10 Secrets About Taurus Traits

Taurus Traits

Taurus Traits

Indeed the Taurus Traits are so many. However, we’re going to talk about only their Top 10 traits. After the spark of Aries, which symbolizes the beginning of spring, with Taurus, this season stabilizes. The buds bloom and the roots of the trees sink into the earth. In the same way, Taurus is rooted in the life and in life, with feet firmly planted on the ground. Though guided by sensations, Taurus remains concrete. Taurus is a sensual being with uncontrollable desires. It is said to be the loveliest lover of the zodiac, the one who best knows how to make his partner vibrate with pleasure. Love, for him, is like music.

Do It Right Or Not At All

Taurus may be considered slow at doing things, but rest assured, they can get those things done the right way. Taurus looks at doing things in great detail because they want to get the best results possible. Taking time in doing things may be seen with skepticism by many people but when they look at the excellent results of Taurus work surely they out to think differently. Is not a surprise to see others change their opinion about the true Taurus and their work. Taurus take time to do things right because they tend to put their heart and passion into whatever they do. 

Harmonious Creatures

Taurus is a calm, romantic, kind and friendly person who doesn’t like being mistreated. They tend to live in harmony and don’t like being disturbed. Once in a while, they prefer to live in a shell just like Cancer does, but not for too long, only until they feel better and relaxed.

Taurus tend to philosophize life for better understanding but can’t escape from being misjudged.

Taurus may be shy because they don’t truly blend well with unknown or new people fearing they may not understand the way they think.

Too Organized

Their organization skills are excellent, and as a result, they finish different projects making them look like toys. Most of their good work is usually done when they aren’t disturbed or when left alone. Taurus seem to perform better under no supervision, but this doesn’t mean Taurus can’t handle the pressure of others simply they like to be left alone. If they are disturbed, they will get angry and will be upset for a long time.

Don’t Let Taurus Waiting

One of the Taurus weak point is being left waiting. This is the part when Taurus gets upset and sometimes lose control of communication. Waiting makes them feel ignored or not appropriately respected. Taurus has a mind like a Swiss watch who tend to think of correctness and calculate everything before arranging an appointment. Taurus will make sure to arrive earlier at a meeting rather than to get late. Therefore, they expect others to do the same. The great feel of responsibility of being late at appointments makes Taurus respected. They don’t like waiting and will get emotional if others aren’t punctual especially when waiting for a business appointment.

Straight Talking

Taurus aren’t too complicated but rather straightforward. This is when things get weird because from a shy person Taurus, can blast out and usually will express all they have inside their mind. Often they will speak too fast and may lose the sense of what they had to say. Either way, the good thing is that Taurus wants to be direct with anyone and will explain their thoughts.

Connected With All Natural Things

As known, Venus is the planet of love, affection, harmony, and sensuality, which are some of Taurus traits. Taurus believes in natural beauty and is found of living life. Their connection with nature and living life is profound, and Taurus may get hurt if what they love gets hurt too. They seek an intelligent and peaceful life and will fight against its destruction. 

Sensual But Not Mental

Sensuality can be something a Taurus is born with, or it could be developed as they get mature. For most Taurus, sensuality is not their weakness but rather their strength. Sensuality to Taurus is natural, and they don’t have to pretend to be, as they gain this gift from the mythical Venus. Sensual beauty to Taurus is a descriptor of physical attractiveness. It indicates an appeal to the senses that results either in sexual arousal or the indication that such arousal could occur.

Taking Care Of Themselves

Taurus is possessed by the way they look. They want to look good and tend to feel much better when they receive compliments. Taurus take good care of their overall health and looks, more than of any other sign. Taurus are also possessed by the overall cleanliness and also of being organized. If by any chance it happens to see a Taurus’ office or their living place, anyone will notice order everywhere their eyes can reach. Taurus can’t stand being unorganized or dirty as it is not the Taurus way of life.

Don’t Derail Taurus

Based on their behavior Taurus has managed to earn a bad reputation for being angry more than often. Sometimes this behavior is usually triggered by something that made Taurus upset in the first place. Also, Taurus tends to be upset for a long time and expect someone to chill them out or comfort them. Taurus is calm and adorable if left alone and understood. When understood anyone would have e great time with Taurus. 

Independent To Do Their Things

Taurus is the type of people who prefer to be left alone and not being disturbed. This makes Taurus independent from others influences. They have the tendency to do things their way without the supervision of others. Independence from outside forces is appreciated from Taurus. Often Taurus tend to be more productive and can complete quality tasks when they’re left undisturbed. Taurus independence helps them to control their life which usually benefits to achieve their goals.

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