Sagittarius Man Typical Behavior And Appearance

Sagittarius man

Typical Behavior

The Sagittarius man is always attracted by the new horizons or by curiosity for distant places. Sagittarius man scents the wind of freedom. He is not made for misfortune or drama, which is why he is careful to avoid any sudden mistake.

He is one of the most optimistic and enthusiastic sign of the zodiac. His optimism never lets him down, even in disadvantageous situations. Optimism is one of his best qualities, which enables him to get out of the difficulties before others.

Risk Taker

Sagittarius man is a risk taker for a few good reasons. He believes in his abilities and skills so without taking some risk success may be too far to achieve. Taking risks is part of his strategy to accomplish his goals and dreams either long-term or long-term ones. Taking risks is not only for business but for their general life purposes also.

Sagittarius man has the habit of taking risks even with their sportive activities like extreme sports in general or going mountain biking or hiking. He likes to live on the edge of limit and test his skills to the maximum. Sagittarius man is courageous and loves what he does especially under the idea of being free and independent.

His Best Virtue Is Honesty

Sagittarius man personal qualities are numerous, but honesty is one of his favorite and the weakest one also. He loves people with high morale, social integrity, and good general values and at the same time will hate people who don’t have the slightest honor in them. Sagittarius man has many friends.

They all have to have similar personality traits as Sagittarius man does. If Sagittarius friends, close family members or known people try to fool or dishonest Sagittarius, it means there is not a future for them being part of their life. Sagittarius will tell them to their faces their dishonesty hypocrisy.

Sagittarius Man Pros And Cons

Sagittarius is often a simplistic person, sincere, loving and confident. He knows how to be selfless and does not give much importance to money. He is also a man of undoubted morality, extremely respectful of social hierarchies.

Living with a Sagittarius will be like living a continuous adventure. The love for adventure was never his desire when Sagittarius man was young. He may have never liked being a Boy-Scout neither, but it is better to let it go. Sometimes it seems that Sagittarius tends to be a bit too harsh and confusing.

He is a talent for the knowledge of new horizons. Sagittarius cannot imagine his life tied to a single person, he can not deny himself the possibility of knowing new worlds. So many will be the ventures that will be granted and then return regularly for the woman chosen, the one with whom he decided to raise a family.

How To Win Sagittarius Man

Inspired by the same fire of the Aries woman, with which she manages to achieve great things, she also gets on well with Leo also, in which she finds the same generosity. It does not have much affinity with the Virgin woman, too fearful and homely and with that of Pisces, too sticky for her independent tastes.

Conquering a Sagittarius man is easy,  but it’s difficult to keep him. He loves adventurous and unreasonable spirits. Sagittarius man does not like planned and long-term things. Instead on the same day, call him and invite him to leave to a distant destination. Expect a definite”yes” for an answer.

Healthy Lifestyle

Sagittarius man tends to care about himself. Keeping fit becomes his lifetime goal. Whenever Sagittarius has free or has some spare time he will think of fitness. Doing different sort of exercising is part of his lifestyle which he can’t live without because he wants to look good and be strong.

Sagittarius man will try to have different activities to be healthier. Main activities to keep Sagittarius fit are the outdoor activities and by going to the gym but not too often. The Sagittarius man usually prefers to go out and do all natural activities possible like trekking, mountain climbing, mountain biking, jogging and more.

His Appearance

Sagittarius man tends to make people happy. Seeing him with a sad face is almost impossible, unless someone will temp to upset him. He manages to smile and cheer quite often which gives his face a beautiful look.

His eyes are splendid and almost hypnotic. Usually, Sagittarius eyes color is bluish and greenish. Sagittarius eyes has the most beautiful eyes of all the zodiac signs. His nose will practically look long due to his long face. Sagittarius lips are also beautifully curved and in nearly perfectly proportioned. His chin seems to be pointed which will make his face look longish.

Thanks to his early age activities, Sagittarius man will grow up taller than an average person. Around the middle ages, his body will slow down growth. Sagittarius thighs and upper legs are long and muscular which gives the impression of having lookalike horse’s legs.

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