The 3 Fire Signs Compatibility Aries Leo and Sagittarius

Fire Signs Compatibility

The Fire Element & the Fire Signs – Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius

First of all, we know Fire as the first element followed by Earth Signs. Unquestionably, the signs under the Fire Element (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) tend to be positive. As well as they are masculine and have a friendly character. Also, these three signs have a divine nature and fiery personality.

Furthermore, Fire Signs seem characterized by passion, enthusiasm, will, desire to succeed and the drive to succeed. Usually, the signs of Fire Element rely only on energy to achieve in life. The three fire signs trust just their self-abilities and often refuse to listen to others thoughts and opinions. Clearly, Fire Signs remain driven by high ambitions to reach their goals and focus on long-term visions.

Despite of all these, often they show impatience, selfishness, and intolerance to those who surround them. Usually, they tend to show signs of an authoritarian person under the form of altruism.

Fire Elements Main Traits

Energetic, active, dynamic, kind, communicative, authoritative, physicality, outgoing, powerful, initiative, creative, spontaneous, responsive and also can stand out from the crowd.

The three signs of the Fire Element are spontaneous, impulsive who utilize their energies with all their heart. Their emotional response is fast, and they have a vivid imagination. Below are some of their main traits. We often compare the Fire Element to the cosmic energy, symbolized in the East by Kundalini.

The Fire Element signs are radiant, with mysterious energy, and full of enthusiasm, which with its light brings warmth into the world. In our body, the fire remains linked with the area above the center. Often connected with food digestion. It’s similar to the expression “heartburn”. On the psychic level, it is related with the sense of individuality, the capacity for self-affirmation, the anger, the relationship and the power to control.

The Fire, in man, survive thanks to their courage. Undoubtedly, trust in one’s own value and the taste for a challenge in the face of the actions of life remains their choice. Without a doubt, the dominant Fire people have an enthusiastic, spontaneous, volcanic temperament. Clearly, they seem able to direct their willpower towards a goal. Even so, at times, they get tired before they have reached it.

They manage to drive for others and are always ready to get involved. They love to command, dominate and this can feed impatience and arrogance in them. The need to excel can make them arrogant and presumptuous. Generosity is one of their principal gifts, combined with a certain amount of ingenuity. Fire Signs do not match with the water (Water Signs) or land signs (Earth Signs), which they consider them to be too sensitive and annoying.

The Fire Signs Love

The signs of Fire are spontaneous and active. They seem to be friendly and have strong feelings in love. Generally, they love passionately, often without thinking. Typically, they make a lot of efforts to impress their partner or to surprise him or her with a gift. But the desire to always show-off can paradoxically confuse their egocentrism with their moderate expressions of their feelings until their routine comes into play. The three signs influenced by the element of Fire appreciate the beautiful stories of love with a happy ending.

Aries – Ruled by Mars

The sign of Aries ruled by Mars is naturally realistic, energetic and combative. Aries instincts and actions remain closely linked. As a result, the sign governed by Mars needs to act concretely to survive. Aries is very responsive to his/her surroundings, through sensations, emotions, and passions. Both men and woman love to be around authentic people who tend to be spontaneous and who think freely. The sign of Aries that is ruled by Mars is the very symbol of the flowing energy that enjoys the present but forgets or ignores the tomorrow.

Leo – Ruled by Sun

The sign of Leo that is ruled by the Sun has a penetrating, sometimes dominating eyes. Leo is responsible, enterprising and expressive. The high awareness he has for himself pushes Leo to command, direct and organize his surroundings. Ruled by the Sun, Leo remains very attracted to arts such as painting or theater. He/she loves the stage and the shows and always look for more impressions.

Sagittarius – Ruled by Jupiter

The sign of Sagittarius that is ruled by Jupiter is a reasonable, generous, expansive, optimistic and sometimes lazy or careless. He quickly settles and shines in his environment and is very welcoming. Leo is intelligent and continuously tries to expand his ideas and knowledge. He is enthusiastic, sensual and sometimes has pressure problems or other similar ones due to excesses of any kindness. The sign ruled by Jupiter learn from their experiences comfortable with useful and profitable lessons.

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