9 Leo and Aquarius Love And Relationship Compatibility

leo and aquarius

The essential part is that the love relationship between these two signs combined with intelligence and creativity, makes them a couple destined for a future full of successes and recognition. The presence of the two signs originates an impressive flow of energy that can create absolute harmony or intense clashes.

The certainty is that there will never be the shadow of boredom to cloud their relationship. There is a particular attraction that binds Leo and Aquarius together, especially in the view of their determination and idealism that encourage them both.

The Big Difference

The Aquarius is anarchist and wants to abandon its security to seek the world. Leo is monarchical, of a monarchy in which he obviously reigns, not someone else. The concept of an extended mind is evident to Leo because he does not have a logical approach such as Aquarius does.

Leo has this charm of a child prodigy and a generous heart. There is a moment when Leo becomes arrogant, and in arrogance, he burns his potential.

Originality v.s Uniquity

Leo is original because he is a unique piece for selection. Whereas Aquarius feels unique because he does not follow the flock, so he becomes incomparable. Aquarius thinks society itself should be made up of unique and inimitable individuals. Though Leo hates fake people, therefore he prefers the society to be more original. Every kind of novelty is a source of interest for both of them.

The link between these two signs is based on the profound admiration that both feel towards each other and others. Above all Leo admires the creative style that distinguishes his partner, while the Aquarius is attracted in a particular way by the strong and decisive character of Leo. Leo is made to give himself what he wants and believes he can please everyone. Originality is a characteristic that both signs have and share when they get together.

Give And Take

Leo is great in many things but not in everything and here comes in handy the help from the opposite sign, Aquarius. Aquarius will show Leo how to be more modest and not always to want to be praised by others.

Aquarius will also try to convince Leo to step one step back from the limelight role and teach Leo how to give a chance to others to show their talents too. This seems the best way to share power which Leos tend to keep only for themselves. Leo must learn to share authority and responsibility with others just like Aquarius do.

Air v.s Fire

Leo is a sign of Fire, while Aquarius is a Sign of Air. As the wind feeds the flame, so the proximity of the Aquarius increases the strength and the resourcefulness of the Leo, stimulating its ambition with the proposal of new and exciting projects. Both have a wide range of interests, and Leo’s desire to actively participate in any project fits perfectly with the ability of the Aquarius to give birth to new ideas.

Intelligence v.s Strength

Aquarius seeks to use intelligence rather than strength. This technique is also used by Leos, but Aquarius will have to add in a few extra elements and make Leo believe that sometimes is better leading with brain rather than leading will force. Leos are born leaders and know what to do to get to the top.

Aquarius will teach Leo how to be careful and not to fall in love with themselves as this could be the main reason for falling down. Aquarius will teach Leo how to smoothen up and be more elastic instead of a hard-head person. Getting back to the top isn’t easy. Hence Leo will have to learn to be more diplomatic and slow down a little and redesign the strategy of leading.

Behavior In Love

In love, Aquarius may not be as good as Leo are, but Aquarius have something which Leo will need to use, control of emotions. Leos tend to burst out in anger when the relationship isn’t going as they have planned. Aquarius will teach Leos to be more rational and cool down. Also will teach Leo to be more communicate, use their head more than their force. This could improve a more stable relationship and hopefully both will avoid fighting.

Being the leader means taking responsibilities, therefore, Leos aren’t too comfortable with sharing. Therefore Aquarius will teach Leos how to share and be both responsible. However, Aquarius can be annoyed by the constructed attitudes of his partner, which tends to dramatize every situation. On the contrary, the coldness that sometimes occurs from the behavior of the Aquarius is a source of anger and frustration for Leo.

Influenced By Their Planets

Leo undergoes the influence of the Sun, while Aquarius undergoes the influence of the planets Saturn and Uranus. The combined influence of the three planets generates a sort of an ideal path. This indicates the originality of the Leo and Aquarius bond. This also indicates the importance that the creative component plays within the couple.

The influence of Uranus determines the orientation of Aquarius towards all that is creation and innovation. The action of the Sun is crucial to ensure that the brilliant inspirations of Aquarius can be put into effect. Finally, the intervention of Saturn helps to complete the entire fulfillment process.

Both Belong To Fixed Signs

Both Leo and Aquarius are Fixed Signs. The influence of Leo encourages Aquarius to be more resolute and enterprising. Instead, the ingenuity of Aquarius is a source of attraction and stimulus for the audacious Leo. Both sincere and loyal by nature. If they can limit the arguments deriving from their strong spirit of competition, surely the relationship will prove to be lasting.

The strength of the Leo and Aquarius relationship is the sense that both have to complete ambitious projects when they work as a real team. Together they’d manage to cover all stages of the process with perfection, conception, design, and production. From this point of view, this reveals a well-matched couple in which the creativity and spirit of action remain bonded together.

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