11 Unique Sex And Affairs Of Leo in Love

Leo in Love Sex And Affairs

Natural Charm Of Leo In Love

The natural charm of Leo in love is endowed to making this sign a master in love matters. The tendency to always assume the command helps them to add beauty to their personality and to satisfy their self-confidence. But Leos are also very generous and manage to make their lover feel special by their side, treating them with great attention and gifts.

Moreover, on an emotional level, Leo in love needs absolute security, therefore, before letting themselves conquered, Leo tests their lover. Only those who succeed in overcoming this initial phase will be able to fully enjoy the pleasures that a bond with a born under the sign of Leo can give. Yes, is correct that Leos are real lovers. They will hold to the bargain made with their partner to keep the relationship going to the end.

Meeting With The Right Partner

At the time of the meeting, Leo will manifest a more dominating and genuinely actual behavior. When Leo meets the person who meets his aesthetic criteria, he/she will advantageously make his intentions understood clearly. After this Leo will wait for the answer or gesture that will allow him/her to go further. Leo rarely tries to conclude quickly, even if the partner is consenting because he/she prefers to allow themselves time to get to know the other and above all to make themselves known, before going to the act. On the whole, Leo will prefer a classic act without particular features.

Leo will try to impress the partner with the use of slightly refined techniques. If Mars is well prepared in the birth chart, Leo will take on a reasonably active behavior and will like to take initiatives. Otherwise, he/she will always be the dominator. Leo will give orders to the partner and will have him/her act in his place.

Serious Lovers

Leo’s seriousness in love is unique knowing that they are always looking for a stable love. True Leo in love prefers to wait for the right partner who will give them satisfaction, security and most of all to be loyal. Most Leo will have several experiences before making up their mind to share their life with the partner of choice.

Leo will offer protection, support to the right partner and will give love a real meaning. Romantic Leo will love his/her partner to the end honestly and faithfully. Some Leo may be emotional and dramatic in love, but that shouldn’t be seen as a negative sign. True Leo in love tends to be serious and will show their partner that they are the true leaders of relationship. Leos will offer everything to true love. They will expect the same in return, or they will lose interest.

Leo Man As Partner

True Leo man has plans for his life and wants his partner to believe in his dream. Leo man does not vary from Leo women. The one noticeable difference is that Leo man wants to be on top of everything compared to Leo women who wish to control the aspect of home and be the real queen and dominate that part.

Most Leo men know the meaning of having a family. He will trust his partner taking care of home. Instead, the Leo woman would want her partner to accept her as the queen of the house. Those who are able to satisfy his vital need will also be able to discover the sweet and romantic side of Leo.

Woman Leo As Partner

Leo woman is sturdy and not easy to break her fighting spirit. She fights for a cause, and that is for a better life and relationship with her partner. She wants to be in charge of all domestic duties and will tell her partner precisely that. Leo woman isn’t too shy and will speak her mind out and will show her partner that she is the queen and who is the king. Most of the time she prefers to stay independent and to talk face to face with her partner.

Every Leo woman has excellent mothering instincts and will raise healthy children and teach them to be good and fit for life. All Leo woman will need from their partners is for him to have a job and to make money, to protect their children, to be realistic and never disloyal. If any of these isn’t met in the future, Leo woman will take action and take over the situation. She will manage her family’s life to prove her partner how things should be done.

Sexual Life

The lion hates solitary pleasures, which deprive him of the public. Sometimes Leo will have a relatively strong homosexual component, as Leo seems tempted to find himself in a partner of his own sex. Leo will then choose a partner similar to him/her, taking care to have equal relationships in which each one will imitate the other. Leo is, therefore, a narcissistic type of homosexuality.

More often, the male native will be mainly or exclusively heterosexual and, following this line of behavior, will adapt very well to the differentiation of the soils that allow the supremacy of the woman to the man. On the other hand, the Leo woman will be more easily tempted by bisexuality, since her dominating temperament might encourage her to seek out other women. Otherwise, she will have the satisfaction of dominating her male partner in a heterosexual context.

Sexual Show-off

The Lion appears impatient to group loves, which do not allow him to play the part of the protagonist. Sensitivity to sight seems to invite slightly relevant exhibitionism. Leo loves to discover his body very much and tends to consider his own nudity a gift for the other. Leo is also a lover of the show and appreciates the nudity and physical games with the partner.

Their sense of the show will induce them to practice the artificial masochism, provided that everything happens on the stage of the staging and that no suffering is inflicted on him or his partner. It is, therefore, neither sadistic nor masochistic. Leo loves to be the limelight. By showing off Leo is always looking to fulfill his/her personal needs.

Leo In Bed

The lion seems very endowed with a relatively basic sexual instinct, which makes him a hypersexual. This instinct is generally well balanced, and it is rare for the native to have problems such as frigidity, impotence and premature ejaculation. At the same time, his sexuality is average, very strong when it comes to sight, weak compared to the other senses.

On the whole, Leo implies an attitude of pride towards his body that will be the object of the utmost attention. The favorable opinion that the native has for his body prevents him from being able to satisfy himself. Leo needs someone who admires him, must be able to read the desire in the eyes of the other and as a result.

Leo And Sex

Leos express strength and power in every situation. Also from the sexual point of view, Leos prefer vigorous action and, during the actual act, they seem to deliver themselves to a euphoric state. Given their need to always feel the center of attention, a mirror or two, cleverly placed inside the bedroom, will satisfy their every desire.

Usually, Leo has several specific needs. They will know how to return all the attention to their partner with kindness and reliability. Often Leo tends to hide between the dazzling lights and the crowd of admirers to whom they reveal only the competitive part of their character. Leos are loyal and generous lovers, who hold themselves to all the pleasures that life can offer. Once Leo has achieved a harmonious lifestyle, they turn out to be magnificent in every respect.

Not Too Perfect

Obviously, if you ask Leo man what his defects are he will look at you with superb air and then say that most likely, he has none. This sign of Fire is very exhibitionist, presumptuous but above all proud. Not to forget that Leo will treat this/her partner with care, attention, and protection. However, partner has to learn to live with Leo because they need admiration and praise.

When his success and pride is injured, Leo may fall into very acute depressive states. On the other side, Leo shows generosity, enthusiasm and a friendly way of doing things, capable of attracting everyone, a true catalyst of glances. He has, in fact, an innate savoir-faire and great diplomacy.

Breaking Up With Leo

Most Leos will not break their relationship without a good reason because they believe in love. On the contrary, they will cool down and will give their partner a second chance to think it over. A true Leo will need a good reason to break from their partners. The main one could be loyalty since Leos blindly believe in commitment. True Leos don’t like arguing about who is wrong or right instead, they will try to solve any disputes.

Leos know that breaking up will hurt them more than it would their partner. Hence, the breaking up wouldn’t be a wise step to take. But this doesn’t mean that they have to stay in love when there is no love. Leo will find the right moment to tell his/her partner that the end of love has come to an end. They won’t take into account the consequences. Leo may become harsh while the relationship is to an end. They will do this to protect their dignity and morality.

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