Dating Leo | Best 14 Things You Need To Know

Dating Leo

Those who believe in astrology signs think that Leos love to socialize, going to parties, concerts and other events so that they can be happy and have fun. Well that’s true and be sure that in the company of Leo you’re guarantied to have lots of fun. All this fun needs a plan. You can’t just pretend or show off or even worse, be someone else while trying to win Leo’s heart.

Avoid focusing all attention on yourself when you are together. Avoid being someone else, and try to be yourself. Try not to fool them as they will notice it and will ignore you for a very long time and may not have another chance dating Leo again.

Since each sign has unique characteristics that make them different compared to all the others, it is good to be informed about the 14 things to know before dating Leo. 

In doing so, you are prepared for how a story might turn out and to make considerations about which behaviors might be intolerable and which ones might agree with your character. 

That said, here are 14 things you need to know before dating Leo

His priority is not to just love

Leos like to live an independent life. For Leo falling in love is not a priority, but a side dish. He loves to achieve the goals he has set for which he will be persevering in pursuing them. Candidates are willing to compete with other people for their love. Why? Because one of their best traits is they are by far the worst sign to make their partner jealous.

Alongside this sign, there is a need for a person who is always present, who knows how to dispel his doubts, who knows how to listen and who knows how to give him attention. 

It is no coincidence, in fact, with the extroverted character that he has, he is loved and listened to by everyone and finds a way to receive the attention of those around him both in private life and in work. 

Their favorite color is gold and their lucky day is Sunday.

Born to be a leader 

Leos are born to be leaders by nature, including in their relationships and friendships. They hate being told what to do and work best with people who make them the protagonists and are happy when you follow what they tell you.

Leo love to be appreciated from a professional point of view as well. They are well organized and because they are devoted they place their body and soul to whatever they do. They manage to excel in everything they decide to undertake. 

They are always impeccable and well prepared so they usually accompany people of a certain depth, who know how to be chic and who know how to relate adequately in society.

Leo is a sign that loves beauty, but not just physical beauty.

He tends to be optimistic by nature

Every Leo is ambitious, he needs a partner to support him in his career, not someone who nags him all the time while he employs him to make their dreams come true. Show him that you will not leave him alone but that you will be by his side until the end.

His outgoing and sociable character, together with the great determination that distinguishes him, allows him to look at life with a good dose of optimism, always managing to see the glass half full and always pursuing the set goals.

He can’t hide his emotions

Like all other Fire Signs, Leo can be a bit dramatic. Both for better and for worse, Leo is not able to hide emotions. He will be legible in his face both joy and sadness without the slightest doubt. If on the one hand, this can bring with it moments of discomfort, on the other, it will bring feelings to the fore. If Leo is in love, he will give his heart with all of himself to the other. Consequently, from this point of view, there will be no half measures: if he is disappointed or hurt this sign will make it clear, but if he falls in love it is very evident.

Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac and dominated by the sun and are a fire sign.

Stubborn to the point…

Leo is probably the most stubborn sign of the zodiac. For him, it is always important to remain the ruler so he will find all possible ways to get what he wants. Determination is certainly an excellent gift because it brings with it perseverance and conviction, but you risk having to submit too often to the thought of the other. In the long run, this, in a couple, can become not only a reason for conflict, but also for imbalance given that balance must be sought in a relationship.

Has a huge heart

By far Leo is a very strong and very confident sign, not impulsive, and very generous. Leo has a huge heart, even their freedom or the realization of something will not make them forget about friends. They want to form a life, a future that they will share with those they love. 

He loves being at the center of attention and cannot bear to wait: as a good king, like his symbolic animal, he would also like to rule time. In everyday life, those born under the sign of Leo know how to be very generous even in love. They are willing to forgive, but their supremacy must never be questioned. Before starting a new relationship, read here everything you need to know sign by sign.

He is very sensitive

Those who belong to Leo sign are very sensitive, but also they know how to hide it well. If your Leo is suddenly sulking and you can’t figure out why then the chances are you’ve hurt his ego in some way. 

He takes everything very personally because it seems to him that the speeches are always addressed directly to him. This aspect denotes basic insecurity linked to his weak points that not everyone is allowed to see. The vulnerability of Leo is a very intimate aspect that he does not highlight with everyone. His sensitivity, therefore, allows you to become more empathetic.

In a relationship, a Leo will never stop impressing you 

Leo is a great lover who can offer a lot in a relationship, even if they frequently dress it all up with excessive theatricality. He loves to give prestigious gifts or to amaze with gestures and effective words both in the courtship phase and in the constancy of a well-established relationship.

They like to be admired and move their asses to try it, day. Life with a Leo is never boring. A dream date for a Leo is when you let them shine with ingenuity. To get the best of Leo on a date let them arrange the appointment, so you can be surprised or do an activity which you know is very effective. If there is an opportunity for them to show off, they will be happy. 

Be who you are not who you’re not

Unnecessary demonstrations of affection will not make Leo feel their best they will be hesitant about you. Hence don’t waste your time dating Leo and try to fool him. He is too smart to notice fake love and will smoothly let you off. If you can show Leo who you really are then they will appreciate you. 

Out of all the signs, Leo is the one who can not be easily manipulated. If you want to conquer a Leo just make them happy be real, be yourself. Convince them that they have your respect and admiration. The best relationships of a Leo are to build on the foundations of recognition.

In bed, Leo is full of affection. 

They love to praise, to be praised, to challenge each other to make sex better. As a true King of the Forest, he is used to always being at the center of attention, and therefore if you want to relate to him you must always keep in mind the fact that you have to make him happy, always try to involve him in something special, making him feel unique and extraordinary protagonist.

He has high regard for himself and gives so much to his partner. As for Leo’s preferred position, dominators like Leo can only place themselves above partner.

He doesn’t like to be deceived

Their desire to be praised does not make Leo blind to this aspect. They know how to understand when they are deceived and when compliments are a real response to their commitment and their sacrifices. They do not like to be teased and do not easily fall into the intrigues of those who would like to win them over with compliments and coaxing. Since the falsehood does not belong to them, they do not tolerate it even in others and the lies become a reason for closure and rupture.

Leos are the most loyal sign

The sign of Leo has a particularity not known by all, its loyalty. When he makes a personal or business commitment and when he bonds with a person, he always keeps his word. It’s a fair sign that he knows how to be a good friend, the one that says everything he thinks to his face even if it means upsetting someone. This aspect always takes second place concerning the characteristic impulsiveness of the sign, but Leo knows how to be loyal.

The most protective

Just like with his family, his children, his relatives… Leo is very protective of those he has close to his heart. The sign of Leo has an aspect of great value in his way of doing. He knows how to be very protective with the people he cares about, but more generally with those in difficulty. 

When he sees imminent danger or someone hurting a person he loves, he doesn’t hesitate to defend his body and his soul, even leaving his skin behind. That’s why his family always feels safe with him. 

When you are dating Leo try not to create a scene with others. Know that Leo will intervene not because of jealousy but because he may see you being treated. They do not run away in the face of conflicts and are very proud so they are always in the front row in fights. He cannot bear inequalities and when he witnesses incorrect behavior, especially towards the weakest, he reacts with strength and determination to restore justice.

The sign of Leo is very idealistic 

He believes in values ​​and fights, without sparing himself so that they are respected. This aspect leads them to clash with those who, by now disillusioned, no longer believe in anything and persevere with their incorrect and false behavior.

Idealistic Leo isn’t always easy to understand, especially in a world where resource scarcity sometimes makes it difficult to indulge in great things. 

Leo has a moral code, but not everyone knows it well. It is possible that part of it is revealed when you make him feel comfortable.

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