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Taurus Boss

Working for Taurus Boss

Firstly, any Taurus at work is well known for the phrase “slowly but surely” because it’s what they can accomplish. Taurus Boss has a set mind for work, meaning that when at work they work. Furthermore, Taurus have a reputation for slow working, but at least they are determined to get the job done without anyone interfering in what they do. At the same time, if they’re bothered, they will get angry and will be upset for some time.

Moreover, Taurus is not known to have a reputation with the skills able to distinguish the good characters from the wrong. Therefore, they will value workers based on their performance and hardworking level. When workers work hard and improve (even slowly) their skills, then they will be considered as good employees in the eyes of their Taurus boss.

Want To Work Only With Trustworthy People

Without a doubt, Taurus boss value hard workers who are trustworthy and honest. These employees will always be supported as long as they show true values. Taurus boss tends to employ those who do bring value to the company regardless of how much. Taurus Boss will teach workers to love and respect the place they work and must always be organized.

Also, Taurus boss will not tolerate those who come to work just to get the day’s pay. In particular, Taurus Boss want employees to prove their value.  and that they are meriting to earn the salary. Employees should not patronize or flatter a Taurus boss. If someone wants to win a Taurus boss heart, then they should work hard, be organized, show a decent character and settle down for work.

Being In Control

Taurus boss tends to be in control of the situation. Hence, they rarely trust others in managing their business. They have a weakness of security and think that others aren’t fit to do the managing job as good as they would expect. Taurus boss will point someone to manage their business. Someone from his/her workers already working for the company.

He/she will want from the candidate to have personal skills, be self-initiative, be proactive, be trustworthy, be organized and be clean. Those who perform the day to day without being told to do will earn the Taurus boss respect and eventually will get promoted.

      • Will prefer working at their own pace
      • Should not be distracted from their focus
      • Are proud of what they do and put the heart into what they do
      • Accept challenges but don’t like being pushed to complete it
      • Will teach employees how to be organized
      • Are not good judges or characters
      • They want workers to follow instructions as given
      • Expects employees to self-perform
      • Hates it when patronized just to get a promotion

Taurus as Employee

They are good workers and don’t need to be told what to do as they are self-initiative. Taurus wants to prove to their boss that they have what it takes to do the job, and they will even work the extra hour to get the job done. Money matters to Taurus, after all, that is why they work tirelessly.

Taurus employee must receive a regular pay or contract paid job would be even better. The Taurus employee will be furious if a payment is missed or postponed.Taurus is taught to work hard and earn their sweat honestly.  He is good at saving money, and they value every penny saved. Taurus is possessed about their future security and saving money is one way. They would like to be admired for their hard work.

Everyone believes that promotion comes by working hard and performing well. They are organized and plan the day’s work well ahead. Taurus will get frustrated if many tasks are given at ones, as they aren’t capable of doing so. They will prefer one job at a time and will do the best to see those jobs done.

Taurus Preferred Occupations

Taurus has specific strict rules when at work. They need to work in an organized environment and free of mess. If the working environment is not to their suit, they will try to set it up as they desire. Taurus is very clean and prefers their coworkers to be the same. They do not hesitate to tell their coworkers that they aren’t clear. Yes, they are shy and don’t really get in trouble but for Taurus patience has a limit; therefore the best thing to do is not to disturb them too much.

Working Environment

Taurus is specific and demands specific rules and order when working. They will want their working place to be clean, organized, must have some flowers or something natural, working area should be colorful instead of blunt, if working in an office they will want to put their family photo on the desk, and ‘show’ off a little, some type of gadget would be ideal too.

Taurus tends to like doing jobs which don’t have a high intensity. Jobs like financial & banking, botanist like floristry, exterior or interior design, building industry like architecture and engineering, doctors, office jobs like a secretary for major companies, institutions, accounting & finance.

      • Are good in saving their earnings
      • Are practical, sensible and down to earth
      • Can’t handle several tasks at once
      • Tend to plan ahead
      • Don’t like too many overheads
      • Are calm and don’t panic in stressful situations
      • Must be calm and well ordered
      • Organize their place of work suitable to their needs
      • Flowers, family photo, some kind of gadget are ideal
      • Workplace location must be easily relocatable
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