9 Interesting Capricorn Child Behavior

Capricorn child

Capricorn Child Personality & Behavior

Clearly, Capricorn child tends to show the maturity of a grown-up from an early age. This explains why Capricorn child prefers to stay in the company of older people. He will learn to talk like a grown man trying to make an impressive presence in front of other children. It should be noted, that it’s not like he wants to show off.

Instead, he wants to let them know his intelligence and avoid being ignored. Indeed, Capricorn child like to hear conversations of older people in an attempt to learn something from their experiences. Capricorn child is independent and doesn’t have a considered relationship with the other children. He doesn’t mind staying on their own for some time and do not depend on others for support.

Not a Really Friend Type Person

Typical Capricorn child doesn’t have many friends, and he’s still happy for most of the time. Sometimes he prefers to play with one, two or very few friends and will bond with them for a long time. It seems he selects friends closer to his own character. Even better if they are honest and do not show bulling sings of behavior.

The Typical Capricorn Child

Dominated by Saturn, the little Capricorn is quiet. He does outburst out of nothing. From an early age, he demonstrates an independent character. Little Capricorn usually appears more like a miniature adult. Often he is thoughtful, logical and obedient, little whiner. He loves playing with his games but don’t like others to interfere in his play. Hence, because of these characteristics, he may appear cold in need of tenderness.

But beware, in reality, he/she is very emotional and vulnerable, and under the self-sufficient armor fears being neglected. In fact, his main problem is that since he is a child, he has difficulty in showing his feelings openly, whether they are of affection or disappointment.

Little Capricorn Needs His Own Space

Most of the time he wants to be on his own without being annoyed by other children and also want to have his individual privacy. The moment he gets disturbed is like the awakening of a lion from a deep sleep. He will display unusual behavior until he gets relaxed. It doesn’t look good but is better to understand their behavior before disturbing them.

Capricorn child is charming and shows respect for the older people. He has his own ways to convince others especially parents to get what he wants. Some of the techniques he uses are the eyes staring, the gently sweet asking with determination until he gets what he wants. Young Capricorn is able to articulate words commonly used with intelligence.

  • Prefers older people company
  • Likes being independent
  • Doesn’t have many friends. The fewer, the better
  • Doesn’t like to disturb or be disturbed
  • Will get what he wants by every mean
  • Tends to keep their things organized
  • Doesn’t mind taking advice from older people
  • Gets angry when things become complicated

Parent’s should…

Capricorn parents want their child to be considered. He wants to be the center of attention. He needs demonstrations of affection and reassurance. It is up to his parents to break his armor and conquer his trust with patience. Parents should help him to live his shyness with a proactive and stimulating attitude. Also, parents should encourage him and praise him when he deserves it.

Parents must never hit him in love because he suffers a lot of objections and criticism and could close more in himself. Show him the beautiful side of things, help him smile more, contrast his innate tendency to pessimism.

Capricorn Intelligence

Capricorn child is endowed with an innate intelligence of the first order, conscious, logical, with a strong critical sense and capacity for concentration. Little Capricorn does not manifest the speed of thought or the brilliant intuitions of some other sign, but rather the ability for attention, for the organization or for analysis.

Instead of communicative skills, this leads to greater introspection, but also to extreme isolation and marked individualism. From a practical point of view, Capricorn child has intense emotions but rarely shows them, by diffidence, and modesty of their feelings.

What Does Young Capricorn Needs

He must be helped to accept and express emotions and be more physically and psychologically dissolved. Remember that he is possessive and does not tolerate inattention and “betrayal.” He yearns for serious and continuous effective relationships. Little Capricorn is loyal and obedient, always ready to respect the commitments he takes. He loves to be invested with small responsibilities and needs a serene, harmonious family that offers him all the security he so badly needs.

Parents & Capricorn Child

Since Capricorns child isn’t very keen on sports, outdoor activities seem the preferred once. However, a parental presence offering guidance must be present to make the event more interesting. Capricorn child will eventually like going outdoor for different activities. Parents have to continuously work hard to convince and encourage their Capricorn child to go out in the open air and enjoy every moment as a family.

Capricorn child is stubborn at first, but if he’s given an enjoyable and challenging reason he will give it a try, and if he likes it the first time, he will slowly want to do it more often. Parent should make him feel safe and comfortable in his living habitat. Capricorn child has a strange inner fear which parent need to understand.

Raising Capricorn Child

Raising Capricorn child is hard work at first until he grows up a little. If parents decide to be patient, they will see the benefits in later years. Capricorn child is lazy in taking advice. He does get the message but tends to play the role of pretending he didn’t hear or understand.

This would make parent’s work hard if Capricorn child isn’t appreciated. Capricorn child doesn’t need physical contact to do what parents want them to do. Parents have to find a between way to make him cooperative. Of course, it must have the elements of having fun, competitiveness and playing along otherwise it wouldn’t work.

He lacks the self-confidence betting used to living secure and expects his parents to do that for them. Last but not least, Capricorn Child could be complicated to comprehend so parents should agree with young Capricorn to help him feel safe.

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