sagittarius, the opposite sign to Gemini, often means this sign: both are nice and cordial, even if their relationship proceeds intermittently. Gemini is better off avoiding Virgo instead, whose excessively critical spirit, self-control, and seriousness he detests. The two can become bitter enemies, especially at work.

Cancer, a sensitive type

Your character is not among the simplest of the Zodiac If you can be sweeter than honey with people you like, you can be just as acid and pungent with those who do not meet your sympathy. It is not easy to understand your moods, so nostalgic and melancholic. To do this you need to be gifted with a deep sensitivity. For this, you need to get along with the sign of Pisces, empathetic and generous, able to tune in to your emotional waves.

On the other hand, avoid signs such as Aries or Capricorn, with their ways too rough and direct for someone sensitive like you. Furthermore, with these two signs, you risk colliding and entering a collision course for reasons of competitiveness.

Leo, a friendly disposition

Expansive and friendly, you like to open up to others and also compare yourself with people you don’t know and who intrigue you. On the contrary, you hate those who withdraw into themselves, are fixed on their positions and are unable to share their moods and thoughts with others. Your business and entertainment partner is Sagittarius, as bubbly and dynamic as you like.

The expansive and open nature of this Fire sign overwhelms you positively: with Sagittarius, you feel recharged and launched towards new experiences. On the other hand, you do not agree with the Scorpio, who sometimes withdraws into himself and makes you pay for your not very delicate expenses. This sign can be very vindictive. With him the fight is head-on.

Virgin, down to earth

Difficult to get into your intimate circle, since you are a rather suspicious type. You tend to think that others have ulterior motives or want to manipulate you for personal purposes. There are few people you get attached to, with the others you usually remain quite detached. This is what happens to you with the sign of Sagittarius, unlike you outgoing and joyful.

You do not tolerate long his impulsiveness and his joie de vivre, which sometimes make you nervous because they seem superficial to you. In short, you don’t agree with this sign at all and you tend to look at it from top to bottom. Perfect harmony with the Capricorn, who always shares concrete goals with you and whom you trust because he is always with his feet on the ground.

Libra, a friend of a few

Open to everyone, but a friend to a few and in choosing true friends you are quite selective. You tend to surround yourself with an elite of chosen ones, who must share intellectual, artistic, and working interests with you. The perfect agreement occurs with the Gemini. This sign is your ally especially in business and worldly life.

You both share a love for the good life, for the pleasures of the palate, and the same aesthetic tastes. When you work side by side, you know very well how to act to achieve success. Better to keep away from the sign of Capricorn, which doesn’t think twice about putting your feet on your head: this born leader can’t stand your doubts and hesitations.

Scorpio, gut friends

You choose your friends through instinct. Not all of them appeal to you. It is a matter of energies, of vibrations. If you feel like you like the person in front of you, he can become a friend to whom you are devoted and faithful. It often happens to you with the sign of Virgo, which favors you while remaining rational and calm. You need a friend who also contains your very strong emotionality and helps you manage it: that’s why you get along with the Virgin and love it.

Your number one enemy, on the other hand, is Aquarius: a detached sign that knows how to take you off guard. He is a rational, at times ruthless calculator, capable of managing emotionality with coldness, without however being icy. Only he can cheat you, be careful.

Sagittarius, positive but naïve

Your approach is always very positive: Jupiter, your guiding planet, makes you friends with everyone. You like meeting new people, you are positive and full of energy: you love sharing your time, traveling, being in the midst of nature. You have a great connection with Libra people, who have similar interests to yours and keep you entertained. The synergy with them is remarkable also thanks to the sense of justice that distinguishes your actions.

The other side of the coin, however, is that your willingness to share and open yourself up to others makes you rather naïve. Sometimes you don’t understand that others have an ulterior motive. Scorpio, cunning and sometimes individualistic, knows how to trick you: he is the number one enemy of the Zodiac.

Capricorn, a relationship between partners

Saturn makes you quite individualistic and ambitious. For you, friendship is more a relationship between “partners”, based on mutual trust and loyalty and aimed at a result. You hate time wasters. For you, your friend is a serious person, you can rely on. This is why you feel comfortable with the sign of Virgo, rational and pragmatic.

Perhaps your relationship maybe a little cold, but it is aimed at effective results. On the other hand, you can’t manage relationships with the sign of Aries well, they are too impulsive and nervous compared to you. His way of doing so direct and instinctive makes your hives. Often with this sign, you enter into conflict and competition.

Aquarius, the value of friendship

Together with Sagittarius, you are the sign of friendship par excellence. For you, the relationship with others is fundamental. Your friendship represents a source of growth and comparison, a way to open up to the different and improve one’s personality. Among your friends we find the most diverse specimens: you love original and creative people.

In particular, you get along very well with Gemini, full of desire for new experiences, dynamic and extroverted. The understanding, on the other hand, does not start with Leo: this sign gets on your nerves because of his egotism. Your relationship is strewn with obstacles: for you who put the other first, this narcissism is inconceivable.

Pisces, need for tenderness

Friendship for you is tenderness. You are always available for friends: you never leave them alone in times of difficulty, on the contrary, you do everything to help those who need help. Others appreciate your goodness, sweetness, and tenderness. You feel comfortable especially with Taurus, which for you represents a fixed point.

Both of you are loyal, available, and generous. He is your ideal friend. The people you encounter often, however, are of the sign of Virgo. You hate their way of being too rigid and rational, you can’t live their severity well. For this reason, the relationship with these natives often degenerates into a conflict.

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