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sagittarius woman

What is the personality of a Sagittarius female?

Sagittarius woman is World Class female with extraordinary features. For the most part Sagittarius Woman seems characterized by a constant need for evolution and perfection. She is hospitable, expansive and very sensual. She loves life and its pleasures and has a sense of justice and equity that is highly developed. Furthermore, she loves the common sense, respect for laws and morals, which remain fundamental values ​​in her life.

Indeed, she remains exceptionally gifted in organizing and directing. She loves to be noticed for recognition. Also, she tends to appear in front of others a just person and a good listener. Most likely she will appreciate it when she is asked for advice.

What is a Sagittarius personality like?

Firstly is the conformist character and secondly the rebel one. Often the two exist in the same individual, making her a very respectable person with rebel accents. Among friends, the Sagittarius female is considered charming and full of humor with a positive, friendly spirit. Her wit stays well balanced and highly appreciated. Her jokes and sense of humor are never out of line because her primary purpose.

When between friends she wants to get entertained instead of being ignored. The Sagittarius female spends considerable time with friends, usually with the same friends since they were kids. She tends to have a perfect memory and would make fun and laugh about the old days.

What is a Sagittarius Woman weakness?

Freedom to explore herself and the world around her has to be her main weakness. According to Sagittarius woman, there is always something waiting to be discovered. The conclusion is necessary, including passion, drive forward and the enthusiasm from the first day. Her behavior is optimistic. She is a sociable, sincere and a generous woman, who dreams of an ideal place to enjoy the pleasures of life, without complications. Even in moments of despair, she will always be able to laugh about and entertain those around her.

Her other weaknesses? Exaggerated, elusive, inconstant, risky.

    • Likes to take risks and sometimes heavy ones
    • Never cross the limit telling jokes
    • Has good memory from the past
    • Usually, she has the same friends since a young age
    • Tends to be honest with everyone
    • Loves freedom to travel
    • Likes to gain social knowledge
    • Loves sharing and learning among good friends
    • Doesn’t mind telling people face to face where they’re wrong

Sagittarius woman strength

Being open-minded will give her and her friends the opportunity to learn and share with each other. This is something she values the most when she’s with friends. It isn’t the primary purpose when getting together but learning or sharing each other’s values is essential. Sagittarius woman remains too involved with her emotions.

She has a curious spirit interested in all the great social, historical, philosophical or religious themes. Her freedom and independence are translated into traveling in different placed and away from the crowded, noisy places.

What a Sagittarius woman should expect?

Sagittarius woman needs to take some time out to relax and get her senses together. When traveling, she will have the opportunity to learn new things and meet new people. Sharing and learning while traveling is essential for improving their overall knowledge. Improving knowledge is a vital point of her private and social life.

Through experience, she will gain more from her life. The more understanding of the world and people, the better for Sagittarius because being an intellectual person requires lots of information and Sagittarius can’t do without.

Her Physical Appearance

Typical Sagittarius female tends to be at least of medium height. Usually, she has e slender, slim, beautiful fit body. Just like men, Sagittarius female never is pleased with her body and always keeps exercising to maintain the curvy lines. Having a sexy body surely helps her to attract more man. Typical Sagittarius woman would also take care of her butt and breast more than any other part of her body. Sagittarius woman loves the attention of a man and gets overwhelmed when they get compliments. She knows how to attract men with her looks and her body shape, but the killing move is her beautiful walk.

Her Facial Appearance

Sagittarius female face is very pretty. Her face is adorable and friendly. Her eyes are big & round with full of life inside. If anyone would be staring at Sagittarius woman’s face for a while, inevitably someone will fall in love. Sagittarius woman common eye color is a light more towards blueish, but there is also Sagittarius woman who also have brown eyes too. Her hair is very soft, tender and light. She will wear clothing to match her lovely hair. Her dress doesn’t have to have just one primary color. She can have any suit for any hairstyle she wants.

How does a Sagittarius woman look?

Having all the natural beauty she would look pretty even if she wore casual clothing. Usually, the her make-up is minimal as there is no need for additional makeup. Sagittarius woman (men also) nose seems slightly button-shaped, typically of the fiery signs. Her eyebrows tend to be small and elegant to a degree. Only who has tried her lips can tell the pleasure. Her mouth has a perfect shape which gives them the most beautify smile ever seen.

Sagittarius woman lifestyle

With her slender waist, she is able to wear any type of dress. She would go from shop to shop and will visit all the online stores to find the perfect dress. She doesn’t want to wear what others do. She wants to wear rare and special clothing. A typical behavior is that Sagittarius woman prefers and would rather buy lots of clothing when she is on holiday. It’s the perfect time to choose something she can’t find anywhere, and also when no other woman has it. She will consider changing her clothing line if any other woman wears the same clothing.

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