Understand The Venus Sign And Connection With Love

Venus Feminine Sign

Venus Sign Is The Feminine Symbol

First of all, the Venus sign remains universally accepted as the feminine symbol in many places. The Venus sign symbol indicates what concerns women. It is also known to many as the planet of “pleasure” and therefore affects everything that makes us feel good. Venus is the planet of beauty, order, and harmony, linked to artistic talents and physical appearance. In our world, Venus represents art, justice, music, the keen sense. Venus makes us understand how we are able to enter into relationships and how much our heart manages to open itself to love.

What Venus Represents?

In astrological symbolism, Venus sign represents our way of living and our understanding of love. Born from the union of the sky (the gods) with water (the earth), it is the symbol of real love, that love that comes from the highest consciousness and manifests itself, through emotion, in daily life. Therefore, this is not a purely spiritual love but a love that also nourishes feelings and entirely sexual impulses. Very often this planet, through the positive interweaving or dissonance, can indicate how much the emotional life of a person can be happy.

Venus The Planet Of Love

Venus expresses the love desires, the caresses, and the exaltation of the senses. Keeping in mind that Venus is about the time of adolescence, for women that of the first menstruation and arrives until the age of 18, then takes the whole period of the first loves and the first heartbreaks. Recalling the myth, we know that Venus (Aphrodite) was disputed for her beauty by the Gods and that many were her companions. Therefore, people find the power of seduction on the planet associated with her and how to exercise it.

Under The Domain Of Venus Sign

Two are the zodiac signs, Taurus and Libra which are under the domain of Venus sign. The first belongs to the earth element, and the other belongs to the air. So we have two different ways of expressing the potentiality of this celestial body and the Venus sign that has an influence Libra is more sophisticated than Taurus that is much more sensual. The sign of Taurus needs harmony and grace to express fully. Instead, the Libra sign seeks that erotic and physical satisfaction that is required the most. The Venus Libra, to let go. Libra wants soft atmospheres and appreciation that Taurus is less intelligent and has more affection for passion and satisfaction of the senses.

The Venus Sign And The Myth

The myth tells that the goddess Aphrodite was born from the sea waters and fertilized by Uranus, the god of heaven. Venus emerged from the surf of the waves near the island of Cyprus. Besides, as always beautifully depicted, she went to the shore where the seasons were waiting for her to cover her, with jewels and lead her to the home of the Immortals (the Gods). Wherever she set her feet on this path, green grass grew. Venus, after Mercury, is the closest planet to the Sun, the one most easily visible from the earth.

Clearly, Venus is the brightest planet, and its luminosity surpasses that of Sirius. This happens because Venus surface is covered by thick white clouds that become excellent reflectors of sunlight. Everyone can see Venus high up in the sky (east to south-east) before sunrise or (west, southwest) after sunset. In Roman mythology, Venus was the goddess of love, sex, beauty, and fertility. For the light that originates in antiquity it was considered a star. On the contrary, Romans thought that the stars were two stars. They thought that the one which appeared early in the morning was named Lucifer. Whereas the one which appeared in the evening it was called Vespers.

The Venus Sign Connected To Practical Life

Like Jupiter, Venus has to do with the joy of living, and both have an optimistic outlook on life. Both have dominion over earnings and money. While Jupiter is the “great fortune” Venus is the “little fortune,” or money insufficient, gratifying, but limited quantity. The Venus sign represents luxury, living well, surrounded by pleasant things. Refinement, good taste, elegance, diplomacy are qualities that belong to the Venus sign.

The Venus sign is also about the way we interact with others, which could be very formal, because, in the end, Venus is just like this. The Venus sign is into organizing and in the calculating gesture. Although, Venus suggests a real openness towards others and a loving and sympathetic attitude because her feeling should come from the depths of her heart, considering that, as a chakra, she governs the one at the center of her chest.

The Venus Sign Effects And Affections

When Venus is close to the ruling, it often indicates that the person in question has a pleasant physical appearance. Also it may indicate the presence of certain narcissism in him or her. The pleasing appearance can even come from an inner serenity that is transparent in behavior and relaxed face. Together with the Moon, it can indicate the chances of a woman being near to procreating stage.

In transits, the Venus sign reveals us the happy moments in love, disappointments, crises and the moments of greater fertility. In the birth chart, it concerns the women of our life, the female daughter, the sister, the friend of the heart and other females to whom we have feelings of affection. For men, besides, it represents their type of ideal woman, including his girlfriend, or his partner.

Venus Sign In Connection With Our Health

As the planet of female, Venus affects the female genital organs and the urogenital system in the human body. It has to do with the urethra, the bladder, the ureters, the kidneys, and the veins. Then, considering its dominion with the Taurus, which has the throat as its anatomical part, it also concerns the tonsils. As mentioned earlier the Venus sign loves pleasure and is a “greedy” planet, therefore, has affection for the sweets.

Those who have a strong influence towards the Venus sign love sweets more than usual. An exaggeration of this tendency can promote diabetes and obesity or affect the skin. This is another of the points that are under the Venusian domain. The problems of acne in adolescence can come from negative transits to this planet.

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