Interesting Virgo and Pisces Compatibility

virgo and pisces

Virgo and Pisces

It is crucial for Virgo to analyze his surroundings to understand it. Virgo wants to know how things work. If there is any form of imperfections or defect, Virgo will intervene to fix it. Virgo can find new solutions to practical problems. This makes Virgo a great inventor of solving problems. Virgo is always looking for the best system to make things work.

Virgo prefers to use his brain instead of the muscles. Everything Virgo tends to invent must be planned to the smallest detail. He doesn’t like to leave things to chance but would try to keep everything under control. Over the opposite side of the zodiac is the sign of Pisces. Pisces, respond to the water of emotions with the organizational concreteness of the Earth of the Virgo.

Pisces is also interested to know and experience his surrounding too, but he does it by “feeling it,” and interacting emotionally. For Pisces to feel it is the most important thing. Pisces needs to be on the move experimenting with situations to understand if they are excited or not. Pisces needs to feel in love with everything he or she does. As with all the other pairs of opposites, each of the two contains within them a precious fragment of the other one from which they learn to balance.

Something About Virgo

The sign of the Virgo is always a bit wronged because he/she goes through a bit pedantic, precise and anxiety, continuously intending to keep everything in order. The lack of passion for Virgo depends on his approach that is both celebratory and pragmatic. It is not difficult to find this sign engaging with health textbooks, gardening, economy, etc.

Every zodiac sign has its weakness, and so no one is perfect. This is the same with Virgo. Apparently, there is something that fears Virgo more than anything else. That something is fear which Pisces lives and feels at ease. Virgo fears everything that cannot be grasped, quantifiable, and visually confrontable, which is not weighed or touched.

Virgo’s obsession with chaos makes them anxious. Virgo wants to fix everything piece by piece. Everything that escapes the control of Virgo’s mind makes him/her terrified. Virgo’s life is spent controlling this mysterious shadow which crawls in their head all the time. In one way or another Virgo has to understand that their fear is just a part or them.

Something About Pisces

Pisces is a Sign of Water just like Cancer and Scorpio. Hence relationships for Virgo is really important. But Pisces is not a sign of water like Cancer or Scorpio, because both these signs are attached to their emotions, act according to their reactions and Cancer will protect, and Scorpio will attack. Though Pisces does not defend himself, maybe he fades, or he stays there to suffer. Pisces may feel sad at one moment, and then he will forgive.

Pisces can bear the pain and loss in an exasperating way. He may be cheated, they may find those who will take advantage of their goodness, and at the end of the day, nothing will matter. The key to understanding their enigmatic behavior is that for Pisces it is all relative. Reality is not one of Pisces known attributes, so they seem surrendered to the irrational versatility of reality.

Sharing And Caring

This is the last pair of the opposite sign, Virgo and Pisces, which is “confronted” on the “order-chaos” support. Both belong to the family of Mutable Signs, just like Gemini and Sagittarius. Hence, they are somewhat flexible and adaptable signs.

Both signs favor experience, and they want to do, see, touch, feel, and in a word, they “Simply want to know what surrounds them.” The two Mutable Signs are known to have few common traits but each re-elaborates those traits in their own way. Virgo can help Pisces fulfill dreams and ambitions. True Virgo can give Pisces the tools he needs to turn ideas into reality.

Virgo will bring more stable fundamental emotions over demonstrative feelings that Pisces has. But on the contrary, Pisces will offer a softer way of approaching. This is what Virgo will find hard to refuse. This is what Virgo needs to better their emotions.

Both Are Sensitive

Virgo and Pisces are perhaps the two most sensitive and compassionate signs of the entire Zodiac. Pisces with their skin so thin and receptive are real emotional sponges. They feel everything. They feel the emotional state of others very quickly. Virgo has a more rational attitude, a more resolute and decisive approach, but their true nature is emphatic and compassionate, just like that of Pisces.

It is no coincidence that the Virgo is the sign of medicine and the search for a cure of excellence. While Pisces remains associated with nurses and all those who orbit around the medical and above all emotional care of the patients.

Ruled By Their Planets

Virgo is ruled by Mercury the planet of information and knowledge, and Pisces is ruled by Jupiter the planet of expansion, grand vision, and self-reflection and Neptune the planet of secret sources of power. When Mercury and Neptune near each other they bring a beautiful spiritual connection between the two.

Together Virgo and Pisces will make the perfect couple giving and regularly sharing with each other. It is clear that at a more behavioral level, they are very different signs. The Virgo will always challenge the Pisces to be “illogical,” to have a little practical sense, to live constantly with the head in the clouds. On the contrary, Pisces will contest the Virgo to be too formal, framed, and too intelligent to think regarding “black & white.”

Materialistic vs. Spiritualist

Virgo has a love for material things, and often they feel comfortable with. But sometime this may not be the right way because Pisces will provide Virgo with some spiritual senses which will help Virgo on getting to know people better and more friendly. Virgo lives in a world of perfection, and for them, it’s their bread and butter which also find it difficult to let go a little.

Virgos don’t really know much about the world of fantasy although attempts have been made since their youth. Pisces will come to Virgo’s aid and teach them how to get the best of both worlds. Both the Virgo and Pisces like the other signs we have seen are among the most distant things that exist, but at the same time, obscurely related. The energy that brings them together has to do with the highest manifestation of human evolution, and that is the service to others.

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