Cancer Boss Or Employee Behavior

Cancer boss

Cancer Boss Profession Relation

Strange but true. The professional destiny of Cancer is greatly influenced by his family condition. All his preferred and related professions of this Water Sign are mainly in connection with his family and his public relations. Thanks to his imagination Cancer can also devote himself to the writing. Working for the general media is also on his long list of preferred professions. He/she has the ability to understand others and likes his social presence.

Also, he/she is very thoughtful in every job he’s given. Usually, Cancerians become writers, actors, psychics, poets, psychologists, pediatricians, nurses, teachers, and social workers. Cancer wants to feel useful, to help others and to pass on knowledge. The word “selfishness” is not part of his vocabulary. Cancer likes to command. He/she could also be a good manager because he/she knows how to engage with the right people, thanks to their mysterious intuition.

    • He’s very strict with employers
    • He prefers more work than talk
    • Making money is a priority
    • Prefers to promote insiders
    • Has a sharp mind and focuses on a specific plan
    • Will be tolerant with someone who has reached targets
    • Will stick to the project with great determination

Working for Cancer Boss

Cancer boss is very strict and expects his employees to be prepared for the job. Also Cancer boss will not tolerate bickering in the workplace. Cancer boss doesn’t like to see workers hanging around doing nothing, or pretending to work. He/she wants his workers to have the right skills, the proper working attitude and most important the right communication skills.

Cancer boss always has a plan for his company. He/she will try to see his company rise up. He/she will not forget the detail of his project that easy. Probably he/she will have it all written down somewhere. Cancer boss allows new innovative ideas from his team. He/she will want to listen to them all and embrace the most effective ones. The right employee who has the right idea and a good plan to take the concept further will take the leading role position.

Promoting The Right Employee

Cancer boss prefers to promote someone from within their working team instead of someone from outside. Cancer boss believes that someone from his actual team can understand his ideas better than an outsider would. He/she believes in his team to achieve good results. Getting to know a Cancer boss isn’t easy at first as he/she tends to show a strict and complex character, but as time goes by working with them, it becomes clearer understanding his point of view in running a business.

Cancer boss likes to see a professional leading the team. The right employee will earn some kind of promotion or extra earning. Giving extra earning to the right employee is Cancer’s primary focus. Cancer boss working expects his best employees to have some work ethics, discipline and do less talking.

    • Able to work extra hours for a reasonable payment
    • Love to make more money
    • Are serious hard working people
    • Will handle any given responsibility
    • Will expect some appreciation
    • Are honest workers
    • They are able to do more than one job at once

Cancer as Employee

Cancer may seem complicated at first when presented with a new task. Working hard is a priority for him and giving 100% is also a must. He/she wouldn’t want his boss to tell him off. He/she gets upset and may ruin his working culture which he/she has tried so hard to model. It’s very important to mention that he/she will avoid conflicts with his boss. To every Cancer, money is essential because it makes him feel secure.

He/she will work hard to earn it and will save every cent for future security. Cancer takes work very seriously but doesn’t forget his sense of humor. Working hard it can be spontaneous so is his humor which he/she can’t work without. He tends to be passionate about what he does. Cancer doesn’t just work to earn a payment. He will take responsibility for every task or job given. He will want to earn his boss’s respect and probably earn a higher place in the establishment. His methods of working will undoubtedly be seen by his boss.

Cancer’s Employee Working Environment

Security comes first so the working environment must be as secure and safe as possible. If Cancer notices any of these two aren’t in place then he/she will refuse to start work. Cancer is known to work hard with virtually no complaints, but excepts proper working conditions. Cancer will perform better and will definitely work harder for the below main reasons. Working environment must meet at least the necessary safety and security conditions.

His life shouldn’t be in danger while working. Cancer works with the image of his family in his head, and this is one of the main reasons why he/she wants to safe work. He/she prefers to be let free to work and without any provocation from his boss. He/she hates any unnecessary overheads. If Cancer gets distracted, his performance will be degraded. That may also affect his future career performance which is very important.

    • Will handle any given responsibilities
    • Works on its own initiative
    • Doesn’t prefer to be shouted while working
    • Will work the extra mile to make more money
    • Knows how he/she much should be paid for the specific job
    • Will try to save all the earned money for future security

Cancer’s Typical Occupation

It’s hard to distinguish one prime sector where Cancer shines the most. But there are few industries where Cancer tends to perform better because of his distinct character. Catering industry is one of his favorites as he/she has a natural talent for cooking food. Cancer can learn to cook and prepare food from scratch very quickly.

He/she is also able to work hard for hours in one of the most challenging industries. Hospitality and human relations such as hotel, general reception work, consulting, physiologically related, public relations, politics, and healthcare related jobs or any similar will satisfy Cancer the most because of his excellent social personality and kind behavior. Animal care is natural to every Cancer.

He/she loves, and respects nature and working as an animal caretaker is just what he/she likes to do. He/she will be capable of taking care of animals in the best way possible. Marketing is another favorite industry where Cancer can show his skills and shine more than others. He’s naturally born talented marketer and will show his positive attitude. He/she is able to sell, promote, consult, trade and much more in this sort of industry.

    • Must be comfortable and secure
    • Won’t work for free or small payment
    • Will have family photos displayed somewhere in the working area
    • Will be organized and will work hard
    • Must have the best-quality tools for the job
    • A location near natural resource would be an added bonus
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